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A Different Love for a Change...ling - AngelShy24

A lone Changeling gets banished and ends up in Ponyville, where she runs into a certain Dragon.

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Chapter 9: The Invasion Confrontation

Back at the library tree house, Twilight was busy writing a letter to Princess Celestia about her thoughts and recent experiences for the past week. She was just writing and smiling away enjoying the silence around her; but suddenly her writing quill’s tip snapped in half.

Suddenly Spike zipped right up to her holding another quill in his claws.

“Here’s another quill, Twilight. Heard your other one broke just now so I came as quickly as I could and…”

He looked up and realized Twilight holding up her broken quill looking at it with a troubled look; her body also appeared to be trembling a bit too.

“Um… are you okay Twilight?”

“I don’t know Spike,” she answered, “something doesn’t feel right; I’m getting this bad vibe, like something big is going to happen.”

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash came bursting through the door… again. But this time she looked like she was in a state of panic.

“Twilight!!! Big problem; major big problem!!!”

“Rainbow Dash, what’s going on!?” Twilight exclaimed.

“You won’t believe it, it’s that crazy Changeling queen! She’s here in Ponyville right now with a large army of her minions!”

Twilight dreadfully wondered why they would be here at the start of evening. What could they possibly be here for anyway!? But her eyes got wide as she dropped her broken quill and thought to herself, “Oh no… Dragon Heart.”


All of Ponyville was in a state of panic after witnessing the huge crowd of Changelings approaching the town. The crusaders were in a mix of fear, anger, and worry seeing this bone-chilling sight.

“Oh no,” whined Sweetie Belle, “this can’t be good!”

Apple Bloom slightly got in front of Dragon Heart upon seeing the sight in the sky, “They must’ve come here for Dragon Heart to finish the job!”

“Or come to ruin her plan to bring peace between Changelings and Ponies!” Scootaloo added.

Dragon Heart became flustered and worried about her well-being… and the town’s, “That ungrateful idiot!” she thought to herself, “How did she know that I was still alive; or even know where I was?!” Then… a scary hypothesis came to her, “#186… oh no, she couldn’t have…”

“You don’t think that they’re here to blow Dragon Heart’s cover and make it seem like some sort of scheme?!” asked Sweetie Belle to the other crusaders.

“Not if we have any say in the matter!” shouted Scootaloo, “Come on Dragon Heart!”

“Huh, w-wait!”

Before Dragon Heart could react, she was lifted away by the orange Pegasus. But hiding her would not be easy seeming as she would be Chrysalis’ #1 priority!

“Be on the lookout for #457,” she said to her soldiers, “and make no attempts to attack. Get those pansy ponies to bring her out! If they refuse, take as much life energy from this town as you want to prove our power otherwise!”

The crusaders were approaching the library tree when suddenly they saw Twilight and Rainbow Dash come storming out the door; along with Spike.

“Twilight!” they all screamed.

“Go get the others, Rainbow,” shouted Twilight, “I’ll take care of things here!”

“Will do!” shouted Rainbow as she raced off.

“Dragon Heart, thank goodness you’re safe!” shouted Spike as Scootaloo lightly placed Dragon Heart on the ground.

“Thanks, but what about them?” Dragon Heart asked while pointing Chrysalis and her army.

“We’ll take care of them somehow,” said Twilight, “What I need you to do is stay here with Spike.”

“No way,” Dragon Heart protested, “they’re here because of me! I won’t…”

“Listen Dragon Heart, I’m not going to allow them to ruin your image. Just make sure you stay out of sight; the other girls and I will handle this ourselves.”

She looked over at Spike with determined eyes, “And Spike, don’t let her out of your sight!”

Spike stood at attention and saluted to Twilight, “I won’t let you down!”

The purple mare galloped off toward the direction of the invading Changelings while Dragon Heart had no choice but to sit back and let this unfold itself.

“Alright,” shouted Apple Bloom, “my big sis and the others are going to show these Changelings a thing or two!”

“No, no! This isn’t what I was striving for,” said Dragon Heart.

“Why are you so worried?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Yeah, Twilight and the others are going to deal with them so you don’t have to,” Scootaloo added.

“Don’t you guys get it,” shouted Dragon Heart with much grief in her tone, “this is exactly what I was trying to avoid! Doing this will only lengthen the peace gap between us!”

They all realized that she was right and their excitement turned into worry for Dragon Heart’s sake.

“Well…” said Spike, “who knows; maybe they won’t even have to fight.”

Unfortunately for Spike, that might just happen. The ponies prepared themselves as Chrysalis and her soldiers made a landing at the main entrance of Ponyville.

“Attention, pansy ponies of Ponyville,” shouted Chrysalis, “There is no reason to be alarmed… heh, at least not yet. As long as you all cooperate there should be no need to draw blood today!”

“I highly doubt that,” said a nearby voice; a voice very familiar to Chrysalis. It was Twilight and she was approaching the Changeling crowd along with her other friends; all wielding the Elements of Harmony!

Chrysalis just scowled upon the sight of the very ponies that helped shun her and her kind away from Canterlot.

“Hmrph, I should’ve known that I was right about you certain ponies living here.”

Rainbow Dash hovered above her friends facing their invaders with intense eyes, “So, you Changelings wanted another smack down; invading Canterlot wasn’t enough for you?!”

“Wait a minute,” said Pinkie, “wasn’t it Shining Armor and Cadence who technically defeated them?”

“Contain your foolish warrior spirits,” spouted Chrysalis, “we’re not here to cause trouble. But if you fail to comply with our demands, I won’t promise any mercy from us.”

“What do you want from us, Chrysalis?” asked Twilight with a stern look.

Chrysalis just had an amused chuckle to herself before responding, “Well, completely unknown to you dumbfounded ponies, a certain pony of this town is not who you think. In fact, you could say she’s a spy… a spy that I personally need to retrieve.”

“Yea’ right,” said Applejack, “I bet that’s a lie! You Changeling do nothing but deceive us!”

“Give us one good reason why we should believe any word you say?!” stated rainbow Dash.

“I do believe that apple-bucking cow-pony has already given you your reason. We Changelings do nothing but deceive you, remember?”

Twilight was surely hoping that none of her friends would catch on of what she meant exactly.

“Oh, I get it!” Rainbow responded, “Okay every-pony, I confess! I’m a Changeling spy!”

Chrysalis had a slight irritated look on her face; she could detect the sarcasm in Rainbow’s tone.

“No way, Dashie;” shouted Pinkie, “I’m the spy!”

“Don’t try and protect me,” said Applejack, “’cause I’m the spy!”

“No, I am!” said both Rarity and Fluttershy together.

Everyone in Ponyville started laughing continuously at their little funny act while Chrysalis was getting more and more irritated by the moment. She simply had enough and just shouted out, “SILENCE!!! You ungrateful ponies dare to mock me!?”

“What’s the matter, Queen of the Changelings,” said Rainbow in a mocking tone, “can’t take a little joke?”

“Face it Chrysalis,” said Twilight, “there is no spy of yours here. You and your little army can hightail it outta here!”

Fluttershy was doing her best to act tough, “Um… yeah! And by the way… why don’t y-you tell us who here in Ponyville is your Changeling spy… um, if you don’t mind that is.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re all very familiar with a certain pony that has come to your pathetic little town;” stated Chrysalis, “one you all have pretty much become friends with lately, and I even heard that she has even fallen in love with some-pony here. I feel terribly sorry for the poor sap that has fallen for a complete lie.”

Twilight started to sweat constantly all while trying to stay calm. If Dragon Heart’s true identity was seen by the whole town, who knows what would happen.

“Are you talking about Dragon Heart?!” shouted Rainbow Dash.

“Dragon Heart?” said Chrysalis, “So that’s what she calls herself; such a unique yet pathetic name.”

“It’s not pathetic,” growled Pinkie, “it’s peculiar!”

“Now I know that you’re lyin’,” shouted Applejack, “that lil’ Dragon Heart is one of the sweetest lil’ fillies we’ve ever met! You’ve got hay for brains if you think we’re going to just hand her over to ya!”

“Well that’s just touching,” said Chrysalis sarcastically, “but enough of this foolishness! Bring her to me now or I’m afraid my army is going to have a lovely evening feast!”

Rainbow Dash got into a ready stance in front of the others, “Sure, we’ll hand her over to you… over our dead bodies!”

Fluttershy whimpered a little from Rainbow’s comment, “D-do you have to say...’Gulp’ dead!?”

There was huge tension building in the air as both parties were prepared for anything that might happen. The soon to be outcome was Dragon Heart’s signal to try and do something.

“No, I have to stop this!”

Spike grabbed some of her fur to get her attention, “Dragon Heart, stop! You’ll give yourself away!”

“Exactly my point; I have to do this to keep this from getting any further!”

Suddenly, Spike ran in front of Dragon Heart; blocking her path, “No, Twilight told me not to let you out of my sight, and I’m going to do just that. And besides, what will every-pony here think if they see that what Chrysalis said is partially true?”

Dragon Heart just shook her head signifying that she didn’t care, “What every-pony here thinks won’t matter to me. But I will not allow Chrysalis to harm anymore of any-pony’s lives; nothing good will ever come out of it!”

Spike started to show a little bit of tears in his eyes looking desperately into Dragon Heart’s with deep emotion, “Don’t do it; what if… what if I … lose you?”

Dragon Heart’s horn started to glow an immense green color while she looked at Spike wiping the tears from his eyes and slightly smiling, “I’m sorry Spike.” She then disappeared from in front of him to re-appearing behind him; then running off towards the conflict.

“Dragon Heart!!!” Spike shouted out desperately, but she ignored his cries.

The Cutiemark crusaders just stood there curiously shocked at the scene that was in front of them.

“Oh no,” shouted Sweetie Belle, “this is terrible!”

“I know,” added Apple Bloom, “Spike lost his sights on her! Twilight is gonna kill him!”


“I’ll ask again,” Chrysalis stated to Twilight and the others, “… where is she?”

Twilight looked up to her with a smirk and answered, “Why don’t you make us.”

Chrysalis’s horn began to glow as she was getting ready to give her army the signal to attack. Twilight and the other got ready to attack as well.

“Alright girls, get ready to…”


Everything suddenly came to a screeching halt from the loud voice outburst nearby. Suddenly, Dragon Heart came rampaging through and out of the crowd behind them and then placed herself in between Twilight’s group and the Changeling army.

“Stop this fighting right now!”

“Dragon Heart, what do you think you’re doing!” shouted Rainbow Dash.

Twilight couldn’t believe that Dragon Heart had rushed herself up here and placed herself in danger. She feared of what she was going to do.

“Oh no.”

“It’s me you want Chrysalis,” shouted Dragon Heart, “not them!”

“Heh, don’t blame me if they were too stubborn to cooperate,” said Chrysalis, “So #457, this is what you’ve resorted yourself to.”

“My name is Dragon Heart now; and you will not harm any of them!”

“Dragon Heart, stop,” shouted Applejack, “You don’t have to protect us by being what you’re not! She just probably wants to…”

“Don’t any of you girls get it already,” Dragon Heart responded with a small tear trickle in one of her eyes, “Chrysalis is right; I’ve… I’ve been deceiving all of you.”

Chrysalis had a sinister smirk on her face; it looks like Dragon Heart was going to save her the trouble.

“Dragon Heart, darling,” stated Rarity, “What kind of silly drabble are you going on about?”

Dragon Heart suddenly faced towards the crowd of Ponyville residents and braced herself.

“Listen… every-pony, all this time that I have been here I was just a little filly who was homeless to all of you. But the truth is…” She suddenly got it over with and transformed back into her Changeling form. A huge *GASP* and an assortment of conversating voices was heard all around Ponyville in echo surround sound.

“… I am… a changeling.”

All of Twilight’s friends couldn’t believe it; they were staring in shock about what they’ve just witnessed. However, Chrysalis was chuckling to herself; relishing in the moment that Dragon Heart was about to be completely shunned by Ponyville.

“Yes, that’s right. Take a look at your so called friend, ponies. She had you all deceived like such fools and made you fall for such a sappy story. I almost feel sorry for all of you falling for such a trick.”

“Dragon Heart,” said Applejack, “what’s going on? Why did you lie to us like this?”

“I didn’t mean for it to get this far; I promise you I’m not lying… this time.”

Rainbow felt a little rage inside her heart that caused her to go off, “And to think, I actually believed in your sappy story, and called you cool! Well last time I checked, it ain’t cool to lie to your friends!”

“Hey turn it down a notch, Dashie,” said Pinkie Pie, “One could teach you the same lesson.”


“And besides, even if she is a Changeling, maybe her reasons are not what we think it is!”

“Oh please,” Chrysalis scoffed, “she’s one of us! What other possible reason could she have to hide amongst you and pretended to be something she’s not?”

Dragon Heart had her head down feeling quite dirty. It seemed that no matter what she could’ve done, she could not change what she was. But then, her head sprung up upon hearing someone’s voice speak up.

“She was searching for something no creature like you wouldn’t possibly understand; she was searching for friendship!”

Dragon Heart, Twilight and the others turned around to see Spike marching through the crowd with his determined eyes fixed on Chrysalis and some smoke shooting out of his nostrils. Chrysalis just chuckled at the sight not feeling intimidated at all.

“If it isn’t Twilight Sparkle’s scrawny little dragon assistant; am I supposed to be scared of you little one?”

“Spike, what are you doing,” said Dragon Heart, “you might get hurt.”

Spike just lightly held up his hand and shook his head, “Stay out of this, Dragon Heart.”

Twilight and her friends were on edge; ready to jump in and save Spike at any time.

“Is there something you wish say to me, little lizard?” asked Chrysalis while looking down on Spike.

Spike showed no signs of fear in his eyes when he spoke, “Yeah, I do. Dragon Heart only came here because she wanted to make some friends, because she wanted to see how great a life we have, because she wanted to prove that Ponies and Changelings could still live in peace like they did before; but to do that she had to earn other ponies’ trust and become their friend. She only disguised herself because she knew she would only be turned away by us; especially after what happened in Canterlot recently.”

“Ooh, ooh, that does make sense!” shouted Pinkie.

“I mean sure, her dream may seem stupid to some, but it isn’t stupid at all! Twilight believes in her, the crusaders believe in her, and… I believe in her!”

“Whoo, ain’t that the truth!” shouted Apple Bloom.

“I may be a baby dragon, but I know an honest, loving heart when I see one. Dragon Heart may be a Changeling, but she is nothing like you!”

Dragon Heart couldn’t believe Spike was standing up for her against her former queen. What was this strong power she was suddenly feeling? Could it be Spike’s compassion for her? The fact that he was doing everything he could to protect her?

“Are you quite done, little one,” said Chrysalis feeling quite bored, “I’m afraid I was beginning to fall asleep from your bothersome speech. But whether or not you and your friends like it, #457 is coming with me under my orders!”

“You had her exiled,” Spike retorted, “so who cares about your stupid orders! If you ask me, I’d say that you’re scared that she’ll become stronger than your power if she stays here, and she’ll just kick you off the throne and start treating you like dirt!”

Chrysalis became enraged over Spike’s ridiculed comments and wanted to silence him… literally.

“SILENCE!!! You have a lot of nerve little dragon talking to someone such as I! Step aside or I’ll crush you like a bug!”

Spike just stood there smirking and laughing a bit, “Well, why don’t you try then. I bet you won’t even get one hit on me!”

Twilight and the others were wondering what he was trying to prove and was preparing to jump in, “Spike, Noooo!”

“I will not allow a mere bug to mock me without punishment!” Chrysalis emitted a strong green glow in her horn, and then sung it down to fire a beam at Spike faster than anyone could anticipate. But instead of feeling it hit her mark; she felt it being blocked instead.

“What!” she screamed, “How did he…”

She looked ahead and saw standing in front of Spike blocking her attack was Dragon Heart.

“No way, how could she even be this stronger already?!”

Dragon Heart looked over at Spike and asked, “How did you know that I was going to do this!?”

Spike just shrugged with a smirk, “Just a hunch I guess.”

“A hunch,” said Applejack he based this whole feeling on a hunch!? Doesn’t that little dragon know that he could’ve been hurt?!”

“That sly little dragon,” said Rarity, “I see what he did there,”

“So did I” Twilight added, “Its Dragon Heart’s power. Spike used his courage together with his strong friendship with Dragon Heart to stand up to Chrysalis; and it’s making Dragon Heart stronger!”

“You rock Spike,” shouted Fluttershy, “Whoo-hoo.”

“No, you can’t possibly be up to my level in power,” Chrysalis exclaimed, “not because of that dragon!”

“Not just them; thanks to this town’s compassion for me… I have become stronger!”

With one sudden burst, Dragon Heart repelled Chrysalis’ beam back at her; nearly missing the side of her left cheek. Chrysalis was now more furious than ever before.

“I should’ve known; this is exactly what I predicted. You’ve become stronger, and now you plan to overthrow me and take over the role as Changeling queen… well it’s not going to happen!”

“So what are you going to do now, Dragon Heart?” asked Spike with smirk.

“Whatever I need to,” she responded, “I know she’s not all evil inside, but her heart has been turned dark over many years since she lost her parents; but I’m not giving up on her yet!”

Chrysalis noticed the two annoyances in front of her talking to each other; then suddenly it hit her, “Tell me Dragon Heart, is this little shrimp of a dragon your little love friend?”

Dragon Heart looked up at her with worried eyes, “Huh; w-what makes you think that?

Chrysalis laughed at her stuttering words, “Because, your little changeling friend spilled the beans. I believe it was #760; he must have been heart torn to know that the one he fell for… fell for someone else.”

“What,” Dragon heart exclaimed, “but how did he…”

“And #186,” Chrysalis continued, “such a real shame that he has to be punished too. After all he did disobeyed my direct orders, and #760 was the one who brought him to justice. Guess they won’t be working together right now… or at all.”

Dragon Heart eyes filled with slight tears imagining the feeling of what may have become of #186. She clenched her fangs out of anger and started to leer at Chrysalis.

“Um Dragon Heart,” said Spike while trembling a little from her angered energy, “are you okay?”

“What… have you done… to #186?” the angered Changeling said in a low tone, “You better have not hurt him!”

“I wouldn’t worry about him right now,” said Chrysalis while boastfully chuckling, “but if that makes you mad, then this should make you furious!”

Fluttershy suddenly trembled more than she was already, “I don’t like the sound of that; she’s up to something.”

Chrysalis raised her hooves up in the air then slammed them down on the ground. The entire ground started to shake causing everyone to be startled by the movement.

“What’s going on?!” shouted Spike.

“I don’t know,” Dragon Heart responded.

Suddenly out of nowhere, some slimy vines shot out from behind Spike and wrapped around him tightly.

“What the…!”

The vines then threw the little dragon up into the air… and right into Chrysalis’ aura grasp.

Twilight and the others all gasped in horror as they yelled out, “Spike!”

“Hey, let me down you overgrown… evil creature!” shouted Spike as he was angrily wiggling in the air.

Chrysalis just scoffed at him, “You are in no position of telling me what to do, child.”


The Changeling queen looked over in front of her to see Dragon Heart in a crouching position with her blue eyes glowing and her fangs showing out more; she looked totally pissed.

“Let… him… go…”

“Why don’t you come and make me,” Chrysalis scoffed.

“Dragon Heart, Wait!” shouted Spike.

But it was too late; the young Changeling had already started to charge at Chrysalis with her horn glowing brightly. She was about to ram right into her, but then Chrysalis held up Spike in her path. Dragon Heart panicked as she quickly stopped with her horn only inches away from Spike’s face. Spike was rapidly sweating from panic.

“That was way too close,” he said while catching his breath.

Chrysalis looked down on Dragon Heart with smirk, “As I thought, you chose to stop to keep yourself from hurting your friend… big mistake.”

She suddenly fired an aura beam from her horn and it knocked Dragon Heart for a loop; sending her tumbling backwards against the ground.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” shouted Scootaloo, “She’s using Spike as a shield!”

“That’s just plain dirty!” added Apple Bloom.

“This isn’t about playing fair,” said Chrysalis, “it’s about getting what I want.”

Dragon Heart got up and shook herself off as looked back over at Chrysalis who had Spike facing in front of her.

“I wonder what would happen if try to drain all of your energy at once?”

“Don’t you even dare!” Dragon Heart shouted as she was charging energy into her glowing horn preparing to fire at Chrysalis.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You wouldn’t want to hurt your dear little dragon friend. If you want him out of harm’s way, surrender yourself to me; you obviously have no choice.”

“Don’t do it Dragon Heart,” shouted Spike, “I’ll be fine, seriously. Don’t worry about me; you don’t have to give in to this sleaze-ball!”

“Sleaze- what!?” Chrysalis retorted.

“Wait,” said Dragon Heart, “let him go… I surrender.”

“What, No!” shouted Spike, “I said don’t worry about me!”

Dragon Heart didn’t seem too care at this point; she knew Chrysalis was playing dirty, but she wasn’t about to risk Spike’s life because of it.

“I’m afraid she won’t listen, little dragon,” said Chrysalis, “She seems to care too much about you; and that will be her own undoing.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, two beams of light came shooting down from the sky above and slammed right into Chrysalis.


She screamed in pain from the impact and caused her release her hold on Spike. Dragon Heart was both shocked and relieved as Spike came beside her again.

“Hey, Dragon Heart,” said Spike, “how about next time I say don’t worry about me… don’t worry about me!”

Dragon Heart smiled and laughed; she was just glad that Spike was safe.

Chrysalis got back up from being hit so hard and was groaning as well.

“What the… who did that!? Who would dare attack me from behind!?”

“Serves you right;” said a familiar voice from above, “after all, using a defenseless little dragon as protection to get your way… you really are getting desperate, aren’t you?!”

Spike looked around trying to find the one who said that, “Hey, cut me a break; I wasn’t that defenseless!”

Everyone looked up behind Chrysalis and saw two more Changelings flying in toward the conflict. To Dragon Heart, it was a wonderous sight! It was her guardian friend, #186, along with #760; they were alright. She watched them as they flew down and landed beside her and Spike.

“You…” said Chrysalis in a pissed manner, “you dare to betray me too?!” Then she looked back over at her army and shouted, “And is there anyone else back here who plans to betray me as well!!!”

Her soldiers had mixed expressions of fright, confusion, and feeling slightly embarrassed seeing their queen like this.

“Awkward,” said Pinkie to her friends.

“I have never betrayed you your highness,” said #760, “neither of us has. I just realized my mistake of letting my emotions for… someone, get the best of me, and I almost regretted my actions. But I can I see… that it’s not too late to apologize.”

He looked over at Dragon Heart who was lightly smiling back at him and nodded her head; he knew that she already forgave him.

“Sorry, your Majesty,” said #186, “but I’m afraid that you took #760’s emotions for granted. He’s been so loyal to you that you didn’t think that he’d do something like this; well too bad for you!”

Chrysalis continued to growl out of frustration; seeing not one, not two, but three of her soldiers has turned against her.

#186 looked over at Spike who was standing real close to Dragon Heart; he then gave a smirk, “So… I take it that this little dragon is your little loooove interest?”

“Oh come on, stop it,” she said in an embarrassed tone.

“So I’m guessing this is your friend who goes by #186?” said Spike, “I knew that fact seemed strange.”

Twilight and her friends were trying make out the whole situation.

“Wait, so who are those Changelings, and what going on?!” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Beats me,” Applejack replied, “but something tells me that they’re on our side as well.”

“Ooooh,” shouted Pinkie Pie, “the allies have been tripled!”

Chrysalis got back up on her feet and was glaring at her betrayers with intense eyes of furious anger, “You three are getting on my last nerve. I will make sure that all three of you will be given the highest deal of punishment!”

Dragon Heart found this as a huge opportunity to have her kind listen to her words.

“Listen to me everyone; what we have been doing for generations does not have to continue! For far too long our kind have strived to feed by force loving and deception; I have no idea what groups of ponies back then who made us start this grudge are, but they are no longer here. However, we are; and if we work together we can earn the ponies’ trust and we can re-make the peace that used to exist back then. Then and only then can we fully continue to live on without the risk of wars and deaths! Whose with me!?”

None of the Changelings seemed to answer her yet; there was complete silence throughout the whole crowd. Chrysalis started to laugh at the young Changeling; for her attempt seemed to be useless.

“Did you really think that little speech of yours was going to change anything? The events back then can never happen again, it’s impossible! We Changelings exist only to feed, spread fear, and cause havoc and devastation! What makes you think that is ever going to change?”

Suddenly amongst the crowd, a single arm raised up; slightly shaking.

“Hey Dragon Heart, look,” said Spike.

She looked up and saw it for herself. Before she knew it 5 arms were raised, then 15, then 40! More and more arms were going up as the seconds flew by. Chrysalis looked around her feeling totally shocked.

“What! What is this?! Don’t listen to her!”

But that proved to do nothing as the majority of the Changeling soldiers had their arms up in agreement. Secretly the soldiers did become tired of the whole survival struggle and wanted it to end in some way, but none of them had the courage to say anything about it. Dragon Heart’s words encouraged them to finally speak up.

“We’re sorry Dragon heart, were with you!”

“You were right all along!”

“We were wrong not to speak up for you!”

“We’re tired of all of this!”

“We end this today!”


The emotional outcome was too much for her as she began to constantly tear up; she always thought she could make a huge difference.

“Wowie Zowie, that’s a lot of arm-ies,” shouted Pinkie, “get it? “

“That… was terrible Pinkie,” said Twilight.

“Traitors, traitors!” shouted Chrysalis, “You’re all traitors!”

“We’re not traitors,” shouted #186, “we all just decided it that we can’t take this kind of living anymore! Perhaps it is time to put past things behind us and regain a peace treaty with the ponies so that there can be no more tragedies. Just admit that Dragon Heart is right and accept our demands.”

Every pony at the scene, as well as the Changeling waited to see how Chrysalis responded; but it was anything but what they wanted to hear.

“No, NO! Unacceptable! I am the queen; I make the rules, and I make the decisions! Ponies are the very cause and reason of the pain and grief I have gone through all my life, and I will never trust another pony again!”

“I’m gonna take that as a BIG no,” said Pinkie.

“If you all want to believe in this foolish young Changling and her re-create this so-called peace, then you will all have to take me down first;” Chrysalis flashed them a quick smirk, “and I know not even my own army wouldn’t even dare to do such a thing.”

She was right; her whole army knew it would be against their pride as Changelings to gang up on the queen at once. Chrysalis started to laugh again.

“Just as I thought, none of you can do it, can you? Not even an individual of you take me down; just… give… up.”

Dragon Heart knew she had to do something; Chrysalis was right and she was losing them. However, she knew out of all of them she was possibly the strongest due to the constant energy she absorbed while staying in Ponyville; so she knew what she had to do. She walked up to Chrysalis with fire in her determined eyes and told her straight.

“Chrysalis, what you say is true… going against all at once is against our own pride, and none of us has enough individual power to fight you. However, my stay here in Ponyville has given me enough strength to do just that. So I will fight you; no assistance!”

Everyone there gasped out of hearing Dragon Heart’s request. The crusaders were shaking a bit from fear of their friend, except Scootaloo who was smiling and had her wings buzzing in excitement.

“Alright, finally were going to see some real action! Go get her, Dragon Heart!”

“Heh heh,” Chrysalis chuckled, “you can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I couldn’t be any more serious than I am already… darling.”

“Oh my gosh,” said #186, “the queen said the exact same thing when she banished her; priceless.”

“Wow, she’s pretty good,” said Spike while chuckling to himself.

“I just want this nightmare that we’re in to be over; continuing what we do will just cause more pain and suffering until one day… they’ll be none of us left. So… my plan… no, our plan will come to light… even if I have to take you down!”

As she got into her fighting stance everyone around them started to back away; the changelings, Twilight and her friends, as well as Spike and the crusaders. With the love, strength, and full support of her friends, old and new, Dragon Heart was planning to end it all here!

“You arrogant fool,” Chrysalis exclaimed, “I should’ve had you executed when I had the chance in the first place! You dare challenge your queen’s power, then so be it! Just know that once this is all over, only one of us will still be standing!”

She focused on her energy to summon her full potential power as it fully emitted around her horn, and her claws and fangs were fully lengthened, prepared to tear anything in her path! She faced Dragon heart with pure intent… to kill.

“And the other… SHALL DIE!!!”

(Artwork by: Wreky)

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