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Original username Zoddtheimmortalone. I'm a fan of anime, but I enjoy the classics more. As for My Little Pony, I may not watch it as much, but I do like the show and I also love EG

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Zodd you little bugger, you never mentioned this was gonna be anthro, and it was a pleasant surprise to find out.
However i have a few nitpicks, 1, if he was born in Equestria why does he have a human name? 2,i know its Trixie but was it really necessary to use that many 3rd person terms? again nitpick, still enjoyed it though.

Story feels too short to me. Could be longer in my opinion.

I feel that some research hasn't been done to push in some broad points of the story.

Being straightforward never hurts.

Overall: I like your story, but I think it just needs to be edited for a larger effect.


:ajsmug: how do you like them apples?

Damn ZOD, you've done it again.

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