• Published 11th Jan 2017
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The Crystal Prep Files - FoxMcCloud7921

Taking place during and after the events of "Legend of Everfree", the girls from Crystal Prep become aware of magical oddities taking place at and near their school.

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Chapter 7

A voice called throughout the darkness. “My child…your presence drifts in the sea of darkness…It is a weak pulse…but I can feel your despair…your rage…You never have to fear: light cannot live without darkness, meaning neither can truly be destroyed. I will give new life to you so that you can finish what you started…what we started. Hear me…and be reborn!”

Sunset suddenly woke up in a cold sweat, noticing her clothes were sticking to her skin. She looked over at her clock and saw it was just after eight o’clock. She got up out of bed and went to the bathroom, turning on the water in the sink and splashing water onto her face.

She then looked in the mirror and saw her reflection in the mirror. She had seen movies where someone’s reflection suddenly would crash through the mirror and pull them inside. She was regretting ever picking those movies up.

Sunset turned around and leaned against the sink, taking a deep breath. That dream…she could see nothing but she heard the words clearly. She also felt a strange but familiar presence. Her.

It was strange… up until Camp Everfree, Twilight had had dreams, lingering regret about Midnight Sparkle. But for Sunset, there weren’t any dreams, just regret and guilt. Until now that is. Now that she thought about it, where did she get the name Midnight Sparkle? Then again, where did Luna get the name Nightmare Moon?

Sundown Shimmer. The name just came to her…which made sense cause at one point that was who she was. No, she much preferred Sunset. But still, she wondered if the dream had anything to do with what was happening now. When strange things happened at Camp Everfree, Twilight was quick to blame Midnight Sparkle, who she believed was still lurking in her heart.

There was no doubt the dark side of her still lingered inside her. But that was one place she would never return to, she and her friends would make sure of that. Speaking of friends, her thoughts returned to the girls of Crystal Prep. Sunset didn’t sense any ill intentions from any of them. Well, she still wasn’t quite sure about Sour Sweet but she was going to trust her. If things were happening at Crystal Prep now, Sunset could only think of one source.

She glanced over at her desk and saw her journal. Maybe now was the time to get hold of an old friend…

The group reached the school around ten. To no one’s surprise, Twilight had gotten there early and already had her stuff set up. Unfortunately, since it was a Sunday the front entrance was closed off but that didn’t seem to deter Twilight. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so giddy,” Sunny commented.

“That makes two of us,” Sunset replied.

Twilight was carrying a device that no one else seemed to recognize, but it appeared to be picking up some sort of signal. “Well, I’m definitely picking up something here…it’s not as big as the presence I saw at CHS, but there’s something here alright. If I got closer to the school, I’m sure I’d get an even bigger response.”

“Actually, I think we might be able to help you with that,” Indigo said with a sly smile.

She led the group to the left corner of the fence where she felt around until she pulled off a disconnected piece of fencing. “Little secret here at Crystal Prep. Works out nicely if you come in late or if you decide you wanna skip a class or two.”

“I never heard of it,” Twilight said.

“Well, it wouldn’t be a secret then, and no offense, but you’re the last person anyone would mention it to.”

“Fair point…” Twilight said icily.

The group went inside, walking up the large steps towards the front doors. “Are you sure no one’s going to notice us?” Sunset asked.

“The cameras are turned off during the weekend,” Sugarcoat said. “Of course, unless you have a keycard, you won’t be able to get inside the school which has a pretty advanced security system.”

Twilight started walking around. “Yes…I’m definitely getting a larger reading now…but it’s hard to say where the source is exactly.”

“It has to be in the school right?” Lemon asked.

“Yes, but where? And how do we know it’s in the school?” Twilight questioned. “It could be something on the roof, or below ground.”

“Which makes this much more complicated,” Sunset said with a frown.

Sunny thought for a moment. “Hey Twilight, what if one of us were to borrow your little scanner? We could check it out at school tomorrow.”

Twilight hesitated. “Well…it’s not that I don’t think you’re capable of using it or that I don’t trust you but…I’m more comfortable using it myself.”

“Well, Sugarcoat is the only other nerd in the group so you can give it to her,” Indigo suggested.

Sugarcoat shrugged. “If she’s more knowledgeable on this stuff then I won’t do us any favors. But how are you going to be here if you’re transferred already?”

“I…might have an idea. I can certainly give Dean Cadance a call.”

Sunset picked up on her idea. “I thought you got everything from your lab here already?”

“Well…maybe not everything,” Twilight said sheepishly. She then took out a pen and recorded something on a tablet. “Well, that’s about everything I can do here for now. I need to get back home and input this data. You’re all free to stop by.”

“Wow, Twilight Sparkle just invited us to her home,” Sour said with genuine amazement. “We are so climbing the ranks of popularity now.”

Twilight’s house was an impressive size, definitely the largest house on her street. Everything inside and outside gave the thought of comfort. “My parents left on a cruise shortly before I got back,” Twilight explained. “So make yourselves at home.”

“So where’s this lab?” Sunny asked.

“In the basement,” Twilight said, a grin on her face. “Dad was kind enough to move stuff out of the way for me.”

Sunset deadpanned. “It covers the entire basement doesn’t it?”


Twilight led them downstairs and turned on the lights. Needless to say, there was a lot of stuff here. Computers, printers, a seismograph, stacks of paper, desks; it was like walking into a college classroom.

Sunset noticed someone was sleeping near one of the desks. Twilight went over and petted the dog’s head. “Spike, what did I tell you about sleeping down here?”

“Ugh, it’s too hot to sleep up there, even with the A/C on,” Spike said with a yawn as he opened his eyes. He then looked up and saw the others. “Uh…what are they doing here?”

“Be nice,” Twilight admonished him.

“Wait…did that dog just talk?” Sour asked.

“That dog has a name,” Spike growled slightly. “And I would think after everything that’s happened I’m the least of your concerns.”

“It’s a long story,” Sunset said simply.

Twilight went over and put on her lab coat, sighing slightly as if she just laid into a nice warm bath. “Feels good to be home.” She then went to her computer and inputted the data she had gathered.

Sunset looked around. “So…is this what you’d been doing before the Friendship Games?”

“I was…slightly curious,” Twilight admitted. “The seismograph picked up on something huge and once I realized it wasn’t an earthquake, it all started coming together.” She adjusted her glasses as she did more typing. “I’m doing comparisons onto what I discovered at Canterlot High. The signatures are definitely similar, but I can’t say for sure if it’s the same source.”

“Well, more or less I could say I’m pretty much the source at CHS,” Sunset said. “But I’ve never been to Crystal Prep.”

“Which makes me think you’re not necessarily the culprit,” Twilight responded.

“Uh…if you don’t mind me asking,” Lemon said. “How did you afford all this stuff?”

“Well, technically some of it belongs to Crystal Prep,” Spike explained. “Both Twilight and Cadance kind of twisted Cinch’s arm in a way.”

“I certainly didn’t hear about that.” Sunset looked at Twilight in surprise.

Twilight rolled her eyes. “He’s being over-dramatic. Some of this stuff had to be repaired so naturally I took off everyone’s hands and fixed it myself.”

“Wow…that’s impressive,” Indigo asked.

Twilight turned in her seat. “When you girls told me about what happened, I tried to do some research on the school itself. Of course, I only found out what everyone knows: when it was created, who funded the project, etc. But there’s no explaining why it was put there in the first place.”

“Wasn’t the founder pretty rich?” Sunset asked.

“Yes, but that doesn’t explain the location. Crystal Prep is right dab in the middle of downtown. Sure it’s convenient for students who live nearby but the traffic getting there is horrendous and most Ivy-league schools are never right smack in the middle of the city.”

“So…you think it was put there for ulterior reasons?” Sunny asked.

“It’s speculation at this point but I’d like to find out more,” Twilight said. “And I think there’s only one place to look.”

“Wait…you’re not saying…” Indigo started.

Twilight nodded. “Principal Cinch’s computer in her office. Exactly.”

“Uh…first of all, why would she keep something so important?” Sunny asked.

Twilight shrugged. “She’s been principal for a long time so maybe she knows things. Also, Crystal Prep’s network is practically flawless, probably even safer than if she had a computer at home. I managed to break into CHS’ network once so I’ll have to talk to Principal Celestia about that.”

“Somehow that doesn’t surprise me,” Sunny said dryly.

“And besides,” Twilight continued. “Why cover up something if it’s not important? What I found today, that could only mean one possible thing…”

Sunset’s eyes widened. “Equestrian magic is somewhere at Crystal Prep?”

“That could very well be the case.”

“Okay hold on a second,” Indigo said, pinching the top of her nose. “You’re ultimately saying that you want to break into Principal Cinch’s personal computer and steal potentially important files?”

“Well when you put it that way, you make it sound more criminal,” Twilight commented. “But yes.”

“Huh…well good luck with that!”

“How long would it take?” Sunny asked.

“Huh?” Twilight replied.

“How long would it take to download those files onto a USB?” Sunny asked.

“It depends on the size of the files,” Twilight said. “But depending on that…anywhere between five and twenty minutes.”

“You can’t be serious!” Indigo snapped. “It’ll be bad enough if she finds us in her office but stealing stuff from her computer-!”

“Which is why it has to be me,” Twilight said. “Like it or not, my days at Crystal Prep are over anyway.” Oddly enough, her words caused the five girls to glance at one another and frown.

“Okay, but if you get caught, at best you’re still going to get arrested and that’s if Cinch is in a forgiving mood,” Sunset warned her.

“I know…which is why we need a distraction,” Twilight said. She looked to her former classmates. “I understand you wouldn’t want to get involved, which is why I won’t make you if you choose not to, but one way or another I’m getting those files.”

There was a long silence until Indigo sighed and looked back at her. “How big a distraction do you need?”

“Well, obviously something that gets Cinch’s immediate attention,” Twilight said. “And big enough to keep her away for awhile.”

The girls looked at one another for a moment. “I think we might have an idea…” Sour said sweetly.

After spending a few more hours at Twilight’s, everyone else headed back home to prepare. All except Sunset that was. She headed to the local café in Canterlot and sat down at one of the booths. She ordered two espressos and patiently waited.

Soon, Twilight came by and sat across from her. Of course, it wasn’t the Twilight from this world but Princess Twilight of Equestria. “Sorry if I’m late.”

“Its fine, I just got here,” Sunset replied. “I ordered us both something. I hope I’m not keeping you from anything.”

“No, although we did just have an issue of our own,” Twilight replied. Getting a look from Sunset, she added, “Changelings.”

Sunset grimaced. “Again?”

“Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of now. But enough about me, is everything alright?”

“I don’t know,” Sunset replied. “It just…started today. I heard this weird voice in a dream…and for a moment I felt…her presence.”

Twilight looked concerned. “You’re absolutely sure?”

“I dunno…maybe,” Sunset replied. Soon the waitress came with two cups of coffee and Sunset took a sip of hers before continuing. “I’m not saying I’m worried about all of a sudden changing back to her but…the whole thing was both new and disturbing.”

“I wish I had an answer for you,” Twilight said. “But, maybe its just anxiety? You told me the Twilight here went through a similar episode?”

“Yeah…maybe you’re right, but with what I’ve heard about all these disturbances…you haven’t heard anything on your end?”

“No, but I’ll certainly look into it,” Twilight said. She then took a sip as well. “You’ll have to forgive me but…this isn’t the only thing bothering you is it?”

Sunset smiled. “I see the Princess of Magic has become good at reading people too.”


Sunset sighed. “I’ve been…thinking a lot these past couple of months. I’ve been debating about whether it’s time to…you know.”

“Oh.” Twilight then reached over and took Sunset’s hand. “You know you don’t have to be afraid. I for one would love to have you come back and…well, there’s someone else who’d really like to see you.”

“I know.” Sunset smiled. “It’s just…do I have to choose one or the other? You know how much I’ve done here.”

“Hmm…maybe it’s not a question of choosing. It’s summer break here now right? Perhaps now would be a good time to…take a vacation?”

“…You know what, that’s not a bad idea at all. Maybe when this gets resolved I’ll do just that.” Sunset then grinned. “Maybe then I’ll get to meet the newbie.”

Twilight laughed. “She’s hardly a newbie. I mean, she’s definitely at your level at-”

“We’ll see about that.”

“No doubt,” Twilight grinned. “I’m just glad to hear Twilight’s doing better now. And I’m also glad to see you as well, we haven’t been able to catch up in awhile.”

It was then Sunset realized something, something she wasn’t enthusiastic to tell her. “Yeah…listen um…about you and Flash…”

Twilight’s demeanor deflated slightly. “Oh…is he with someone else now…?”

Sunset grimaced slightly. “Well…the thing is…I think we all know this whole relationship isn’t going to work out is it?”

Twilight sighed. “Perhaps not…he asked you out again didn’t he?” Sunset’s shock must have been apparent for she smiled. “I kind of had a feeling something like this would happen…I thought it would be other Twilight but she has a different boyfriend now so…”

“You’re upset at me aren’t you?” Sunset asked. “I didn’t even really say yes-”

“It’s fine, really,” Twilight said. “The first two times I came here I had a mission to accomplish and…well along the way Flash came. But after what happened at the Friendship Games, I realize you can pretty much handle anything- not to say I wouldn’t help you if you asked me, but…I’ve less a reason to be here now I guess. And honestly, if both of you are happy, then I’m happy too.”

“Thanks Twi.”

“It’s what friends are for, right?” Twilight asked. “And really, if you need me, I’m only a few pen strokes away.”

“I know…I just hope it’s not something where I need to call you,” Sunset replied.

The two talked some more for awhile until Twilight looked at the clock. “Oh…I think I better get going,” she said. “You never know in Equestria these days…”

“No doubt.”

Twilight then went through her pockets and dished out a few bits. She stared at them for a moment and realized her mistake. “Oh…right…forgot about that…”

Sunset shook her head in amusement. “It’s alright, I’ll pay.”