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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.


It's time for your first date with Princess Celestia.

However, your idea of a romantic evening is vastly different to hers...

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That was cute:twilightsmile:

D'aww... :heart::trollestia:

You both enter the shop, and proceed to do exactly that. Luna had to carry the two of you back to the castle later...

But it was totally worth it.

Donuts are so worth it :twilightsmile:


May God go with you :twilightsmile:

I have now added 'a fancy date in a donut shop' to my bucket list.:trollestia:

Adorable indeed! I'll have to stop by Canterlot for doughnuts the next time I'm in Equestria. I don't have much practice bilocating outside of ponyville but I doubt the local thaumaturgic profile will cause any issues.

100kg a fried dough, here I come!

2nd person?! Downvote!

Okay, I actually did the exact opposite of that, so readers don't get your panties in a twist. This is 2nd person done pretty well. My only complaint is that there isn't enough of this. Ah, well. Fluffy is fluffy. :twilightsmile:


I, uh... Well, damn, that sounds like an amazing bucket list addition. Now I want to too!

Well that was a nice story. Very pleasant and a joy to read. ^_^

I enjoyed this. The whole thing was a bit quick for my taste, but I wouldn't call it bad. I just wish I could've seen more of "my" time with Celestia before the date, and maybe even a bit of the date itself


Damn it, now I'm hungry.

7954016 Donut Cake...

I'd attempt to eat it but I'll be :pinkiesick: afterwards...

That was a nice cute short.

That was cute...... way too short but still cute.

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