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I haven't been active for a while due to life reasons, and I may not be active in the near future. This isn't "Goodbye", just a "Long time no see, talk to you later" scenario.


This story is a sequel to The Things Ponies Do For Their Cutie Marks

After gaining an appetite for it, Apple Bloom decides to expand her killing spree...

Directy following on from the events of the prequel (linked above), Apple Bloom decides she needs somewhere to keep her... trophies. She knows the perfect place, but she just has to take care of those who occupy it...

I strongly advise you to read 'The Things Ponies do for Their Cutie Marks' (linked above) first or this won't make much sense.

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that was a great story

An interesting story, but I was confused by one thing. Sweetie Belle is tagged, but she and Scootaloo were both busy being dead.

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