• Published 11th Jan 2017
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Angels Among Us - Dash32

Applejack and Rainbow Dash are drafted into war. Years later, the war ends in tragedy. How will the Humane 7 cope?

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Chapter 1

Canterlot. A quiet, somewhat peaceful town. Home of the Friendship Games. Home of the Humane 7. At least it was...before the war.

The day started out normal. Sunny skies, cool weather. Not a cloud in sight. But all of that changed while the Humane 7 were spending their time doing their usual routine standing in front of the statue.

Each girl had a smile on their face and was laughing, until they heard a noise in the distance.

“Ya'll hear that?” Applejack asked.

Sunset Shimmer, the newest addition to the group took a second to listen.

“I hear it too. What is that?” She asked.

The noises got louder and louder until the school yard was flooded by Humvee's and a Boeing CH-47 Chinook. Seconds later, a man garbed in digital camouflage exits the chopper and approaches the girls.

“Can we help you?” Sunset asks.

“Yes you may. We need two girls by the names of Rainbow J. Dash and Jacqueline O. Apple.”

“That's us.” Applejack replies.

“You too need to come with us.” Says the man.

Rainbow Dash crosses her arms over her chest and glares at him.

“Says who?” She asks.

“Says the United States Military. You two are being drafted.”

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa...drafted?! For what?!” Rainbow asks again.

“To fight in the war. The military is running low on good men and women. So the President has ordered a draft.”

“But...that means we'll have to leave everything behind. Our friends...our family...all of it.”

“I'm sorry. I wish it had not come to this. But this needs to happen if we are going to win this war and ensure the safety of this country.” He replies.

Applejack sighs in defeat.

“C'mon Dash. No use in arguin'. If'n the man says we gotta go. We better listen. Sir?”

“Please. Call me Admiral Stone.”

“Right. Admiral Stone. D'ya mind if we say goodbye first, since we don't know when we're comin' back?”

Admiral Stone gets a sad look in his eye.

“I can't promise that either of you will come back at all. But take all the time you need.”


As he stands and watches, the two girls start saying their goodbyes to their friends. Rainbow Dash walks up to Pinkie Pie.

“Well. He he. I...uh...guess I'll see ya later Pinks. If I don't make it back...Pinkie Promise you'll never stop smiling.”

Pinkie Pie immediately grabs rainbow Dash in a bone crushing hug with tears pouring from her eyes.

“Oh Dash! Please come back! We'll all be super sad without you two! I wanna bake a big welcome home cake for you girls! Now go kick meanie butt!!”

“Pinkie...can't...breathe!! Need...air!!!”

Pinkie pie immediately released her friend and blushes.

“Oops. Sorry!”

Rainbow Dash smiles and hugs pinkie back, gentler than Pinkie had done.

“I'm gonna miss you Pinks.”

“You too Dashie...”

Rainbow Dash lets go and walks over to Rarity before giving her a smile.

“Well...heh...it's been fun. We sure got on each other's nerves didn't we?”

“Yes, quite.”

Rarity suddenly traps her rainbow haired friend in a hug. Rainbow returns the embrace.

“Be safe darling.”

“I'll try Rares. I promise. Tell ya what. I'm only going to do this once because you're my friend. But how about when me and Applejack come back I let you make us some new outfits. Sound good?”

Rarity smiles and tears up.

“That sounds lovely. We'll all miss you while you are gone.”

“We'll miss you girls too. And we will do our damnedest to come back in one piece.”

“You'd better.”

Finally after what seems like an eternity, the two friends let go and depart. Rainbow stops in front of Twilight, who is clenching her fists to keep from crying.

“Like I just got done telling Rarity, we are gonna miss you girls.”

“You too. Please make it back.”

“I'm sure as hell gonna try Twi. I promise that.”

Twilights barrier finally breaks and she lets out heavy sobs. Rainbow Dash wraps her in a hug.

“Hey hey...shhh. I'll do my best to come back. But even if I don't...don't let the grief consume you.”

Twilight sniffs and nods before Rainbow Dash breaks the hug and walks over to Sunset Shimmer.


“Hey.” Sunset replies.

“So I guess this is it huh?”

Sunset fixes Rainbow with a stern glare.

“Don't ever talk like that. You'll make it back in one piece. You have to have faith Dash. I believe in you both just like you believed in me all those years ago. Just go out there, kick ass, and come back home. We'll be waiting for you.”

Rainbow Dash smiles.

“You got it.”

“Stay safe Dash.”

“You know I will Sunset.”

With nothing else to say, Rainbow Dash walks over to the only person she hasn't said goodbye to yet. Fluttershy is visibly shaking and heavily sobbing. Rainbow Dash frowns and tightly grips her girlfriend into a hug.

“It's alright babe. Go ahead. Let it all out.”

Fluttershy buries her face in Rainbows shoulder and continues to cry. Neither say anything for a while until Fluttershy raises her head and looks into Rainbow's magenta eyes.

“P-Please don't go...please...” She whispers shakily.

“I wish I didn't have to Flutters. But you know how it works. If you get drafted you HAVE to go or else you get prison time. I have to do this babe. If I could I would stay here with you.”

Rainbow looks over to Applejack who is currently wrapping Rarity into a teary-eyed grip.

“We have to do this Fluttershy. And I swore a long time ago that I would do anything to keep you safe. Even if that means sacrificing my life for those I love.”

Both girls are in tears now. Rainbow takes a deep breath and continues.

“I promise, when I get back I am never leaving you again. I Pinkie Promise. It'll be okay Flutters. You won't even notice I'm away.”

“That's not true...”

Rainbow Dash cups Fluttershy's face in her hands.

“I love you Flutters.”

“I-I love you so much Dashie...”

Rainbow starts to tear up again.

“I want you to have something.”

Rainbow takes out a pendant and opens it. Inside is a small photograph of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as kids. It was the day Rainbow stood up for her against the bullies. Upon seeing the picture Fluttershy covers her mouth with one hand and holds the pendant with the other.

“Oh Dashie! Please come back. It would tear me apart if you were taken from us. Please!”

Grasping her girlfriend in another hug she attempts to calm her down.

“It's okay hun. If I don't come back, remember this...I didn't go out without a fight, and you were always on my mind and in my heart. And if I don't make it back. Know that I love you and always have.” Rainbows voice cracks a bit as her eyes start welling up with tears.

“I love you too Dashie...”

After a few minutes the girls have said their goodbyes and are about to depart. But applejack suddenly stops for something else.

“Hey Sunset?”

“What is it AJ?”

Applejack removes her hat and places in into the redheads hands.

“Give this to Apple Bloom for me will ya? Just in case Ah don't make it back?”

Sunset tries to stop the tears from leaking out and nods.

“I will AJ. You two just come home safe.”

“Thanks. Well, Ah guess we better get going. C'mon Dash.”

“Alright. Hey ‘Shy? Tell Scoots I said goodbye for me would ya?”

“I will Dashie...”


The two girls enter the back of the Chinook before taking their seats. As the loading door closes, Applejack and Rainbow Dash wave goodbye to their friends. The door closes and the helicopter takes to the air and the Humvee's drive out of sight.