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One Colt Army - VIRAnimation

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been foalnapped, and it is up to one young colt to save the day! Can Rumble make it in time?

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The Final Raid

DAY 3 – 3:30AM

Room 10, normally with two guards and an Office Mare is now an empty room. Normally there would be at least two guards there during the night shift, but all of the Mercs were either called out to the Mines or are in Room 8. Arriving through the elevator is a struggling Office Mare who was still in pain from getting punched by Rumble earlier, crawls her way back to her seat. She decided to take a seat and prepare to hit the alarm button on the desk. “This peeving thing ain't working!” screamed the Mare Officer when the alarms fail to start up. She can see lights shining through the windows as she pulls out a Revolver.

There was a huge banging on the door, she refused to open up the door. As soon as she aimed her revolver at the door should it break open. One of the glass windows gets broken. Suddenly there was a huge swarm of flying Royal Guards heading directly towards her. One of the guards pins her down while the rest of the guards start checking every floor in the building. Rainbow Dash emerged from the door and automatically took the guards place of pinning the female merc down as Rainbow Dash delivered a huge rant.

“So I heard all about what you did to Scootaloo you piece of trash!” Slam, Rainbow Dash smashed the Mare's face in with her own hoof as she starts begging for mercy. Rainbow Dash refused to hear her apologize as Dashie will never trust anyone who has struck Scootaloo.

The guards come back with all of the rounded up Mercs that are in the rooms of Room 10 which consisted of about just 4 of them, including the one in one of the control rooms.

Princess Twilight Sparkle step through the doors and gave a command to the royal guards. “Guards check Floor 8-4, There's a lot of Mercenaries needing explanation”

Back at the castle, Dox had just got done bringing Sweetie Belle into his bedroom. The bedroom was like a study room but with a bed, one couch, some lighting, and a fireplace. He decided to tie her up, with rope tieing her front hooves behind her back and a mouth gag placed around Sweetie Belle's mouth. Sweetie Belle lifts herself up to see what's in front of her and noticed Dox standing right in front of her.

“So I see you're really excited for what I'm about to do” Sweetie Belle switched from a huge sad face to a face of anger as she knows that she didn't want what Dox is wanting to have. “Here, let me remove your gag 1st” Once the gag was removed from Sweetie Belle's mouth, Sweetie Belle spoke up.

“You mule, how could you just take me away from my friends and lock me in a huge dungeon!”
“Hehe, why your such a loud mouth indeed. The moment I laid eyes on you, you look like the nicest most corruptible innocent filly ever around my age. You have the markings of such a corruptible and helpless filly, that I have no choice. Sorry Meanie Bitch, but your mine now”

“Wait a sec” Sweetie's mouth was interrupted when Dox walked behind her and kissed her lips for a good while. Determined to keep Dox distracted from going all the way, she played along and started kissing Dox back. The two broke the seal as Dox and Sweetie Belle pulled away.

“Wow, I never knew you were good at this Sweetie Belle. Do you do this often with your so-called Rumble, or Is he too interested in your hooves to kiss you and you just practice with your girlfriends!”

Sweetie Belle got really mad, She really wanted to teach Dox a lesson but unfortunately, her magic was still suppressed, plus her hooves are tied behind her back. The sounds of anger were about to let in a huge crash. In the spite of irony, A huge crash can be heard crashing through the Castle main entrance. “What the.. intruders! In my home?” Dox was really scared about what was going to happen but he wanted to do something really quick before he investigated.

“Now my new Fillyfriend, before I get abducted by whoever's breaking in, mind spreading your legs?” He put his hoof on Sweetie's mouth stopping her from answering. “Hah, you're gonna do it anyways” Dox was in front of Sweetie Belle tearing open some wrapper and putting something on in him.

"This should protect me from your disgusting diseases" He was just about to mount himself on top of Sweetie Belle. Just before Dox's bottom front can even make contact with Sweetie's bottom and legs, an unknown fully clothed in merc clothing colt jumped right at Dox, pushing him aside and killing all chances of Dox being able to have his way with the young filly. The unicorn colt grunted in pain as he attempted to get back up, only to get hit in the face by the armored colt.

Right then and now, the entire power is cut off leaving only the fireplace light as the source for everyone in the room to see. Knowing that this Armored attacker snuck in some backup that got into the Control Station in the castle. Dox was quick to pull out a Revolver shooting the Colt in the leg crippling the colt for a bit and then running off to the Control Station. Thankfully thanks to the combat armor, Rumble's injury to his leg isn't severe since the bullet didn't pierce all the way and his leg will fully be able to recover faster than if he wasn't wearing protective armor.

Just as soon as Dox reached the wing that leads to the main entrance, another armored pegasus who appeared to have gotten electrocuted ripping the power cables with her own mouth attempted to pin down Dox and took away his revolver in the process. After a rough fight between Dox and the Pegasus, he knocked off Scootaloo's gas mask. A smoke bomb was thrown by an earth pony in armor which gave the other pegasus time to run off before Dox can find out Scootaloo's identity.

Dox did indeed recognize Apple Bloom by her bright red mane as for Rumble and Scootaloo, their mane's can't easily be identified that easily for Dox. Especially once the power went out.
Dox wanted to shout a insult at Apple Bloom, but he noticed the other Pegasus Colt in armor walking over to Sweetie Belle and made the run for it though while struggling due to his crippled leg.

Sweetie Belle couldn't recognize who the colt was who just got shot in an unimportant spot, just before she can recognize his Mane style, Dox ran up and pushed the young colt back, knocking off his Gas mask, revealing Rumble's face to Dox. As Sweetie Belle tried moving herself to see the colts face, Dox's rear got in her way as he about makes his final speech.

“If it isn't Thunder, or so I say Tumble!, You thought you can play hero, coming all by yourself and getting aid from your dismal sidekicks. Well no more!” Dox walked towards Rumble to kick him in the area it hurts the most. Rumble punches Dox directly back at a spot where there was a cage hanging from at. Dox's nose started to bleed as he screamed in huge pain.

Rumble pulled out a laser pistol and fired directly at the chains, the cage starts falling down, Dox only finally noticed the cage but sure enough, Dox was surrounded by the bars of the foal sized cage as he tried to lift it up to no avail, as the cage weighed almost half a ton. Now with Rumble out of danger aside from his injury, he 1st pulled out the small bullet that was piercing through him, applied some healing cream over the spot, wrapped it in a bandage and started making the move towards where Sweetie Belle is at.

Sweetie Belle gets a good look at her knight in merc armor and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her one and only Rumble emerging from victory over Dox's defeat. Sweetie Belle got very excited and wanted to shout to Rumble.

“Rumble, Oh I'm very glad to see you!” the happy filly shouted.

“When I noticed you girls being captured, I just had to follow you in the truck and get all of you back, I wouldn't let such a thing happen to you Sweetie Belle” Rumble replied as he was cutting off the rope binding her two front hooves and undoing the magic suppression device from Sweetie Belle's horn. He grabbed Sweetie Belle's right hoof and kissed it tenderly. Dox was furious about what Rumble was doing and so Rumble was about to give a speech.

“You see this Dox” Rumble continued kissing her hoof like normal and her cheeks like normal “This is how you're supposed to treat a filly” Rumble hands Sweetie Belle some flowers and jumped right at Rumble pinning him down in a tight hug.

“Thanks for theses Flowers Rumble, I was wondering if we could pick a more comfortable spot”

“Good Idea” Sweetie Belle uses her magical strength to lift both of them onto the couch and with Rumble being on top of Sweetie Belle instead now. Rumble grabbed Sweetie Belle's cute hoofies and started sucking on them while Dox is forced to watch. After a few minutes of them, while Sweetie also leaves kisses over Rumble's cheek, Rumble and Sweetie Belle both started kissing each other on the lips in a very passive way while Dox is really upset.

“No!, Please stop it, he's not your type, I'm the perfect size, perfect age, and perfect colt for you ya damn mule!” Sweetie Belle puts the gag over Dox's mouth while Rumble and Sweetie resume.

“Rumbly” “Yes Sweetie?”

“I love you” “I love you too Sweetie Belle”

“That was supposed to be me on her!!!!” The angry Dox yelled as he shielded his eyes from their act.

“Oh, my Celestia!” Rumble and Sweetie Belle heard the familiar cry of Rarity as she snuck up behind them. Rarity walked past them though while turning her head to them and approached Dox.

“Oh thank heavens you're here, he's doing your sister without her consent and he put me in this buckin!.... owwwwww” Rarity seen past Dox's lying and cast a spell on one of Dox's regions putting him in huge pain.

“How dare you try to have your way with my sister! Who knows what trauma she could have experienced had you gone along with your perverted plans!” Rarity stops the torture spell and lifts the cage while placing a metal magic suppression device on Dox's horn. “You have a lot of explaining to do young man!”

Rumble and Sweetie Belle got off of each other as they stood near each other while the other Crusaders gathered around and stood next to Rumble as Rarity started beating the everlasting crap out of Dox for what he was gonna do to Sweetie Belle. Dox was crying in tears but he has already made his mistake, they can see that there was absolutely no zero redeeming factor about him, the girls and Rumble continue to beat him until he's black and blue. Rarity removed him from the cage afterwards and tied him in rope while she waited for the guards to come.

DAY 3 – 5:00 AM

Alyx has been stuck in the cave for about several hours already. Since making an emergency call about an hour and a half ago, he's been waiting for Trench Bloodhoof to come to his rescue. Normally Trench would have been here about 30minutes after the call but apparently, it seems like Trench is taking the old path to the Mines which had been sealed up many years ago.

Sure enough, Alyx was right as he noticed an old caved in area suddenly exploding leaving a whole bunch of debris all around the ground. He looked down and seen Trench Bloodhoof who was just about to start making his walk towards one of the Hovering Mechs to get Alyx down from there.

“Hey Trench, what took you so long”

“Oh nothing, but it looks like our entire operation is surrounded by the Royal Guard! I don't even know who would even reveal our location to us.... unless.......... Raden!

“That traitor, should have sent him to the mines instead of firing him”

“Look here Alyx, I'm gonna get you off of that cliff, we'll leave through the old exit I reopened, and with the 20 billion backup bits I made from the mines in my stay place in the castle, we can start over again, move out of this land and find a new source of income. It'll be slow but we gotta keep the money flowing even after our empire collapses down”

Trench Bloodhoof gets inside of his mech and proceeds to hover above the pit while reaching the cliff that Alyx is on. Alyx makes the jump and lands safely on top of the mech, getting inside of the Mech and after fastening his seat belt, Trench pilots the Mech back to the ground and they get off the Mech and back onto the ground.

“Alright Alyx, now we head back to my castle, get my son, and then bail out of this area. I know a perfect deserted spot next to Manehattan that will be perfect for starting over at”

“Starting over in the Dungeon!” Trench Bloodhoof turns and noticed that suddenly a bunch of Royal Guards started dropping down from the destroyed elevator and started chasing after Trench and Alyx.

Trench Bloodhoof makes the run for the private elevator and attempted to unwield the fused doors while Alyx makes the run out of the way Trench came. Alyx was making a run through the long cave path that Trench just came back from and as soon as he seen Trench's car, it seemed like salvation was so close as he attempted to open the front door. A stun grenade blew up right in his face as he was being chained up by Rez.

Surprisingly, the fused shut door for the Private Elevator blew away which Trench managed to dodge the debris and noticed Raden standing inside of the elevator who's packed with his shotgun.

“Thank goodness your here Raden, we're getting raided, let's take the elevator out.....”

Trench hears the clicking of a shotgun as Raden aims his weapon towards Trench Bloodhoof as the guards surround Trench Blood and Alyx who was dragged back by Rez and puts hoof cuffs all around them. It seemed like Salvation was so close for Alyx and Trench, seemed like their bailout plan was so close to succeeding, and yet, thanks to a formal Merc turning against them, all hope is crushed as Raden and the Royal Guards started escorting them outside through the original cave entrance for interrogation and arrest.

As the royal guards start chaining up Trench, Alyx, and plenty of other Mercs, Dox was still recovering from all of the injuries he received from Rumble, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rarity, and even Thunderlane, He sees that all of them went outside to have a chat with the royal guards. Dox used this opportunity to untie himself from the rope. With the ropes untied, he quickly makes a dash for a emergency window exit and tries to find out where his dad was at. He ran off into the forrest hoping that he can reach the base from there.

Dox stumbled upon his dad's secret elevator holes, which is burred underneath dirt, but can take him to Trench's office. Stomping on the ground, he activates the elevator, immediately having it take him directly to his dads office.

When he reached his fathers office, he was suddenly greeted by Princess Twilight Sparkle who gave him a sharp angry look at his eye.

"Oh Princess Twily, n..n...nice....." Twilight casted a spell that knocked him to the wall. Rainbow Dash tied the little colt up and threw him on the floor.

"Looking for your dad Dox!, you're in big trouble for what you and your dad did to the Cutie Mark Crusaders" Rainbow Dash yelled while she called for the guards to come pick him up.

"Dox, you're actions where the most inappropriate I've had ever seen from a colt, and I'm afraid that what you dad did was equally as wrong. You are not gonna ever see your daddy ever again!" Twilight Sparkle said to the colt as the guards take him away, going back to the 10 floor, leaving the building and right outside of the enterance. Dox sees his one and only father being taken away as Raden drags him and throws him in the prison carriage. Alyx along with Dox's friends where all sitting inside of the carriage chained up and ready to be taken to prison.

A grayish blue pegaus with a pink bow approaches Dox as he starts crying. "So, I heard about what you did to all three of the girls. You been watching too many perverted slime cartoons"

"Who are you ya stupid Mule!"

"My name is Flitter, I'm Rumble's babysitter, and you have been a very bad colt from what I heard from Rumbly, and for that, you must be punished"

Dox knew he was gonna get it now, Rumble and Raden approaches Dox spotting a huge sackbag. Dox tries to run off, but Rumble blocked his path and Flitter pinned him down. The last thing Dox was able to see before being engulfed in Raden's thick sackbag was Rumble and Flitter flipping the bird with their feathers as Raden placed the sack over Dox's head.

1 Month Later

The month has passed since Dox has been under Equestria's Juvenile Detention Center. For the past month, bad fillies and colts had pushed Dox around for a good while. The prison cell was very large, with concrete floors, rusty walls and hard cell bars. The most embarrassing thing to have happened to Dox so far was closing his eyes for what he thought was snucked in ice cream, instead, a tough filly bit his lips causing him to bleed and cry out for his daddy.

A voice announced on the speaker for Dox to approach the jail bars. This seems like good news for Dox, announcements like this tend to happen to foals who are ready to be granted freedom from the cell. The Mare guard opens the cell door for Dox and he steps out of the cell. The mare stopped him and informed him of a visitor coming to see him.

The exit door opened, Dox was hoping to see someone who he could recognize. A familiar voice of a certain earth pony greats him with shimmers.

"Hello, Dox!" Raden calls his name out as Dox tried to back up.

"Uh....hello Raden... uh... nice to see you again" Dox weakly tried to sound normal as Raden looked at Dox for a bit more.

"The royal guard rehired me as Executioner and because I want to give you one more chance, I'm giving you the option to be adopted"

"Ad...adopted.... But you suck......you're even...."

A much bigger colt approached Dox from behind. "He Doxy, ready for some pain now" The colt was just about to punch Dox.

"Please take me outta here!, I'll do anything Raden, I'll give you that payment, I'll polish your axe, anything, just get me outta here damnit!" Dox was very impatient.

"Shush... maybe if you politely spoke up, I'll accept your offer"

"OK, can I please get out of here" Dox replied trying to sound innocent.

"Alright, but 1st of all, no movies or video games.... 2nd..."

Dox screamed and threw a fit knowing that he's gonna be punished by Raden for the rest of his life. He immediately ran back into the cell, not realizing the mistake he made as Raden chuckles and leaves the room.

"So welcome back Dox, you're ready for some pain time" The colt pins Dox down while 2 young fillies prepare to stomp all over Dox.

In the bedroom of Rumble's home, Flitter, Rez, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders where all taking turns brushing Rumble's mane. Rumble was re-reading the old month newspaper article on how he and Rez managed to take down an entire merc operation and free the Cutie Mark Crusaders. As they got finished smoothing Rumble's mane, Flitter and Rez both give him each seperate hugs while kissing his cheeks.

Rumble started blushing as the Crusaders took notice. all of the Crusaders then took turns planting Rumble with kisses all over his cheeks.

"Please fillies, one at a time please" Rumble giggled as there where too many fillies trying to kiss him.

"Oh Rumble, we just can't help it, your cheeks are such super cute "Apple Bloom responded while blushing.

"Yea, and you was very brave to go out to save us all by yourself. "Scootaloo said.

"Well Crusaders, I did had help from a really nice intelligent mare, right Rez" Rumble replied.

"Why yes Rumble, but what you did by yourself was really impressive too" Rez replied.

"This is for everything you have done for us Rumbly" Sweetie Belle gets on top of Rumble and the two share a deep kiss for a good few seconds as they both pulled away. Rumble grabs her hoof and starts suckling on her hoofnails for a little bit, before kissing on Apple Bloom's and Scootaloo's hoofies some more.

"Uh... Rumble" Sweetie Belle asked Rumble in confusion on why he's suckling on their other hoofies too.

"Sweetie Belle, I think he wants to kiss all of us and suckle our hooves" Flitter responded while looking at her hoofies.

"Rumble, as much as I really want you to be committed just to me, I don't mind if you like both of us Rumbly" Sweetie Belle remarked snarkly as Rumble's expression went to full on smirk mode. Rumble was about to go in to kiss both Flitter and Rez's lips. Rez puts her hoof over Rumble's mouth as he starts suckling on her hoofnail once again.

"Hold on a second Rumble, I think we're gonna do this in a different way. Rumble, wanna play truth or dare?"

Rumble gulped a bit as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. No one has ever asked him to play a kissing game, let along one where he can get all of the Crusaders and his babysitter and of course, the new female guard who he befriended while rescuing the girls.

Rumble screamed out a yes, as he prepares to take a seat with the girls, sitting next to Sweetie Bell and Flitter holding their hooves, and facing directly at Rez and the other girls. No matter how the game goes tonight, Rumble has one last thing to say to Rez before they begin.


"Yes Rumble"

"Thanks, for everything you done for me and the girls" Rumble replied as Rez gave him a soft kiss on the top of his head.

Author's Note:

And so that ends Rumble's journey of saving the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

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I did enjoy it, great work! Rumble deserves a metal for this!

Amazing story. :pinkiehappy: Rumble is the boss. Woohoo! :yay:

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