• Published 21st Jan 2017
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A Heart of Cold - HMKv2

Flurry Heart interrogates an innocent pony for information

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When she awoke there was darkness. Blackness all around; she could not see anything.

At least she could still feel. Yet, she wished she hadn't.

Her limbs were chained above her, hind limbs dangling below. The cuffs were too tight as blisters formed around it.
Her entire body felt sticky from her muzzle to her hooves. In her mind it was like being covered in mud... but not as pleasant. Whatever it was it irritated her as it sunk down to the skin.

Where... am I? A thought came to the mare.

For a long while there was almost absolute silence, except for her breathing, and the occasional water drip which echoed faintly in the darkness. The mare wished there was another noise, a voice even, to break the silence.


Time past for what seemed like hours. Or maybe days? Weeks? At this point she wasn't sure how long it had been.

Her mouth was dry, as was her throat, and her stomach growled incessantly for what seemed like several minutes. What could she do to satiate her hunger? Nothing. She couldn't do anything.

All she could do was think, trying to remember everything that happened before this. For a while nothing came up, unable to focus she tried to relax and not strain herself. She was already weak so it would be easy to do so.

Her eyes started to adjust to the darkness, but all she could make out were walls that enclosed her, and a floor beneath her. In front of her was something rectangular, a door most likely.

So... there is a way... out.

For a moment it seemed like there was hope, for if it was a door, it would get her out of this place. She wanted to smile, but her lips were too chapped and winced instead. She could lick her lips, but that would only make it worse; she was in enough pain as it is.

To help quench her dry throat, she attempted to swallow her own saliva as it was the only thing she was able to swallow. A small semblance of liquid ran down her esophagus, her own spit. It wasn't much but it was something.

Right when she was about to close her eyes to help her think, she heard something. A sudden blast of static made the trapped mare jolt. Her body shook, fearful of what might happen next... but then she relaxed when it stopped and a song started up. A very familiar song.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome, a fine welcome to you.."

The voice was high pitched and jovial, yet friendly. She knew that song and the pony who sings it.

She swayed her head to the beat of the tune, almost entranced by it. When it ended she stopped swaying.

A loud click echoed as sudden ray of light shone down upon her. It was so bright, she had to close her eyes for a few moments before opening them.

It was then that she could see herself. The substance that covered her body wasn't mud after all, but something else. Something black.

Is this... tar? she pondered.

She had been covered in it for so long, why should it matter whether if it was tar or not?

The door in front of her slammed open, making her nerves jump in surprise. Light from outside filled the room, as three silhouettes began approaching.
The one in the middle was a head shorter then the others, a long horn protruding from her head.
The other two weren't very distinctive, as they look identical to one another. Both of them wore creepy looking black armor, which covered their entire bodies. Their helmets looked a lot like a pony skull.

As they closed in on her the mare felt increasingly uncomfortable, as if they were about to do something awful. Instead, the two armored ponies stopped as soon as the unicorn looked back at them. Both stood as still as statues while the shorter pony got closer.

Once the pony came into the light, she noticed something... off about her. This pony was a mare, but not a unicorn. She had a pair of wings, indicating her status as an alicorn. Her mane was short and curly. She even wore a dark colored tiara, like a princess would.

Is... she a princess? She wondered.

What was truly off about her was her eyes. Cold, icy, blue eyes.

This made the chained up mare feel small and helpless. To stare into the alicorn's eyes might pierce through her very soul.

When the alicorn came closer, her eyes moved in almost every direction, looking directly at the defenseless mare's body. Such objectification made her seem even smaller than before.

"Did you like the song?" The alicorn asked politely, "It's such an upbeat tune. Short and to the point."

The mare made an attempt to speak, yet all that came out was too hoarse to comprehend.

The alicorn only glared in silence as the trapped pony tried to speak.

"That's enough," she stopped her, "Perhaps it is better to ask simple 'yes or no' questions instead. Can you nod or shake your head?"

It pained her to speak, so it was worth a try. She managed to slowly nod in reply.

The alicorn formed a smirk as she said, "Good. That's progress." and then inquired, "My soldiers tell me your name is Lily Valley, is that correct?"

She nodded truthfully.

The alicorn's smirk grew to half a smile, "I was told that you work at a flower shop, in Ponyville, with two other mares. Is it true?"

Lily nodded.

Her smile grew more slowly. Watching her smile sent a crawl down her spine, like a wild predator toying with it's prey. To shiver would make the mare look weak, so she had to be strong.

"Hmm... this will bore me the longer I do this. Daisy!" she called for her servant.

She recognized the name, which disturbed her. As soon as the servant came in, Lily's eyes widened.

Her friend's body was scarred and bruised, her lip had a scab covering a long, jagged scar. Her pale green hair was kept nicely, though. Her friend's eyes were big and glassy. It was like looking at a lifeless object.

"Y-yes, your Majesty?" Daisy stuttered meekly.

"Bring our 'guest' a bucket of water," she ordered, "If I am to obtain what I need, it would be best that she speak."

"Right away, your Majesty!" Her friend obeyed and quickly ran out of the cell.

What did she do to my friend?, she thought in horror.

Within half a minute the servant came with a bucket of water, freshly drawn from whatever source it came from. She set the bucket in front of her and bowed before her. When "her Majesty" turned to the servant and nodded, Daisy wasted no time and left.

"You know who that pony is, do you?" she questioned.

Lily nodded, though she was afraid of what may come.

"Once more..." she paused, levitating the bucket.

The two armored ponies then came to Lily's sides, and then forcibly yanked her jaw open. The mare struggled to break free from their grasp, but she could do little to persuade them. The bucket had levitated toward her at that point, and the cool liquid started to pour profusely down her gullet.
She tried to scream, but began to fear drowning. Too much water poured into her esophagus, making her gag. Water spattered everywhere from her face and muzzle, her body, and the floor.
When the bucket emptied, Lily gasped for air and coughed violently, getting whatever water was in her lungs.

"...Do you know that pony?" She finished.

"Y-Y-Yes." Lily shivered, her throat now quenched.

"My servant, Daisy, is she a friend of yours?"

"Y-Yes. She i-is. W-Why?" She dared ask.

The alicorn's glare struck her hard. "You know well, you whimpering mouse!" she snapped, "Ponyville used to be the Princess of Friendship's base of operations, and you just so happen to live there.
"From what I am told some of her 'friends' still reside in that quaint town. Friends who know of the Princess' current location. Your friend knew nothing, but there was no point to let her go free. Not after being here."

"Why?" the mare trembled, "Why are you looking for her?"

The alicorn's icy gaze lingered on her. "I will ask the questions."

Her horn glowed a hue of green, with purple shadows and black lightning coiling around it. Her blue eyes turned a hellish red, surrounded by bright green sclera.

"Where. Is. Princess. Twilight?" She demanded, leaning her horn close to her.

Lily's mouth gaped open, her body shook, her eyes widened. She wanted to scream, but refused to give in.

"I don't know! I don't know!" She told her truthfully.

Sadly, her Majesty didn't seem to buy it. "It is unwise to lie to the face of a queen. If you fear death, than tell me truthfully: where is Twilight?!"

"I swear, I don't know! Twilight left Ponyville a long time ago," she explained, recalling past events, "All I've heard was that she never said where she was going, or how long she would be there..."

She shut her mouth a soon as she told her that. How did she remember that?

The queen's eyes lit up curiously. "She isn't staying? Hmm... well then."

Her aura powered down, leaving her horn bare. Although she didn't give the queen exactly what she wanted, she ended up giving her an advantage.

Lily, you fool, she scolded herself.

"Guards! Inform the commander to set a coarse for Ponyville," She ordered, "and prepare the garrison for attack."

"Yes, your Majesty!" They answered in deep voices.

Just like that, they rushed out the door, obeying their master's commands.

Suddenly, a feeling of panic ran into her brain. "Wait, what?! You're going to attack Ponyville?! But Twilight isn't there!"

The alicorn only smiled warmly and replied, "I know that. My aunt has been gone for a long time, we shall wait for her return."


Lily knew little about Twilight's family, but she knew that she has a brother... who had a child... who is also an...

"Wait. Are you Princess Flurry Heart?"

The alicorn's smile faded quickly. "How dare you call me by that name?!"

Lily flinched in fear.

"You shall never, ever, ever call me by that retched name!" She shouted furiously, "I am the one who will bring down the Sun and the Moon, I am the one who will conquer Love and her Lover, and I am the one who will vanquish your precious Princess of Friendship!
"The name Flurry Heart no longer applies. For I am known solely as Glacia, Queen of Blizzards."

As terrified as she was, Lily couldn't help but ask, "Why blizzards?"

"My mother named me after the storm I unintentionally caused as an infant. I hated the name she gave, but perhaps I should embrace a befitting title, worthy of defying her." Her smile widened to an unholy, toothy grin.

The alicorn, "Glacia" backed out of the cell slowly, her eyes still staring into her.

"Oh, by the way," she told her before leaving, "you will two guests who will be very pleased to see you. Perhaps the three of you will make good company."

And just like that, she was gone. About to destroy the lives of countless ponies, and not just herself. What could she do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

She didn't know how long it would be, but she knew they were coming... and Celestia knows what they will do to her. Kill her? Torture her? Or worse...

For the moment she was alone. Only this time she's glad to be alone... for now.