• Published 21st Jan 2017
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One Colt Army - VIRAnimation

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been foalnapped, and it is up to one young colt to save the day! Can Rumble make it in time?

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Dox and the CMC

DAY 2 – 1:00PM

By the time the alarms ceased, it was perfectly safe for Rumble and Rez to walk into the base. Rumble looked around and saw the cameras, inactive, suspended high above by a [something, I’m not sure what].

Rumble thought about asking Rez about what Dox and the others are like.

“Rez, I know this was a horrible experience, but could you tell me more about this so-called Dox and his henchmen?” Rez felt disappointed but she had to let it all out.

“Dox is perhaps the biggest pain in the flank you will ever meet. Trench alone raised him, as a spoiled colt who only thinks of himself. When I was forced to babysit for him, he treated me like I was one of those disposable army stallion figures. Every time I tried to keep him in line, he would step on my hooves and punch me, and even bite me if I got too close.”

“Sounds kinda like one of the students who used to go to my classroom, till he got expelled for striking Cheerliee and Dinky Hooves in the face.”

“That's not even the worse part. He'll play this game where he would pretend that I'm some defenseless mare, tying me up and then.... He'd hit me with a bundle of cables while smearing Gak all over me. He’d then poke me with toy planes or ponies. He’d pretend I mutated into a monster after trapping me in what he called a ‘Gak Cocoon’. After firing his toy missiles at my eyes, he’d pronounce me dead. ”

“Ouch. That must have really hurt. I hit a filly with one of those in school once, myself, but it was only an accident. I didn't know that Zipporwhill was passing by when Dinky Hooves, Pipsqueak, Sweetie Belle and I were playing. Zipporwhill forgave me, and Pipsqueak and I both gave her a hug and a kiss before she went to the doctor's office.”

“I see. Was she alright, at least?”

“Yes. Zipporwhill was such a nice forgiving filly that we didn’t get into any trouble, either. she actually came and played with us the next day; we were a lot more careful where we aimed our toy missiles after that.”

Rez raised a hoof over her mouth, barely managing to stifle a giggle.

“It's alright, Rumble. We all make mistakes.What you did wasn’t intentional, unlike Dox. Oh, and there's something else I wanted to tell you about Dox because well... he might attempt it with the CMC…”

“What would that be?”

“One day, before I managed to escape, he tied me up in his bedroom and tried to have his way with me. I still remember his raunchy breath on my face as he planted kisses all over my face. I was just some doll for his amusement.”

“Before I escaped, he tried to screw me. Literally.”

“After he was trying to take away my air while kissing me too hard, he turned me around and spread my hind hooves open. That gave me an opportunity to kick him straight in the face. With Dox knocked out, I managed to untie myself, then made a straight run to the nearest air vent, climbed all the way up to the ground level floor though not before shutting down the power to the whole security systems put in place, I went to the exit, ran through the jungle and then managed to get out of there.

“Wait, if he tried to do that, then, we better start running as fast as possible! I ain't gonna let that bully do that to my Sweetie, nor will he have his way with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.”

As the two ponies continued walking, Rez suddenly noticed a turret emerging from the ground.

“Duck!” She grabbed him, and they tumbled as one into the nearest barrels right as a turret popped out.
“It looks like a dead end Rumble, but not for long. Follow me. I know what's powering the front turrets.”

Rumble followed Rez through a bushy path until about an hour and a half later when they arrive at another spot where there's a small single floor building with only one room.

“Wait here.” Rez snuck by the building and broke open the door.

A guard on the other side appeared surprised by the sudden entrance. “Hey, you're not supposed to be in...”

Before the guard could react, Rez placed a rag over his muzzle. He wasn’t able to put up much resistance before he was out like a light. Once he laid unconscious on the floor, she began disrobing him with the intent to disguise herself as a mercenary..

Rumble, having seen it through the window of the hut, decided to go in with Rez and try to figure out how to shut off all the outside turrets.

“Wanna do the honors again, Rumble?” She pointed at a key attached to a console.

With just little effort, Rumble managed to power off the entire turret system for outside.

Looking around the room, Rumble found a locker with a couple of suits, one of which appeared to be Rumble’s size. He grabbed the uniform, and once he put it on, their disguises were complete. The two headed into the nearest elevator to begin their search through the massive base.

DAY 2 – 3:30PM

A hoofful of notes were sprawled haphazardly on the floor of the monitoring station room. Dox was pouring through them carefully, giving each of them a sideways glance every now and again.

The monitoring station room on the fourth floor, which once had just a few notes of paper is now full of notes on paper as the Cutie Mark Crusaders had written about so many bad apples that worked for Trench Bloodhoof and supported Dox. There were enough articles for a whole month’s worth of Gabby Gum issues and the Cutie Mark Crusaders had just got done putting together the first three articles which will be issued daily.

“Nice job girls., This looks very promising,” Dox doesn't bother checking the notes or issues as he got too excited that they already did three issues of Gabby Gums for today and the next two days.

“You’ve been very busy.”

“Why yes, we're sure your fine friends will love our issues,” Apple Bloom said, refering to Trench’s loyal henchmen, despite it being humorous only to those that despised Dox.

“Now that you’ve done this much you three can come with me to my playroom for your reward.” The Cutie Mark Crusaders started following Dox as he leaves the monitoring station. Dox pulls out a walkie-talkie and speaks into it “Hey guys, all of you may head back into the monitoring station now because I'm done for now” As the Cutie Mark Crusaders follow Dox into the hallway, Raden was standing from near the door to his office watching Sweetie Belle when suddenly a piece of note paper has dropped from her mane. Walking by to check it out, the crusaders get worried that they're getting busted as they turned around and seen Raden looking at it. Obviously, Raden realized the girls wrote down his own override code but backward. Raden could have told on the Crusaders by running at Dox and telling them what they dropped, but rather than giving Dox more respect, Raden chuckled back at the Cutie Mark Crusaders and gave a look to them saying that Dox is such an idiot and him literally just left the piece of paper right where it's at. The crusaders sigh from relief that Raden seemed to not get on to them immediately, they wondered why he didn't bust them this time. Raden goes back into his office and wonders how long this will last.

Suddenly an emergency light goes off in his own office. Raden pushes on the teleprompter and speaks up.

“What in Equestria is going on!” Another voice suddenly speaks up. Surprisingly it was actually from the mines which were the last thing he was expecting something to happen considering he left a paper of his own passcode in the hallway. “Raden, there's a massive riot going on in the mines, everybody's pissed for some reason, you gotta get your flank down here now! And bring some heavy weaponry, the elevator is blocked by protesters!”

He proceeds to suit up, grab himself a pump action shotgun and a gas grenade launcher, he immediately runs up to a painting in his room. The big painting turns around to reveal a private mini elevator which actually stopped at openings of both Air vents and certain paintings in rooms. Trench actually placed small openings in walls of certain rooms and air vents which allowed for mini elevators to access certain destinations quicker.Only Trench, Dox, and Raden himself knows about these hidden elevators. He pushes a button which brings him all the way down to the air vents of Floor 0 slamming at a fast speed.

Back in Dox's playroom, the girls decide to take a seat as they look at each other. Before Apple Bloom can say a response, Dox starts talking to them.

“So. Apple Bloom they call you, tell me about what you like doing?”
“Well.......” She felt really nervous about telling more about herself to someone who just admitted to wanting them and having them kidnapped “I'm just a filly who likes to work on the farm with mai sister AppleJack, and my brother Big Macintosh. My sister is very strong and we both buck for apples since we run a huge Apple and Cider business”

“Very nice, now tell me where your address is at, because.... I'm curious about your cider”

“Uh...” Before she can respond, the colt responded, “Oh they won't find out I'm responsible for your kidnapping, once they find the tracks, we'll no longer be in this land!, If the guards ever raid the base, Me, daddy and the higher rank Mercs will have moved out of the land, including with you 3 coming along with us.”

“I understand, well if your dad takes you to Ponyville, go to Sweet Apple Acres, you will find my sister and well you be able to buy all of our Apples and Cider that you can want” Apple Bloom teared up a bit after hearing about this new info.

“Very Nice Apple Bloom, say, you look very cute” Apple Bloom is startled by his words but had to give out a response. “Why thanks, but I'm into som..” She was interrupted as Dox pulled her in for a kiss. He gave a really hard kiss on her bottom lip for 2 seconds before pulling away.

“What in tarnation do ya think ya doing?”

"I wanted to see how your lips felt and taste like. So what do you think Apple Juice?”

“Uhh, I hate to break it to you but I know someone who kisses better than you” He got annoyed so he grabs Apple Bloom by the neck and slams her into a wall. “You better tell me his name!”

“Pipsqueak, he knows how to kiss girls properly, he's like around my age though not as young as Sweetie's.....”

"Pipsqueak, Really!" He suddenly busted out laughing at Apple Bloom much to the annoyance of the girls. "You're really dating a tiny colt!. You should be hanging with someone closer to your size or older, like me"

“I Hope he had funtimes with you in bed because I'm gonna sleep with ya”

The girls are all in a shock when they just realized that Apple Bloom has been marked for being in Dox's bed for perverted games.

Dox then approaches Scootaloo next to ask her some questions, “So, why do they call you Scootaloo?”

“Because I'm very fast and talented with my Scooter that's why”

“Hehe, will guess who ain't gonna be riding it anymore” Dox pulls Scootaloo and tries to break her hind hooves but was met with a punch in the face. The 3 fillies laughed at Dox’s misery as his nose started bleeding a bit before eventually stomping his hoof down, keeping them quiet.

“Time for my last filly, Sweetie Belle, tell me all about yourself?” Sweetie Belle was really scared but she had to play along. “Well, I'm the younger sister of beautiful fashion clothes designing pony, I like to sing which I can hopefully earn my cutie mark in, I also like spending time with my one prince”

“Prince..... Well, I wonder who that prince is?”

“Rumble, he's such a very nice colt for someone almost Pipsqueaks age, He takes me to the park, we snuggle and kiss, he hugs me, and he gets silly sometimes too, sometimes he even licks and sucks on my hoofies, can't blame him since my hoofies get special treatment at the spa to look as fabulous as possible, But most importantly, he respects me and tries his best to protect me against….”

“Hahaha, so this Rumble's just like me, drooling over ponies” Dox interrupted.

“Uh Dox, I'm comfortable with Rumble sucking on my hoofies only because I feel comfortable near Rumble and letting him do it plus it kinda tickles and feels funny in a nice way, plus Rumble always snuggled near me or we're cuddling while he does it. It would feel uncomfortable if something or someone else tried to.... “

She can feel her left hoof being grabbed by his magic as he started sucking on her hoof.

“Like this” Dox said muffled while he sucks away on her hoofnails. He starts drooling a bit, eventually getting grosser, Dox purposely pushed out thick mucusy saliva as opposed to normal saliva that someone typically produces while drooling. Pulling her hoof out immediently, Sweetie Belle is in shock that there's a smeered trail of Dox's thick saliva. Obviously, Rumble drools a lot of saliva too but never pushed out the thick saliva that Dox had just done. The Crusaders look at Sweetie Belle and Dox with disgust for what he did.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!” Sweetie Belle screamed and ran to the sink in Dox's bathroom so she can wash the contamination off from her hooves that Dox left behind.

“You just traumatized Sweetie Belle Dox, she probably definitely doesn't want any of your rough kisses now” Dox slaps Apple Bloom after saying that

“You shut your Apple Mouth this instant! Besides, I'm saving my plans for Sweetie Belle for tomorrow in the morning while you 2 can stay by yourselves. Yep, I changed my mind about sleeping with you 1st Apple Juice” Dox suddenly decided that he wanted to do something else with the CMC before sending them back into the Monitoring Station.

“Way to go Scootaloo, you see what you agreement lead us to?” The Farm filly whispered to Scootaloo. “I know but our plan should carry out soon I hope”

“Say, how about we play a game girls”

“What kind of game, the grossing us out game that you did with Sweetie Belle?” Scootaloo said.
“Nah, it's even better than that” Dox proceeds to tie the CMC up again in rope and blindfolded them as he starts carrying the CMC to the play carpet in the middle of the floor. Dox starts gathering up all of his toys including monster dolls, 3 liters of Gak, buildings, and of course dangling wires.

When he removes their blindfolds, the CMC see that they're surrounded by toy buildings and sees that He has a video camera pointing at them. “Alright girls, ready to act on this play?”

“Uhh, I guess” The orange filly responds before Dox replied back “Good, time for the act”

The CMC can feel themselves being lifted as Dox literately picks them up using his own magic, he moves Apple Bloom over to Scootaloo while he acts out a scene next to an additional set that looked like a pony doll house.

In Dox's own Voice he pretends to make the girls talk.

“Warrior girl, Girlvill needs our help” He pretends to make Apple Bloom say this to a Scootaloo.
Pulling Scootaloo very hard bumping into Apple Bloom “What is it dismal!”

“This is really dumb” Scootaloo whispers to herself.

“You gotta hurry, there's a slime monsta who just captured our princess, we gotta help her” He pretends again to have Apple Bloom say while he speaks Scootaloos line here “Oh noes, my princess is gonna get exploded by da slime, I gotta save her nawo”

He then has Sweetie Belle bonded onto the floor with the city buildings at. Taking out 2 liters worth of Gak, he smeers it all over her body. Sweetie Belle felt really uncomfortable seeing as she had been captured before by actual slime that Rumble has rescued her from a while back (Which turned out to be a Changeling Slime trap) and now she's reliving that fantasy, only except it's not a teasing role play with Rumble, but with a huge jerk of a colt that she barely knows who had her kidnapped and had already shown his main intentions.

The white colt proceeds to fake a voice for the helpless Unicorn. “Haelp, I'm' gonna be slowly mutating into a monsta, haelp!!!!!!”

He starts moving Scootaloo and Apple Bloom to the city scene. Doing the voice of Scootaloo's character again, “Don't worry my girlfriend, I'll save ya” Dox suddenly dangles a bunch of cables over Sweetie Belle and Scootaloos heads while also smearing Gak all over Apple Bloom.

In Apple Blooms Character Dox said, “Noooooo I'm cocooned and turning into a monsta!!!!!!” He then said for Scootaloo, “Uhh ya filthy Tentacles can't do this to me” Meanwhile Dox says “Noooo I'm Too hawt to be done this early!!!!” while dangling wires over Sweetie Belle.

“Too late for me, you will all die,” He said in the new monster voice as he slammed the Gak covered Apple Bloom at Scootaloo knocking her to the floor. He picks Scootaloo back up and says this. “Noooo my hawt backup, mutated into those evil disgusting mostas, you will die!”

A fake missile is shot at Apple Bloom which then Dox slams Apple Bloom to the floor. “We defeated the mosta but at the cost of my backup” he fakes sniff cries as he then pretends to make Scootaloo say this, “Alright, time to save my girlfriend from being mutated further” Dox takes a real knife and makes it look like Scootaloo is slicing the cords from her and slicing the cords over Sweetie Belle. “And naw to undo the mutation and eliminate the gak” He lifts all of the Gak off of Sweetie Belle as he puts all of the Gak back in their containers”

“Awww Mai Hero!” He pretended to make the unicorn say as he moved the 2 together, suddenly, he forced Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's lips together while Dox makes a lot of kissy sounds.

He puts them all down, undoes all ropes that prevented them from moving their hooves during the play, and then yelled “The End!” The Crusaders take all of this time to get cleaned up again as it was almost time to head back to the Monitoring Station.

Author's Note:

Looks like Dox now knows about the CMC's friends now.

And Rumble and Rez finally made it inside the main base