• Published 21st Jan 2017
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The First Wonderbolt - Essay Jay

When an unnatural phenomenon sends Rainbow Dash back in time, she must adapt to an Equestria at war while all the while looking for a way to get back home.

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Issue 2.6 - A Little Less Sad and A Little More Awesome

“Paper Weight, please record that Rainbow Dash has been released as a ward of the Manehatten General Hospital.”

Paper Weight looked up from her work to see Rainbow Dash standing in between the bodies of Nurse Greywall and Radial Art. “Mm? Really? Rainbow Dash, are you feeling better?”

Rainbow fidgeted. “Uh… yup! No worries here!”

Smiling, Paper Weight recorded it in the books and nodded to Radial Art before looking at the polychromatic pegasus.. “Alright, Rainbow Dash! There are a few more steps I have to take to make sure you’ve been fully released from the system, but you’re allowed to go free! I’ve contacted your family. They should be here in no time. Feel free to wait anywhere you want, as you are still within hospital boundaries to be taken care of.”

“Alright, Rainbow!” Nurse Greywall said, “I feel so proud of how you’ve progressed as far as you have-”

“Save the mushy stuff for somepony else, Nurse,” Rainbow said. “Talk as much as you want. I just don’t like cheesy cliche’d stuff.”

“Uh, okay…” Greywall murmured, looking away with a little flushing in her cheeks.

“But truly, Rainbow,” Radial Art said, “You’ve been absolutely fascinating to work with. I didn’t think you would ever recover in terms of maneuverability as fast as you did. I know there a dozen more tests and examinations that would need to occur to fully realize the scope of your actual healing… but I can say with full confidence that you have shown immense strength just in pushing yourself this hard.”

Rainbow grimaced at him, having to mentally tell herself to remain standing though it had gotten easier over the days. “Keep talking, Doc. I’m trying to stay standing here.”

Radial Art smiled. “And it’s the fact that you’re still trying that makes me happy to have had you as a patient.”

Rainbow sighed. “What did I say about the mushy stuff?” Rainbow’s voice cracked.

“Alright then, Miss Dash.” Radial Art tilted his head to her in acknowledgement. “We shall leave you to your own devices and attend other patients. Come along, Nurse.”

Greywall fidgeted as she looked at Rainbow. “It was nice taking care of you. You have a good soul. Don’t let all of this bog you down. You’ve still got your life. Take care of it.” With those words, Rainbow parted with them. Seeing them walk away with no words of her own, she called out.

“Thank-! Uh… Thank you!” Rainbow remarked, raising a hoof and waving.

Looking back, both medical practitioners waved back before disappearing behind a corner. And finally, Rainbow stood there, staring down a hallway as ponies passed to and fro between rooms. All the while, continued to look, thinking of how much they had really helped her. Biting her lip as she thought of all the words she could and should have said.

“Thanks for everything…” Rainbow whispered, staring at her hooves. Staring at her hooves had become a habit for her. It reminded her of what she had done to be like that. What she would continue to do. She had saved a few lives on the battlefield, and the lives of Firefly and Sky. In turn, she had fallen victim to some weapon that caused her to be like this… but if the price was to save even one life…

It was all worth it.

“Miss Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow flicked her ears at the calling of her name. Lethargically turning around to face who it was, it seemed to be the receptionist. Paper Weight held something in her hooves. “Erm… Doctor Goldheart, as his name was told to me, said to give this to you upon your release.” Stretching the envelope out for Rainbow to grab, Rainbow looked at it.

It was addressed to her with simple script. Nodding, she said “Thanks” and took it from her. Paper Weight nodded and returned to work, and Rainbow turned the letter in her hooves. It was a non-descript brown colour, almost trying to look unnoticeable. Seeing it was sealed, she ripped at the edges until it opened, two sheets of paper falling out.

One was a small note with writing on it, the other a folded piece of paper with a military-looking stamp. Glancing at the note, she read it’s contents.

To Miss Rainbow Dash,

Here are your enlistment forms. I think you will be pleased to find that your call to the boot camps is a week from today, giving you plenty of time to reconcile with your loved ones before the experiment. I would strongly advise you try and prepare mentally and physically for what is to come. I strongly believe in you and your abilities, Rainbow Dash, though we have just met. We may talk later, but suffice it to say, do not worry. All in good time.



Pursing her lips. Rainbow moved on to the forms. It seemed that all the information had been pulled from the various tests and information done to and gathered on her within her time in the hospital. With a furrow of her brow, she looked through some of it.

Name: Dash, Rainbow

Age: 23

Date of Birth: ???

Address: 67 Poneperilla Avenue, Manehatten, Equestria

Found Fully Acceptable for Induction Into All Active Military Services: Yes No

Summary of Patient Health Issues:

  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Palpitation or pounding in heart
  • Easy fatigability
  • Atrophied muscles, negatively accelerated to a substantial rate

Rainbow grimaced as she read the last few lines, the list of her newfound ailments bothering her to the highest degree. She was once the fastest flyer in Equestria. Capable of breaking multiple sound barriers before performing a Sonic Rainboom! She was-! She was…

She was.

WIth a sigh, her eyes fixed on the name ‘Project: Rebirth’. What the hay does that mean? Rainbow thought, frowning. Is it the experiment this Goldheart guy is talking about?

Finally looking up at the sound of two high-pitched voices conversing, she found herself grinning at the sight of Firefly and Skylark.

The two fillies widened their eyes at the sight of Rainbow, and they began to bound towards her, Ter in tow. As they hugged Rainbow, her eyes bugged a bit.

Ack!” Rainbow squawked. “Hey! A little too tight! Gack!

Firefly and Sky immediately let go. “Sorry!” apologised Firefly. “We just were so excited to see you outside of a stuffy hospital room!”

“You and me both, sister,” Rainbow wheezed, tapping her chest.

Firefly’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Rainbow. “Sister?! Are we already going to call each other that?! Can I call you Big Sis? Wow! I have a big sister now! This is so unreal! I never-mmmrffmrfff!

Firefly blinked as she looked down to see her muzzle muffled by Rainbow’s hoof.

“Look, small fry,” Rainbow said, “If we’re going to be sisters or something jazzy like that, let’s tune the talking down 20%, capiche?” Removing her hoof, she watched Firefly vigorously nod her head. Smirking, Rainbow turned to Sky. “So, what about you?”

“Well, I’m happy to see you out of that room too,” Sky said. “Just not as excited as Sky. She’s all over you. Can’t stop worrying about you either. In fact- OUCH!” Sky turned to glare at Firefly as she rubbed her foreleg. Firefly glare back.

“I thought we agreed never to speak of it,” Firefly growled, and Sky gulped.

“Yeah, uh-huh, okay!” Sky blurted. Smiling, Firefly turned back to Rainbow.

“So, what’s that you got there, Rainbow?” Firefly asked, pointing to the envelope beside Rainbow. Quickly stuffing its contents back in, she folded it. Giggling nervously, Rainbow hid it behind her before clapping her hooves in one swift motion.

“Hehehe! Er, nothing! So, what have you fillies been up to-”

“Actually, Rainbow,” Ter said, finally saying something after having stood silently, watching, “I would like to know that too. I think I saw a very notable stamp on that sheet of folded paper you had there.”


Gulping, Rainbow glanced at all three faces staring at her. “Maybe... we should take this back to your house before I talk about it.”

Ter nodded. “That’s reasonable enough. Come on, girls, back to my apartment.”

“But we were just there!” Sky complained.

“And we want to know now!” Firefly whined.

Ter picked them up by the scruffs of their necks, Firefly with her mouth and Sky with a hoof. As they shouted in defiance and squirmed in her grips, Ter turned to Rainbow. “Arr youf comfing?” she said, her voice muffled with the body of Firefly.

“Yep!” Rainbow nodded, wincing as she got to her hooves and putting the envelope on her back. As she hobbled to the side of Ter, Ter nodded. She then proceeded to walk on three legs, successfully maintaining her balance and a study pace with two struggling-and-quickly-giving-up fillies.

Rainbow followed her to their home.

“Wait… what?” Firefly blinked. “What!?

“Seriously?” Sky asked.

“Hm…” was all Ter said.

Rainbow scratched the back of her neck with a nervous laugh. “Eheheh… yeah, I guess.”

“But… but…” Firefly said, “You’re going to be a soldier in the army? That’s awesome!”

“Yeah, it totally is right?” Rainbow breathed, sighing in relief. “They even said I could get better with this sort of program or something!”

“But…” Sky began, “Doesn’t that mean you’ll be away from home even more now?”


“Rainbow?” Firefly muttered. “As awesome as this is… you said you would be my big sister…”

“I know, small fry,” Rainbow said, “But I can’t really be a big sis like this, right?” She motioned to herself.

“But… you’ll be away…” Firefly said. “I guess that’s okay. I mean… I’ve been alone this long with just my best friend, right? And being a soldier is cool, especially somepony like you…”

Seeing her increasingly downcast expression, Rainbow gripped the filly’s shoulders. “Firefly, I’m not leaving for a week. You know what that means?”

As the thoughts raced through her head, Firefly began to brighten up. “We can hang out and do sister things! Yay!”

“Can I join in?” Sky asked. “Feeling a little left out here.”

“Of course, dude,” Rainbow voice-cracked. “You’re her best friend. You’re practically family!”

Sky hoof-pumped. “Yes!”

Firefly finally said “But then… you’ll be gone anyways. I guess I can write you?”

Rainbow glanced back to Firefly before looking aside in guilty thought. As she thought of what she could do, she sighed, and pulled the first thing that came to mind.

“Alright, kiddo,” Rainbow started, “When I get healed or whatever, or whenever they release me, I’ll tell you first, alright?”

Firefly nodded. “Mmhm?”

“And then…” Rainbow stuck her jaw out as she thought. “I’ll… I’ll see if you can come with me to wherever I go, and while you’re safe at whatever base or whatever I was, you can cheer me on, got it?”

Firefly nodded even more this time. “That sounds so cool!”

“You can even bring along Sky and your Aunt.”

“Yes!” Sky fist-pumped again.

“But ew!” Firefly said, sticking her tongue out at her Aunt. Ter chuckled. “Does my Aunt really have to come?”

“Somepony has to look after you while I’m gone, right?” Rainbow said. “She’ll be that pony!”

Firefly grumbled and sighed. “At least it isn’t somepony else that is lamer.”

“Way to think positive!” Rainbow grinned.

“Alright, this all good and all,” Sky began, “But shouldn’t you take a nap or something? You’re looking pretty tired.”

“Huh?” Rainbow asked. Suddenly, her arms went limp, dropping Firefly who grunted, and she went cross-eyed. Her wings went limp and she began to tilt back, laughing drowsily as the day had unreasonably sapped her strength. Also remembering that she was basically a walking wither, she smiled comically.

“Oh right. That.”


Author's Note:

I know I said chapters are coming out everyday for The First Wonderbolt (and GlimGlam Strange is a little iffy right now to match up with this story's update schedule) but I want to know.

What are your thoughts so far? We're only a few more away before Issue 3 and I want to know if pacing is, at best, alright, and what you think of it right now.

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