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I'll see you Starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds. (Crossovers Only)


Simone. The Savior of the Universe, Hero of Team Dai-Gurren.

Now a wanderer among the world. When he dies, as an unknown traveler, he reunites with Nia in the void. As they are about to move on, a being of power like no other, Faust, offers them a chance to live again, in a new world. Simone and Nia accept...

And are reborn in Equestria. The two of them will live anew, and pierce the heavens once more.

And Equestria's coming along for the ride.


Gurren-Lagann Crossover, takes place after the ending of the series.

Will feature romance, action, and MAYBE (Implied) sex between two characters.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 48 )

Is there not going to be Kamina in this version? If not: :pinkiesad2::applecry::fluttercry::raritycry: You should totally include Kamina, if for no other reason than him doing the impossible in front of Twilight, and her freaking out with trying to determine how he did so.

Other than that, I like this version better.

However, the friends and allies you once knew will never see you again.

Does that mean no Yoko and Kamina?:raritydespair:
Please say it isn't true!:raritycry:

Love the remake by the way!

Yoko and Kamina will show up later. That's a promise.

Yay! :heart:

I love the way you are writing it, it is a very different route than before.

Welp, Blueblood’s gonna get a drill to his face if he won’t leave Nia alone. I’m not talking about the uber-big one that makes galaxies; no, I’m talking about the car keys that powers up the galaxy-making one.

Simone would do this to Blueballs.

Awesome stuff!

That might be too excessive, but I'll figure something out.

Well it depends on what he would have done. I was just putting out there if I were Simone. I figured you would have a punishment layed out for Blueballs.

Nice stuff. Can't wait.


I hope Simone has his spiral energy that will be fun.

gotta have kamina read someones shopping list and end up inspiring everyone in the general vicinity.

"We will have words regarding your actions...in private. I would advise praying for mercy, because I will have none." Celestia growled as she left Blueblood, who promptly passed out.

Somehow get this in a pic plz....

bluebloods lucky, i can't wait until kamina gets there and see what he does to him.

Blueballs is luck. If he had continued.. He would have gotten a GIGA. DRILL BREAKER!!!!

Blueblood got off lucky. That Spiral Energy-infused punch, though, it makes the Sonic Rainboom look like a light show. Now that I think about it, I can imagine Twilight and Rainbow wanting Simon to teach ‘em how to use Spiral Energy.

Also, is this world anthro? Because I don't think ponies have fingers...

When’s the next chapter? It’s awesome.

Hopefully soon. I have a plotline in mind for where we go from here.

Looking cool, hope to see more.



That particular piece of paper was a writ, declaring Blueblood Celestia's honorary nephew along with his entitlements of according wealth and status.

And it currently had a large, ever-growing tear in it. Each time it grew, Blueblood's screams grew louder, and Celestia's smile grew bigger.

Pure evil. Yet, a necessary evil. The sacrifices we make for a greater Equestria.

honestly, I could see that happening

I read this and the first thing that came to mind was having him voice a GPS.
Can someone please fund this?

really? i'd figure celestia would have been nominated for the nobel prize of peace, and medicine for that action

they are not engaged, they are married they got married in the last episode right before she died like seconds

Trust me, I have plans for that particular plot point...

Faust did give him the key to the Gurren Lagann, and considering it runs on spiral energy.....
But I wonder if he needs to find the Gurren Lagann first, or if the key can summon it to him from a Hammer Space.

"But, I don't think sending you to my world without the proper preparations would be very...sporting. So I shall give you three things to help you." Faust smiled.

"First…" Faust said. A Spiral Key appeared in front of Simone.

"Your Gurren Lagann." she said. "Second…"

Next, an exact copy of Kamina's blade also manifested.


Two simple, silver rings appeared.

Hooray! Another chapter! Who is on that train, I wonder? Please be one of the friends. Please be one of the friends. Or Princess Cadence.

this story is already in my favorites.:pinkiehappy:

"Not exactly." Spike shrugged. "I mean, there's always some monster or evil villain out to take over the world, and they always start here. I mean, it's completely stupid, but that's how it is."

That'd probably because, at least geographically speaking, Ponyville is more-or-less at the centre of everything.

Happy Spooky Day pal. Loved this chapter.

I'm calling out the bet that kagena will return! & be reunited with simon!!

I believe it's Kamina, but yes.

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