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Twilight Sparkle has been very forgetful lately, wherever she goes she seems to leave something behind. Growing tired of having to retrieve them, she decides to cast a spell that will bring these items to her. But, the spell isn't quite what it seems and now Ponyville has four new residents. Unsure of how to return them to where they came from, the Mane 6 must teach these newcomers how to fit-in in Equestria.

Takumi, Iketani, Kenji and Itsuki are just having a guys night out racing along the roads of Mount Akina, when suddenly a flash of light changes everything. Now they must learn how to live in this new world and form strong bonds along the way. Will they ever see their world again, or will they have to make Equestria their new home?

Co-Authored by 9thDoctorWhooves

Chapters (18)
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Don't know what the series is. What is it like?

Is it just me or is the formating all over the place ? :rainbowhuh:


Could you please explain what you mean?

OK weird I didn't get a notification that somebody replied to my comment....

Regarding specifying what I mean.

She headed into her bathroom, picked up her hairbrush and
brushed her mane and tail, then she picked up her toothbrush, put some toothpaste on
it and proceeded to brush her teeth, she rinsed her mouth out then headed downstairs
to prepare breakfast for herself and Spike, since Starlight was on an extended visit
to the Crystal Empire, it was just the two of them.

THIS is ONE sentence.
Also random
line breaks make it really
uncomfortable to read. (You see what I mean?)

The punctuation is there but on all the wrong places (I hope that translates well, English isn't my first language:twilightblush:) ..Also you could have described more but that isn't the fault of the formating just a minor footnote I would like to add.

Should’ve been Takiumi, Iketani, Kesuke, and Ryosuke.

"Sounds interesting" Twilight said "If you'd like we could do a trade off, I have a series about video games and sword fighting you might like, it's one of mine and Princess Luna's favorites".

Sword Art Online?

"Is it the one that caused you to nearly freak out when Neightendo announced they were starting development on virtual reality gaming?"

Definitely Sword Art Online.

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