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Yay, incest!
>alternate version to Liquid Pride
Just.. why?

The title implies this is a sequel, but the original is not referenced in the description.

8582082 Fixed.

8582066 In short: Why not.
In long: I was unsatisfied with the way Liquid Pride ended. As I tried to explain in the foreword, there's a lot that has happened in the show since I finished it. And most of it was cut off in the way that the story concluded. And I wanted to incorporate those events and elements into the story world. As well as address Twilight's parents' role.

Okay, I tried reading chapter 1... There must have been a LOT I skipped over from the first fic because that made little sense.

Immediately starting with 15k words, damn son. Call me Schwarzenegger because I'll be back.

8582168 That's okay. It not required for the main story. It just acts as a bridge between the two.

I haven't even read this yet and I already know it will be good.

I like what I see at the very top of that family tree.

Edit: Scratch that, I like the entire thing.


too late for that dude, I still haven't read anything after my last comment on LP1 and now finals are starting soon. I fear I'll just be really behind for all these chapters ;_;

I was wondering if this would actually follow on from the last chapter and am pleasantly surprised to find that the answer is both yes and no.

He's changed his avatar again.
I swear, Shakes. I can't possibly fangirl over you if you keep giving me whiplash! Although they are always humorous, so I suppose I can forgive you~

Didn't read the first one so fresh perspective I guess. Celly is a crafty one who knows her student. Planting the book to get ideas in Velvet's head, forbidding her from dating Nightlight know she will defy her on it. Might lead us to ask why she is so hooves off with Twilight Sparkle's love life, but pretty easy to see why, she's the final product, the fruits of Celestia's "gardening" she doesn't need to control Twi's love life.

Didn't read the story but the title makes me think of this song

Me after staring at the cover art after a while...


Liquid Pride 2: Celestial Boogaloo 8582137


OMFG what a twist! Holy shit thats awesome! :D

ive already read up to this chapter and im enjoying it immensely, i cant wait till the next chapter.

This is already everything I could have wanted. A Night Light/Velvet romance? Hell fucking yes. Even if it's just the beginning/prelude to a future of Twi/Shining sexytimes, I just love a good sexy story about their parents.

I'll be watching this diligently good sir. Thank you for writing it.


Other possible titles were:
Liquid Pride 2: Pride Harder
Liquid Pride 2: Solid Shining
Liquid Pride 2: When Shiny Met Twilie
Liquid Pride 2: Liquid Pride Parade
Liquid Pride 2: Simba's Pride
Liquid Pride 2: Liquid Pridenado
Liquid Pride 2: 2 Liquidy, 2 Prideful
Liquid Pride 2: Incestuous Boogaloo

Damn. Celestia's got this shit down to a science by now, doesn't she.


But yes, for good or ill, I knew that the cover are would be spoilertastic.

8582670 Oh, ho ho!
We are in for an adventure. :raritywink:

Really hope Twilight erased this squicky time line, incest is just so ewwww.

I understand that it's a fetish that's not for everyone's taste. There is a great story ahead. But if that particular factor is going to be a detriment for you, then I would advise you to discontinue reading now, I'm afraid. I don't want to mislead anyone into reading something that they will not enjoy. However, I do appreciate you giving this story the chance that you did. :twilightsmile:

I cannot wait for more....I NEED MORE :flutterrage:

OMG the first chapter was brilliant. :D I'll have to read the rest of what's up later. Looking forward to the rest.


And I, for one, love incest kink stuff, so. Bring it on. :rainbowwild: You are one of the masters of Twishining, after all.

Liquid price 2?????? Did we change stories?

I love it. Oh this is going to be one crazy story. At this rate Cadence could be Twilight and Shining's long lost sister. Oh how the stables have turned.

Sorry man just being a pain. Like the story so far, read Liquid pride last night. Was a really great read. This is shaping up to be a really good one also. Keep it up. :rainbowwild:

"Twilight, may I present Lieutenant Night Light," Celestia introduced. "Lieutenant, I would like you to meet my most faithful student, Twilight Velvet ."


A twist that can only be done in writing. Clever jerk.

Damn, you got me again you literal genius

Incest straddles the line too much for me, I like the idea of Celestia shaping Twilight's family... But to do like a dog breeder(pure breeds are terribly inbreed)

Yeah... it was kinda surprising and unexpected. Nice twist! I may assume that Celestia has planned to have an entire family of gifted unicorns under her wing but on a stage of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle something went wrong)))

Liquid Pride 2: The Shining-ing
I hate myself.

8583712 I'm aware of the negative effects of the reality of doing that. That's why I'm going to just go ahead and file this under 'fiction'.

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