• Published 21st Jan 2017
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A Heart of Cold - HMKv2

Flurry Heart interrogates an innocent pony for information

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She had sat in her chair thinking about her prisoner and what knowledge was gained. Glacia chuckled whilst sipping her cider.

Silly little mare, She mused, she really thinks that Ponyville is in danger!

Offing random civilians with or without reason is considerably boorish. All she was doing was simply playing; her own guards were in on it, as they were told prior.
Even her servant, Daisy, played along as well. The scars and bruises were just for effect.

The rest of the day had been rather quiet after she had left her two soldiers to the prisoner. She had assumed that maybe instead of wailing and howling, the prisoner was complacent with her company.

Perhaps she knew she had nothing to gain in struggling?

She considered the notion pointless, so she put the thought out of her mind.

What was important was knowing where Twilight wasn't. However, that didn't mean she wouldn't still visit that backwater town her aunt called home. After all, if memory serves her well, Twilight's friends still reside there. Maybe they would give in if any of their loved ones were tortured enough? She pondered on this for some time.

She sighed after sipping her cider, considering her options. And then it hit her...

"Hmm..." Glacia stared at the glass carefully, "this cider is made up of the apples grown in Sweet Apple Acres. And one of the farmers is a friend to Twilight... hmm."

She grinned at her glass, the reflection showing a mare with a most wonderful idea.

"Lightning!" She called, grinning intently.

When she turned her chair, a turquoise pegasus mare rushed over, panting. She then adjusted her posture out of respect.

"You called, Your Grace?" She replied.

"Send a few grunts over to Sweet Apple Acres. Tell them to find Applejack, or at least a younger relative; daughter, granddaughter, it does not matter.
When they find them, bring them here to me. And if Applejack is found then the truth shall come to us one way or another. After all, she is the most honest pony!"

The pegasus bowed. "With pleasure, Your Grace."

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....Complete? Kinda dissatisfying. I know that it did all the summary says but I would like some more. *sigh* This is why I hate one-shots. It's good for what it is and I guess I can hope that you'll revisit this idea sometime and expand on it.

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