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Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I am NOT crazy. Isn't that crazy?


Morning Meir is the most brilliant mind in Equestria. This is no brag, it is simply fact. Though she would never say so herself. Having been invited to attend the Mareiposa Intelligence Summit, alongside some of the other greatest minds in the world, Meir's first ever case pits her against a mysterious killer, a master of disguise and a case that stumps even the greatest of Equestria's intelligence elite. Will she solve this most conniving of conundrums? Of course she will. The real question is: Why would someone doubt that she could?

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 6 )

Very interesting so far!

Why I get the feeling that things will get Lovecraftian now...? :twilightoops:

Does Morning Meir sound like Minnie Mouse?

She can if you want her to, but when I created her, at least in my head, I gave her a Velma Dinkly/ Nancy Drew sort of voice. A voice that relays immense intelligence and cunning yet still friendly and approachable.

a "Meir" is a very old English term used to describe someone who is seemingly gifted in all things, It comes from the old medieval tranlastion of "Mayr, which means "One whost all', as in "One who is gifted."

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