• Published 21st Jan 2017
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One Colt Army - VIRAnimation

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been foalnapped, and it is up to one young colt to save the day! Can Rumble make it in time?

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Getting the word out to Ponyville

DAY 2 – 7:30PM

It has been many minutes since being inside a bag. Sweetie Belle had no idea that all along, Rumble, the one colt she really loved actually was coming to her rescue all along, only to have been captured. Had she not hesitated back during Apple Bloom's 1st escape plan in the monitoring room, she could have been able to at least get to Rumble, should she spotted him, and possibly made a run for it outside. She didn't know that the triggered alarms were only for living things behind metal objects and not just passing through living things.

Sweetie Belle was pulled out of her bag and thrown into a dungeon cell. She looked up to see the face of Trench Bloodhoof.
“Alright little girl, this is where you will be sleeping at till Dox wakes up. Tomorrow in the early morning, Dox will take you to his personal play area, You will behave this time you little mule or else!”

Trench Bloodhoof slammed the prison doors and left to his personal headquarters. Sweetie Belle climbed up one of the bars and looked out to see a huge field of woods around her. She can see the far away Castle that Celestia is at, indicating where Cantelot is at. When she looks closer to the ground, she can see a small building which is presumingly the one she has been in for the past twenty five hours up until now. She's no longer in the same spot but instead a castle, complete with top floor dungeons and everything. Sweetie Belle starts thinking about how she really misses Rarity and how much she misses her along with her classmates, the other crusaders, Button Mash, Pipsqueak, and of course, her prince Rumble. The more she thought about her friends and sister, the more she began to cry, knowing that she's was gonna be stuck here to be Dox's toy for the rest of her life.

One thing that didn't stop Sweetie Belle from bursting into loud tears for good was that Apple Bloom managed to sneak away inside of the building, Unfortunately she assumed that Apple Bloom is just gonna get recaught anyways thus forever having no chances of escape.

DAY 2 – 8:00PM

Apple Bloom spent a good amount of time figuring out the controls to this secret elevator figuring out which rooms it can take her too and what other features it has. She just figured out that Rooms 3 and 2 are prisoner rooms. She has just got done searching Room 3 through the vents seeing that the only prisoners in the room where either other traitor mercs or a rock that Raden left that was supposed to be her. She pushed a button to take her to Room 2 where she's dropped immediately to Floor 2.
As she peeks through a hidden painting's cutout holes in that floor, she sees the two Soda machine ponies being placed in a cell together by Alyx. Once that was done, Alyx went and took the elevator to the caves which then gave Apple Bloom the OK to exit through the painting.

Rumble and Rez got done with their kissing games with Rumble already lovestruck a bunch with so many of Rez's pink kiss marks on both his cheeks, lips, and tongue while Rez's white hoofsie's are starting to wear slightly from Rumble sucking on them, so they decided to play some cards for a while. They heard a noise from the prison room coming from the middle of the cells.

“Did you hear that Rez?” “Looks like Trench is here to separate us, guess a decoy in the prison room seen us and is here to separate us”

Apple Bloom heard the voice of Rumble and Rez and immediately ran to the other side and started searching for them.

Rumble attempted to fly one more time to see if he could at least stay in hovering mode without falling. Before he could look to the sides of the prison bar, he got too excited that he's able to stay afloat. “Hey Rez, I can fly again”

“Really Rumble, that's awesome, maybe you could try to open that vent on top of us”

Rumble attempts to open up the vent but then he realizes that the vent was locked shut on the top. It would appear upon further inspection that the screws where fused together with the vents. It would require really dangerous metal cutting equipment to break open the vents again.
“I'm sorry Rez, but it seems like they planned ahead. Guess we're gonna still be stuck here”

“Not anymore you don't” Rez and Rumble can't believe what they have heard as soon enough, Rumble can see Apple Bloom running towards them out of the cell.

“Apple Bloom!” Rumble shouted out in excitement.
“Rumbly” Shouted out the Apple Bloom

“I thought I'd never see you escape Apple Bloom. How did you manage to do it?” Rumble replied happily

“Well, it's a long story, but the newly appointed leader of those Black Panter Mercs was too stupid to leave his private access elevator out in the open outside when we got caught escaping through other means, so I just hopped in and started searching for ya, and guess which one of our kidnappers and formal Merc leader pointed out the elevator for me” Apple Bloom showed Rumble and Rez the keys to Raden's Personal Hovercraft and Office.

“So the soda machine plan failed huh” Rumble replied. “I was so close to shutting off the Bio-Detection readers before I heard Dox's voice before getting gagged and blinded. Rez said in disappointment.

“You was watching us Rumble making sure we escaped?”

“Yep, well I didn't get to see you but Rez did see you and I distracted Dox with a slingshot to help buy you time”

“My name is Rez, I'm an Equestrian Guard and I've been helping Rumble track through this land to get to you”

“And I see you have taken quite an interest in Rumble too,” Apple Bloom remarked snarkily.

“Well we just kissed and we didn't really do..” Apple Bloom puts her hoof on Rumble's mouth. “Say no more Rumble, all that matters is that I've found you” Rumble is really excited but also forgot that he was tasting Apple Blooms hoof. Apple Bloom took noticed and giggled before removing her hoof from his mouth “I know you like kissing girls Rumble, but now ain't the time for hoofsie's Rumbly, nows da time to get you out of here and save Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle”

“Right Apple Bloom, but how can we, the vents are sealed shut and..” Apple Bloom punched in a code on the keylock which unlocked the door allowing Rumble and Rez to step out.

“I see you girls have been quite resourceful” Rumble replied, “Yea Rumble, when Dox forced us to write Gabby Gums reports, we were given access to all the Camera's in this building, We got ahold of the overwrite lock code for all of the doors in here”

“So now that we're free, let's go get Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and get out of here” Rumble shouted out.

“Rumble, this is gonna be hard to explain, but I think Dox took Sweetie Belle with him to a totally different building, and I don't even know where it is”

“Wait, he took Sweetie Belle!, I'm....going.....to......”

“Hold on a sec Rumble, I do know where Scootaloo is at for right now. We can go save her 1st but 1st we need to arm ourselves. Rumble, Rez, follow me” The three ponies got into the Elevator, just before pushing the Button, Rumble said thanks to Apple Bloom and gave her a hug and peck on her cheek. Apple Bloom kissed his cheek back and pecked him on the lips a bit.

Once at the stop where the painting is at, Apple Bloom inserts the key and unlocked the painting. Once inside the office, Rumble, Apple Bloom, and Rez found some body armor to put on. There were three weapons, Apple Bloom took the revolver, Rez took Raden's shotgun which still had ammo and Rumble took a Laser pistol. Just as soon as they're about to leave, they heard the door open a bit. The three ponies armed their weapons just in case it was Alyx or Trench.

Raden stepped into the room and noticed the three ponies all pointing his firearms at him though Apple Bloom having good faith in Raden lowered her gun down as soon as he entered. Raden didn't want to either be shot nor did he want to get revenge on them, but notice that they are putting their guns down. Rumble had something to say.

“So, you're the one who abducted the crusaders. Guess who followed you all...”

“Raden started blushing while feeling depressed, “Hold on a sec, before you actually call the royal guard on me and this base, there's something I want to tell you! I had no intentions whatsoever of kidnapping some school fillies But guess who tried to raid me out. Raden ran to his TV and brought up a VHS player and played back a backup of an original tape. “Thank Celestia I keepted this backup, Dox burnt my original copy” the video starts playing as it showed Raden in his office from the day before the girls abduction.

“Hey Raden, I was wondering if you could get me the Gabby Gum Fillies!

“No I can't, it's against Black Panter Merc's rules and I'm not risking my job.

“Oh well that's too bad because I was thinking of editing this tape of me pretending to be tortured with your voice from these monitor clips of your enjoying yourself to adult pay per view”

Raden was suddenly in shocked that Dox actually had the power to get him enslaved if he didn't do what he was told. On the surface of the video Dox showed to himself, he was just making some grunting sounds as if he was pretending to be hurt. The other tape had Raden enjoying himself too much while watching "inappropriate programming".

“So what it will be? Plus I'll give you 100bits every day”

“You have my word Dox”

“Thanks, Raden, you're awesome” Dox gave Raden a tight squeeze before leaving the room laughing happily”

After the video came to an end, Rumble, Apple Bloom, and Rez were all in shock. “So basically Dox threatened you over a stupid Audio Tape edit if you didn't kidnap us for him!” Apple Bloom yelled.

“Well, to be honest, Dox's edits are good enough to fool anyone. He did get 3 innocent ponies in Ponyville arrested by the Royal Guard with his audio pranks” Rez told Apple Bloom.

Raden let out a sigh for a bit before he got ready to tell his long story.

“For many many years, this facility all belonged to me. We basically just minded a few gems for our purposes for our own land and our people. Then, my vice president at the time Alyx sold my facility to our neighboring businessman Trench Bloodhoof and since then, its been going down the drain ever since he expanded the mining of gems. I thought that things would get a lot better but no, Dealing with Dox and realizing that my solutions will just cause more trouble for me than him, bribery, distortion, lies, and, I had just enough. I know exactly what I'm about to do now, but since you're here, I figured I'd let you do my task, Rumble, or so they called you, mind calling the Royal Guard on this whole base.

Rumble was unsure if he'll accept an offer from the same pony who he saw strapping restraining equipment on Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, but seeing that he's actually serious about turning back on the mercs, Rumble took a seat and dialed the Royal Guard number.

“Hello, this is Ponyville Royal Guards, what kind of emergency do you have?”

Raden asks Rumble to give the phone to him as Raden speaks out his 1st words.

“Hello, this is Raden, formal Executioner for Manhattan Prison and formal employee of the Black Panter Mercs, I am calling to inform you that there's a lot of Illegal Activity going on in this private land! Trench Bloodhoof illegally acquired the land through shady methods, he illegally bought out the Black Panter Mercs through forged documents, The mercs have been kidnapping citizens one by one and just imprisoned 2 employees of Manhattan's SoftSe soda bottling company, both the building and the castle are illegally transmitting free cable and under the command of the new leader of the land, kidnapped and abducted the Cutie Mark Crusaders”

Realizing that Raden told almost all of the truth save for the kidnapping of Crusaders part since reality Raden did the kidnapping, it appears that Raden is taking in a new lead to Apple Bloom and the others. What voice came on next is one that even Rumble recognized.

“The Crusaders, My little brother's friends, kidnapped by your formal men?”

“Yes, currently I'm In the room with Equestrian Guard Rez, One of the Crusaders, and....”

“Did my Rumble follow the mercs when they took the Crusaders, is he here?”

Rumble took the phone from Raden to talk to his older brother Thunderlane.

“It's OK Thunderlane, me and Apple Bloom is alright”

Thunderlane let out a loud squee in excitement. “Oh Rumble, I'm so glad your OK, did any of the mercs try to hurt you!”

“Not exactly but I did finally found the girls kinda, Apple Bloom is with me right now and I'm about to go look for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle right now”

“So I see you did go after to save the girls, glad to see you actually took action, But I gotta warn you, Rumble, this isn't a game, Mercenaries are dangerous and you could have been killed, just thought I'd remind you of that. So tell me where's the location of the mercenary building?”

Raden takes the phone from Rumble and proceeds to speak. “Go to the Everfree Forrest, fly through a path with wheels till you reach a closed in a cave, fly over it and you should spot a huge small flat building in the largest clearing. We're currently in that building, Rumble's about to go down the mines to save Scootaloo. Trench Bloodhoof and Sweetie Belle are in the castle building, which we will be heading to next”

Raden can hear another voice through the phone “Hey Can I talk to mai Sugercube, I heard she's OK”
Raden hands over the phone to Apple Bloom while he gives Rumble instructions “Alright Rumble, here's what your gonna do, take my elevator, and my Laser Pistol with you and this gas mask, The caves are crawling with Toxic Fumes and it's very hot in here”

“Got it, the Pegasus responded as he got on the Elevator with his gas mask on.

“One more thing Rumble, These tools are for when you find both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle” Raden hands Rumble two devices, one is for disengaging and engaging Magic Suppression devices and another for engaging and disengaging flight suppression. Rumble goes down into the caves while Apple Bloom hands the phone back to Raden.

“So glad to see my sugar cube happy again, but I hope Rumble and your other friend find Scootaloo and especially Sweetie Belle, who knows what Dox is planning with Her”

“You have my concerns Apple Jack, Rumble is already on his way, he'll be back with Scootaloo soon”

“Alright Raden, I trust you to keep an eye out on Apple Bloom while Rumble looks for Scootaloo, and thanks for the personal phone number on your hovercraft. We shall call back as soon as we're ready to raid the land”
The phone call ends while Raden sat down with Apple Bloom patting her head a bit while waiting for Rumble's return. Rez on the other hand went back into Room 2 to let the soft drink vendors out of prison.