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Nightmare Year - Little_Draco

The year where lives are changed, friendships are tested, love is lost, and when the darkness rises

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Chapter 1 Luna's Befriended (Revised)

Nightmare Year

Luna’s befriended

Twilight Sparkle sat outside of her tree home on the upper deck. Her telescope was out, the stars were shinning and she had her book on “The Stars and Beyond”, wide open. The air was fresh, not to cold but just enough to stay out for a bit longer. The moon was high and casting an ever-gentle glow over Ponyville.

The lavender unicorn smiled as she looked up at the different constellations. Ranging from The Mighty Hercoltes to Draco the Serpent. It was truly magnificent to see them out. Many ponies would be asleep or getting ready to sleep but Twilight loved staying up and taking advantage of the quiet peace. Spike went to sleep around seven and most of her friends returned home. It was not as enjoyable doing this by herself but then again, her friends didn’t share her interest. It didn’t bother her much but maybe just a little.

She currently had her eyes inside the telescope, looking around the stars. She had not notice the flying shadow over the tree. Nor did she hear the landing on the deck. Twilight was too concentrated on the stars not seeing the shadow looming right over her.

“Hmm,” she said to herself, thinking she was by herself. “The Ursa Minor Constellation seems to contain 14 stars but… I am seeing only 13, unless I am mistaken.”

“You are not mistaken, Twilight Sparkle.” Said a loud yet delicate voice. It took all of Twilight’s will not to shriek. She did jump out of concentration, knocked over her telescope and sharply turning to the voice behind her. Her heart was pounding and she was scared witless.

None other than the Princess of the Night, Princess Luna, stood right behind her. The princess stood calmly there, her mane and tail slowly moving back and forth with the invisible wind. Her dark blue fur shined brightly along with her mane with the moon shinning upon her. Her crown stood proudly in front of her long horn.

Twilight managed to regain her breath and steady her breath, trying not to shout at the princess.

“Princess Luna! You frightened me!”

The princess somewhat took a step back from the sudden voice.

“I am sorry, Twilight Sparkle.” Her voice soft. “I did not mean to startle thou in anyway.”

Twilight sighed and gave a small smile.

“It is fine Princess, just please warn me next time.” She paused and looked over the princess. “Not to seem rude Princess Luna but why are you here?”

Luna did not speak right away but rather moved close by Twilight and looked down at the book. With her horn, she slowly levitated the book to her view. She saw that Twilight had been looking at the constellations.

“Do you enjoy the night sky, Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight didn’t expect a question in return but she answered.

“Yes, I do, Princess Luna. I enjoy coming outside every night that I can and looking up at the stars.”

Luna lowered the book and looked at Twilight. Unease came over Twilight as Luna looked at her. Luna then looked back at the stars and sighed. She closed her eyes and her mane waved silently and twinkled. Twilight looked her confusingly. Luna then sighed and looked up at the stars. The last of the Ursa Minor star came to view. Twilight turned her head and saw it, almost immediately l lit up.

“Oh, it is there! Where was it?”

Luna opened her eyes and saw Twilight happily looking up at the night star. A smile appeared over Luna. She was happy, knowing that there was a pony here the truly appreciated the nights and took their time to enjoy it. If it was anything more, Twilight Sparkle was the only one Luna knew that would fully take her time to stay up for her beauty.

Twilight quickly forgot all about the stars and turned back to Luna, who was just standing there looking at her. It somewhat made her feel nervous; she had no idea what to do. It’s not so much that she feared Luna, but she had no idea what she would do next. It’s been awhile since she seen her, last at Nightmare Night. And the beginning of the new year was only months away.

“Luna,” Twilight asked. “You never answered my question.”

Luna sighed. “I am sorry, Twilight Sparkle. I haven’t been focusing.”

“About what?”

Luna shook her head.

“Just thoughts I can’t rid of. As for why I am here, I just wanted to see you.”

A small blush formed around Luna’s cheeks.

“Oh,” she replied softly. Twilight to felt a blush form on her as well. They stood in awkward silence, almost avoiding the others eyes. Twilight was the first to speak, but in a bit of a stutter.

“W-Why?” she managed to ask.

Luna, with all her powers, managed to hesitate long enough for Twilight to ask another question.

“Do you… need help or something?”

Luna shook her head and somewhat gathered her courage to speak. With all the lessons that she had been taught by her sister, Celestia and a few others to help with her speech, it was still hard to gather words.

“Twilight, I need… know… how to have friends and have more… fun. Can you teach me?” She closed her eyes, expecting some odd remark or laughter, like her sister had done but with good joy.

Twilight looked a bit stunned but no remark came from her. In fact, a smile approached Twilight.

“It is fine, Princess Luna. You do not need to be afraid or shy. And of course I can teach you.”

Luna slowly opened her eyes. A surprised look came over her.

“You will?”

Twilight nodded.

“Of course. Everypony needs friends and with friends you get fun. Trust me, I learned that a long time ago.” She recalled her memories at her first arrival at Ponyville. Luna gave a smile of gratitude.

“Thank you, Twilight Sparkle. I appreciate your help. My sister wasn’t so… how you would say… ‘As serious as she should be".

Twilight smiled.

“Of course, now I know you want to do this now,” she paused, yawning softly. “But it is getting late. Though from what Celestia has told me in her reports, you only arrive at nights.”

“Correct,” said Luna.

Twilight nodded.

“Though I do enjoy the nights, I have a hard time staying up.” She yawned once more.

Luna gave a small sad smile.

“I am aware of your… need of sleep Twilight and I am also aware that you need it to function for the mornings arrival. I will try then… to change my schedule and….”

“Nonono…” Twilight quickly spoke with a chuckle, getting an odd look from Luna. “I didn’t mean anything like that and I don’t want you to leave your duties for me. I just have make some coffee to keep me up longer for you.”

Stay up longer for her. She would actually stay up for her… just to teach her how to be fun and how to gain friends. A feeling of joy filled Luna as she looked at Twilight.

“Why not create a spell that will let you stay up longer or energy enhancer for your body?”

“Oh I have but when you use it, the next day when the spell wears off, the weariness that you get from not sleeping hits you like a ton of bricks. When that happened, I sort of... passed out in front of the girls. They thought I had died or something.” She said with an ominous blush.

“Oh… Twilight Sparkle, you are as amusing as my sister makes you out to be. We shall have much fun.”

Twilight smiled.

“We will but um… most of the shops and places are closed during the night. I don’t know where we could go to have fun except…” she stopped.

“Yes?” asked the Princess.

Twilight looked nervous.

“Well um… you see… Rainbow Dash… Never mind, it wouldn’t be fun.”

“Please, Twilight Sparkle. I wish to learn more about this era and how my fellow ponies live and have fun and love…” she paused. She began blushing at the last word. Twilight didn’t seem to hear it, only see Luna blush thinking that she really was pleading for her help. She sighed and smiled.

“Well, alright Princess Luna, will give a try.”

Luna beamed and grabbed Twilight in a fierce hug.

“Thank you Twilight Sparkle!” Almost yelling in the Traditional Canterlot voice. Twilight was trying to get air in her lungs, now knowing how Fluttershy felt when Luna did this to her.

“Princess… air!” she managed to wheeze.

Luna quickly let her go and blushed brightly.

“Forgive me Twilight Sparkle, thou, I mean… I forget my own strength.”

Twilight smiled, as best as she could, slowly take in air.

“Alright well Rainbow Dash sometimes goes to these gigs and…”

“A… gig?” questioned Luna.

“A place with music.”

“Ah, like the music at the Gala or musicals.”

“Well,” Twilight scratched the back of her head. “Not so much. These ‘gigs’… are played with rather… loud music in a small room and last in till the wee bits of the morning. Oh… and it is nothing like these musicals at the Castle. It's much, much louder. To you it may seem not like... music at all.”

“I see.” Luna said. “So why is it considered music?”

“Well... I tried to figure that out myself but with generations of youth rebelling against their parents or elders, they want to let out steam and some of that steam turns into inspirational or destructive things. One of those these turned out to be this music called 'Dubtrot'.”

“Well,” began Luna. “Let us go try out this ‘gig’ of thou speaks of.”

Twilight’s eyes went a bit wide and her mouth slightly opened.

“Princess Luna, are you sure?” she asked, not knowing whether she heard her right. “This is way different from anything you have ever been to. I mean, the next gig isn’t in till Thursday night.”

“Hmm,” said Luna. “If it is in till then, what shall we do now?”

Twilight thought about it. She often wanted Princess Celestia to walk with her at nights but that only happened a few times when she was living in Canterlot. Then it was easier but because of duties during the night and day, she only had an hour or two. After that, time was a rare delicacy and when she moved to Ponyville, she lost that time. Now that she had moved to Ponyville, she lost all of that. However, with Princess Luna here, she can gain that and reestablish her relationship with Luna after Nightmare Night.

Now that she was here, what can Twilight and Luna do together? What can the princess of the night and her sister’s student can do? Watch the stars? Talk about the constellations? Talk about… her?

Her thoughts were cut off when Princess Luna cleared her throat.

“Is there something wrong, Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight shook her head and gave a smile.

“Uh nothing Princess Luna. Just trying to wonder what should we do at the moment.”

Luna walked past her and headed to the edge of the deck towards the railing. With her range from the deck, she had the view of almost every home, building and store, were closed. Of course they were closed; it was night time and everypony seemed asleep. However few ponies here and there were walking around. Some enjoyed it while others started to head for home. Those that stayed outside where moving around as if they moved in the day. With street lamps posted around town, they had somewhere to see.

Her sister told her that ponies truly appreciated her nights. On days, the ponies worked hard and enjoyed life. At nights, they could rest and spend nights together with family. They appreciated the nights for bringing relaxation, comfort and peace.

Or so she says….

Shut up! Luna yelled in her mind.

“Princess?” asked Twilight worriedly. Did she say that out loud or did she noticed her?

“Yes… Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight walked up to her. She looked up at the moon princess.

“Is there something wrong?”

Luna gave Twilight a assuring smile.

“Nothing is wrong, Twilight Sparkle.” She lied. “I am just… a little tired from adding the star. I am sorry for staying here and not speaking to you much.” She looked as though she was about to leave but Twilight stopped her.

“Princess Luna!” Luna stopped and turned to her. “Why… I mean, why don’t you stay a little longer? Do you have some royal duties to attend to?”

Luna thought about it. She had no real duties to attend to. Her sister took all of the courts, meeting, and almost anything else from morning till late evening. Then from there, anything that she couldn’t finish, Luna did for her. But Celestia tends to finish everything before she sleeps. Luna only deals with finishing the days meetings or gatherings then the ponies go to sleep.

From there, she then raises the moon, darkens the skies and brings out the stars. Anypony really would be asleep, except the night guards. Otherwise, Luna was completely alone.

So to answer Twilight’s question, “No Twilight Sparkle. I don’t have anything to attend to.” She gave a smile to Twilight and received one back. “So, what do you wish to do then?”

For the next hour and a half, Luna and Twilight talked about their last encounters since Cadance's and Shinning Armor's wedding. From there, Luna explained how she had missed the wedding because of sleep schedule. Though it also didn't help that her room had sound proof walls so she couldn't hear the commotion going on. The sound proof walls were for her since the workers did their works during the day.

After that, Luna had continued her lessons to modern days. From the history of the last thousand years, to the magic that has changed, to the laws and rules that followed. She learned that there have been so many good and bad times. From when the Gryphons attacked 900 years prior to their peaceful trades of 500 years prior.

The dragon king still was a friend though they were on better terms with Equestria now than a thousand years ago.

One thing that had really surprised Luna, though she didn't tell Twilight was the fact that morals were somewhat altered as well. Mares could be with other mares, though marriages legal, very few happened; same with stallions. Herds were now considered legal and could be more than five, though they must all approave.

Along with that was that mare on mare relationships that wanted foals, there was magic that could alter them so that one may be the giver and the other the reciver. The thought caused Luna to plush, but Twilight was engrossed in telling her, her part of the story.

“Well, I am glad that you are back to our environment,” said Twilight. “I am sure that it feels good to be acquainted with modern society.”

“As am I Twilight Sparkle.” She replied. “However, since my sister said if I am to acquaint myself back to society, she asked me to make friends. Starting with the Bearers of Harmony.”

Twilight smiled.

“Well, I guess you remember seeing all of us at one point.” Luna nodded. “Well first is Fluttershy, the one who is…. Well shy.” She giggled. “Next is Applejack, who is the most hard working and most honest pony around. Then it’s Rainbow Dash, who maybe a bit arrogant sometimes but she is loyal and she will never let us down. After her, it’s Rarity, who is the kindest and generous pony around with good fashion tastes. Last is Pinkie Pie. She is… well… she is just Pinkie Pie. I can’t explain any more than that.”

Luna smiled and giggled.

“Yes I am aware of the Pink mare. My sister told me she is quite… unpredictable and somewhat unstable.”

Twilight laughed.

“Yeah it’s true but she does throw some hay of parties!”

And soon, Twilight spoke more of her friends and their adventures. Luna stopped listening after the Nightmare Night time, when she met Twilight for the first time..... properly. Her mind focused solely on Twilight. There was something about her, something wonderful about the mare before Luna. She didn’t know what it was. Whenever any other pony spoke to Luna, it was either out of fear or royal obligations. Once in a while some pony would talk normally but it was either her servants or her own personal night guards.

No, Twilight Sparkle spoke to her as a genuine, normal pony; she saw Luna as her equal. Her sister had been right about Twilight Sparkle. She was an amazing pony. Her voice was soft and majestic, full of knowledge and wisdom, yet had the innocence it needed to be that of a young adult.

Her features were astounding, almost breath taking beautiful. A blush had formed around her face. She was commenting the beauty of a mare, nonetheless, her sister’s protégé. But she couldn’t help it, Twilight was some pony else.

If it hadn’t been for her, she would still be Nightmare Moon and might have plunged the world into forever night.

You make is sound as if it were a bad thing.
Luna stood motionless for a bit.

It’s not so bad Luna, after all, I am still here!
“Princess Luna?”

Luna blinked and shook her head.

“I am sorry Twilight Sparkle. I… uh … lost my focus.”

Twilight somewhat looked at her quizzically.

“Are you okay, Princess? You have been staring off at me for a bit.”

Luna gave a small smile.

“I was just… imagining all of your adventures.” She paused. “Makes me wish I can have my own adventures.” It was a sad look that passed over Luna but it was not because of that.

Nightmare Moon was talking to her, even when she wanted to speak with Twilight in privacy.

Twilight seemed only to acknowledge Luna’s face.

“Why can’t you?” asked Twilight.

Luna looked at her.

“I am a princess, I cannot leave my duties to go have fun filled adventures!”

Twilight smiled.

“Just because you are a princess, doesn’t mean you have to leave your duties. You could still do fun adventures, like visit other parts of Equestria or explore the area around it.” Twilight thought more and continued. “You can meet new ponies or join a group of some sort.”

Luna shook her head and Twilight sighed with disappointment. They both knew that Luna was bound by her duties, one way or another. Even if she wanted to go on her adventures, Twilight knew that without Luna, Celestia would be back to being stuck all day and night with ponies and paperwork. And that wasn't fair after a thousand years.

The two spoke less as the night was at its fullest and when Luna had to return to the castle. In the end, it was Luna who had to say goodnight.

“I am sorry Twilight Sparkle, but I must return to the castle. Although duties are less at night, many ponies still need me.”

Twilight half nodded sleepily. Her eyes were heavy and her stance was swaying. Luna somewhat giggled at her sleeping form.

“It’s okay Princess Lun~” she yawned. ‘una. You have important things to take care of. I still have plenty of energy to keep me awake.” Unfortunatly, her body disagreed and she soon collapsed. She had forgotten to use the spell that Luna asked her. Luna smiled though, watching the sleeping form of Twilight rise and fall. Her snoring was none existence and her breathing was ever so silent.

Luna didn’t want to leave her there, nor would she. With her magic, a bluish aurora with sparkling white sparks formed over the gently sleeping form of Twilight. Twilight gently rose into the air and slowly started to hover over to her windows. Luna opened the windows and walked into the dark library.

Another sleeping form was there and that was of the baby dragon, Spike. His snoring was loader than any baby Luna had heard before. Luna stifled a giggle and carried Twilight over to her bed. She slowly lowered her down in till the cushions supported her weight. Luna released her magic on Twilight then used her magic to gently roll up and cover Twilight with the blankets.

With that, Luna stepped out onto the balcony and closed the windows. From here, she could see nearly all of Ponyville. All were asleep and in their homes. Only one or two are out, which are the nightly patrol ponies but otherwise, the rest were asleep. Along time ago, this had upset her and drove her to hatred. Now, she is happy to see that ponies can appreciate the night for what is truly was meant to be. A place of rest and comfort.

Luna turned her head towards the windows to watch Twilight. With a smile, she whispered, “Good Night, Twilight.”

She then spread her wings and flew back towards Canterlot. Her night was just reaching towards its darkest, with the moon high in the sky and the stars twinkling brightly.

She flew over Ponyville in the gentle cool wind of the night. All around, did ponies sleep. Sleep, a concept in which she did not at night but during the day. When her sister ruled and the ponies flourished.

‘Just like they always have.’
Luna paused in mid-flight, almost losing a second of flapping.

‘They will always flourish under her light and never in yours. Why should that be?’
Luna blinked and shook her head.

"No... I will not listen. You are just in my head. Your are not real, just a bad figment of my thoughts."

Am I? or do you just wish to think that and I am really in you?. Remember dear Luna, just because my form is gone, does not mean I am gone. I will forever be in your mind, my dear little moon.’

Never, ever forget that! Nightmares are eternal and so will be the nights!

Author's Note:

Revised, less mistakes but some still remain and can't help if I missed a few things. Let me know and ill fix them!