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It's Spring Break and Cherry Crash and her band of friends have decided to head across the country to perform at a concert. It's sure to be a good time had by all. Maybe with the exception of Sugarcoat, who just wants to finish her report but finds it extremely difficult when she has to deal with this motley crew. Add to that a bit of romantic confusion and some gambling trouble and maybe, just maybe this vacation won't be all it's cracked up to be.

Part of my Canterlot High Chronicles canon.

Inspired by image request found here: http://phantomshadow051.deviantart.com/art/Request-SPRING-BREAK-ERS-651175683

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This was enjoyable! XD I didn't expect to enjoy a Pinkie/Thunderbass pairing, but - like a lot of the content of this story - it was an unexpected treat.

This sounds like the kind of vacation I would enjoy. XD

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