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Triggers: Foalcon, Adult/Filly, Vanilla Sex

Wha? Since when does Vanilla Sex trigger anyone?

Anyways, this sounds right up my alley. Though I'm waiting for a few more chapters at least to start reading.

Triggered from knowing what's coming, maybe?

disappointed to find the human is male....that should really be mentioned in the triggers

this was short, good and sweet, just like Sweetie Belle ^^

Some people are mortified by the concept of straight-forward sex. Seriously though, I included it so that folks would no I wasn't planning on delving too far into kink town.

In my experience, Anon is pretty much always male, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Even so, I actually did intend to include Human Male/Filly in the triggers. Must have just forgotten when it came time to actually writing them.

Thanks! I wanted the first chapter to be short and to-the-point. I wanted there to be no confusion about what this story was going to be about.

That comment alongside your avatar gave me a chuckle.

.....vanilla......sex :rainbowderp: VANILLA SEX!!!:flutterrage: IM SO FUCKING TRIGERRRRRRED.

him cool whit this

I will read this simply because, I can't not read this, with an author name like that.

Look, I know what you perverts are thinking, but you can put your dicks away for now. Take a break for a moment, maybe re-read the first chapter if you’ve really gotta rub one out right away. That’s what it’s there for

This fic's self-aware. :rainbowderp:

A little bit, yeah. Anon knows he's narrating, but I don't plan on breaking the fourth wall within the context of the story itself.

I'm interested. So let's see where this will go in the future! :pinkiesmile:

Nice. Can't wait for the next chapter!

My own simple brand of shampoo, amusingly called ‘head and haunches’

:rainbowkiss: I see what you did there. Funny how my favorite shampoo just happens to be 'mane and tail'.

Silly sir. I like filly sex, but I do agree with you when it is with relationships and such. You are a good sir, and a cute one with cute filly.


The story is great, man. I like the writing and the flow is perfect.

Every time I start a new project, life starts kicking my ass and taking away all my time, but I promise there will be more. I don't like to leave stories unfinished and this one has only just started.

Nuuuu, vanilla the blandest of all. Need a rainbow sherbet trigger fic :derpytongue2:

Pretty cool! So when's the next bit?

I’m sorry if you were hoping for another quick clop and ended up with some sappy slice of life crap instead, but it’s important to me that you understand that there’s more to my relationship with Sweetie than sex. I mean, the sex is great, don’t get me wrong. But, in a lot of ways, it’s also the one part of our relationship that I kind of regret.

Okay, I need no more. I need no more to know, my good sir, that you're aware of what an ACTUAL relationship between an adult and a younger one should be like: balanced. Balanced between more adult bits and more childish ones; balanced between some serious, some WAY less serious stuff; balanced between friendship, lust and love.
As for any relationship really, but making the distinction between the different ways of spending time together is a thousand times more important when with foals.

That's the kinda things I seek to find when reading foalcon/pedophilia, but have never find in such an equilibrated state. You have achieved this deed, and by that earned a new fanboy. :3

I know how IRL events can affect one's life, so take your time, dear friend. But I wouldn't mind at all seeing more of it. I'll in fact recommend this to all my friends, so that the pressure on your shoulders is increased. (:raritywink:)

With all that said, and before daydreaming about the direction this piece of art might take, I wish you a great day, a great life, and hope for the best for both this fiction and your general life. :yay:

T.G., a.k.a Apple Chocolate

Is this story dead?:pinkiesad2:

Well, who else but pedos and very curious ones would be looking for this kind of stories? ;3

Oh, so you're part of a third community of readers then! ^^

Блядь, I hope I ain't the only one who like the idea of a cute filly getting poun- ok, I'm going to stop there. No more being said....
Я не знаю...

...я не понимаю, Товарищи.

So... where's the new chapter? Did you misclick?

I did, and I knew someone would notice instantly. I'll be publishing later today though

Ok. While not instantly, I do have my "Red it Later" set to email me, so I was aware of the chapter. They really need to move the publish away from the edit button, don't they?

Actually it was totally my own fault. I was trying to give some people early access... but I'm struggling to figure out how. I've got the password set up, but I can't figure out how to link the unpublished chapter :/

I think you just link them the unpublished chapter without being in the edit half...

represent. Yes I am still hanging out for more chapters, how did you know?

The best chapter yet! I really enjoyed how Rarity was portrayed here, in particular. Weirdly, that stain and Anon's reaction to it is such a lovely detail.

Heh, well, I couldn't have a Sweetie fic and neglect her overly dramatic big sister ;) I just hope the tense works like I intended.

Thanks I've waited awhile to bust

That's the highest praise someone like me can receive.

I wish for threesome and triangle. But this story isn't that kind of fiction. But it's still not wrong to fantasy, right?

I toyed with the idea, but no, it's not that kind of story XD


I thought so. But it would be nice to have a story where Sweetie Belle is the lead while Rarity is a second wheel. Because all story I ever read so far. Be fiction or comic. It's all about Rarity share her boyfriend with her little sister. So it might be a change of peace if we cound have story that happen opposite of those. :twilightblush:

So this popped up on page 2 when I sorted clopfics by whatever sorting 'hot' is. I see you just added a chapter after 3 1/2 years of not doing so. Are you going to have a regular schedule in adding to the story or will it be a 'when it happens it happens' roadmap?

Well I don't have a planned schedule - I just can't write like that, and I have other projects on the way as well. But since I'm invested in the fandom again, it shouldn't be too long before I write another chapter


Looks like my patience was rewarded, and grandly at that.

I didn't know it could be this good. That's giving me high hopes for the next chapter - when it does come out on November 5th 2028.

I missed you, and I want you to know it's good to have you back, even for a short while. ;w; *hugs*

Damn dude, three and a half years later and it reads like you haven't missed a beat! Except for the improvements of course.

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