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Gamer, a perv, and a fat person (yay insert fat joke here) who love anime and plays video games. I do want to become an author once I stop making dumb mistakes.


Shadow-light wasn't the happiest person on the planet. His sister has cancer, his parents are always doing ruin hunting for there family, and his recent girlfriend left him. It seem he can't get a break. One day he meets seven girls who help him to rediscover himself and what he lost.

Will he finally find happiness?

What is the deal with the mysterious pendants that his grand-father left him?

And will life seem to go his away?

All it takes is One spark to Lead to Seven stars.

Editor: ItIsASillyLittleGame

I would like to thank ItISASillyLittleGame for being awesome and help me with the first chapter. ^_^

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This is an interesting start to a promising story. I like it so far. However, you kinda spelled Sirens wrong, and "Swirl Beard" should be Starswirl. Just an FYI.

Please do continue this. I look forward to how it'll go.

7868107 omg :facehoof: thank you so much. That has been fix. Thank you again

7868328 You're most welcome.

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