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Over ten years ago, there were six teenage girls who all went to the same school and died on the same day: November 7th 2004.

These girls were Samantha Gales, Janise Walters, Alexandra Matthews, Jamie Sanders, Katherine Jackson, and Cynthia Little.

Kimberly Rooney is an amateur police detective who wants to know why these girls died on the same day. With the help of her friend Tommy Elbin; friends, family, acquaintences of the girls are interrogated in order to uncover the truth.

Will it be a success?

90% told through flashbacks, hear these girls's stories and find out about their lives and what led to their tragic deaths.

Credit to KikiRDCZ on Deviantart for the cover photo.

For those who don't know the original theory, here is a YouTube link to a reading:


If anyone is or knows anyone experiencing what the girls went through:




Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 20 )

This has a lot of potential. I do suggest creating longer chapters though, as well as getting an editor and some to proofread. The pacing is a bit too fast, as well.

A mystery story is rare on here, and so much could be done with this idea. But you really do need some help if you hope for this to succeed.

I would retag this as Mystery/Human/Dark/Tragedy to properly convey what your story is about, and maybe add an OC tag for good measure.

Did you get the idea for this story from FNAF? Cause it looks like you did

I got this my watching the MLP theory on YouTube. The detective part was my idea. I has been dying to make this for a long time.

very interested in seeing where this will go..

7927878 it looks like it could be good but damn a wood chipper was kinda dark compared to the other deaths

7927862 It's not from FNAF. There is a theory about the Mane 6 were based off six girls who died on the same day. The girls had the same personality as the Mane 6 ponies. They say that Lauren wanted to give the girls their happy ending so she made the Mane 6 like that.

7928043 I only got into MLP in July so besides the series I read only fanfics and a couple creepypastas. I had no idea about the theories thx for telling me. As for when I mentioned FNAF I think it's obvious why I said it

A few hours ago, this story didn't have any chapters. Why?

I'm going to feel alot of feels through out this story I already know also I hope it's just a theory and not true

Editing reasons. And I tried to make the story seem long enough and give Kimberly a backstory.

OK, falling into a woodchipper sounds brutal. also, PARKING DUTY??? zootopia.

There will be, I'm just busy with school and other stories at the moment.

Comment posted by Natasha_Snape1986 deleted January 11th

Such a sad story on this girl she really was the inspiration for one of the MLP girls I hope you write another story about the other girls

Ahh not another one:raritydespair:! I was really interested in this story. There some spelling mistakes but other then that it’s really good. I hope you can continue with this. :moustache:

Is this story dead?

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