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Sunset Shimmer is a lot of things. She's an ex-unicorn from another dimension. She's a bit of a bookworm. She's the popular girl at Canterlot High who's now friends with everyone despite her past. But she's never considered herself a demigod.

So why do people keep calling her that?

Two "What If?" opening chapters of a crossover that's not just "character x gets transported to Equestria" between My Little Pony and the Percy Jackson books. Due to not really knowing Greek mythology enough to do this crossover justice, but wanting to write something decent, there will not be more chapters to this.

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And then Percy and Annabeth's brains crashed due to being filled with, Greek stuff, Roman Stuff, Egyptian Stuff, Norse Stuff, Stuff from school and finally magical pastel colored pony stuff.

Why not turn this into a full story? You seem more than capable enough, and if the issue is not knowing enough about Greek mythology, you could always ask for help in the crossovers or looking for editors groups, especially since I doubt anyone will care if you're not super accurate with the mythology (the books did take some liberties too).

7921634 I agree, you should continue this.


Please let that completed tag be a lie; you definitely need to continue this story (regardless of which-or both- path you take).

7922103 In the Son of Neptune, the book that introduces the Romans, it's said that two people guard the entrance to their camp outside of the Caldecott. It's implied that Sunset saw those guards when she first arrived in San Fransisco for her trip and a few days have passed since then.

This is good. This is very good. I would read a whole story composed of 2-3 chapter vignettes about various franchises thinking Sunset is one of "whatever-special-type-human" that's found in their world. Excellently done!

I like it, we need more Percy Jackson crossovers.

I'd really love to see Sunset try to explain "I'm not a child of Apollo, I'm a Unicron from another Universe" "But the monster said you smelled like a child of Apollo?" "I spent a lot of time around basically an Alternate Dimensional Pony Sun Goddess so it probably got confused!"
Also, there has to be some joke about Percy's ability to talk to horses.

That said, even if you don't continue either of these stories, would you open the idea up for other authors to use these?

Loved the idea,nice work. :twilightsmile:

7922286 I'm not opposed to following this up... it's just that I don't know if I can do it justice. An opening is easy, finishing something is the hard part. I'd need a lot more knowledge of Greek mythos to do this properly in my mind as well. Enough so that it stands out from the Percy Jackson books. And... truthfully, I didn't expect this to gather much interest, maybe get a read or two and then forgotten.

But as I see that there is an interest in it... maybe. That's all I can say right now.

This is really good. Please I beg of you continue this.

The tease from these little openers is killing me.

7922398 I know a lot about starting things and never finishing them(If I had a dollar for everything in my unfinished pile:ajbemused:...), so don't feel too pressured!
As for the Greek Myth stuff, well, since this is a crossover, a lot of the major work(most Gods and more well-known myths) has been done through Percy Jackson anyway, so those that already appeared can be written as if they were just another character and not a 'Greek Myth'. I mean, in all technicalities, the whole Percy Jackson series is basically a OC-Centeric Modern AU of Greek Mythology anyway.
There are also plenty of sources for more info in Greek Myths, especially if you ask around the PJO fandom, as a lot of us delved way into that stuff. And from there, it's about personal interpretation of how it would go.
That said, even if you don't feel up to continuing, how would you feel if someone did want to continue this themselves, or at least use the concept? I'm not saying I would, considering aforementioned unfinished pile(:ajbemused:), but if I did get smacked with inspiration, I wouldn't want to overstep my boundaries.

7922472 I can't stop you from taking inspiration from this; there's nothing I can do on that front. But as I might follow this up, I'd appreciate if you credited me for the original idea somewhere.

7922398 Stick to a short plan then. With some conforntation, explanation and then conclusion. You don't need to make a huge epic quest with a few world changing prophecies.
As mentionned in earlier comments, some funny scene can be made out of the misunderstanding about what Sunset and friend really are. And you've showed us that even mundane things can lead to nice awesome action sequences.

7922398 I believe in you! Even if your story didn't do the original justice, I think that it would still be pretty great. I'm following this just in case anyway :>

Well... that was interesting, bit of shame to stop right there, but if you feel you can't do the crossover justice then you don't. Unless I haven't been paying attention I don't think there are any other fics that crossover with Percy Jackson, which given that for the most part deities walk the earth in MLP is surprising.

I actually had an idea for something like this, Sunny knowing full well she is a demigoddess though, but I've never even read the series so never tried.

Holy shit a good Percy Jackson crossover I am so happy!!! Seriously I really hope you follow this up even if you are worried that you might not be able to make it as good as the opening you should still make a follow up to this it was great and I am a huge fan of the Percy Jackson series as it was the first actual book series I read as a kid :)

7922898 There are some, there is a whole group for it, but their are only a few crossovers, and none with Equestria Girls besides this one.

7922898 Huh, now I'm imagining Sunset and Celestia meeting the Percy Jackson version of Apollo. The haikus... The haikus will never stop! (And I'd bet money that at least one character would join up with Artemis and her girls club. Don't turn me into a jackalope Arty! Probably Luna, cause you know... the moon)

And I could just imagine the Demigods meeting Discord. They would probably not even be phased by him cause of all the stuff they've seen. Which would get Discord quite peeved.

Wait hold on, what just happened? Am I the only one to notice that the story went from Percy and Annabeth leading Sunset away without her friends at the end of the first chapter to sunset and co being on a bus as if the first chapter never happened?

HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN EXPLORED BEFORE?!? I say this gets a :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: out of ten mustaches.

I think it's two different scenarios playing out. In one they never met Percy, and if they met Percy she probably didn't go back.

7923525 Yeah I just reread the description, my bad.

Maor!!!! MOAAAR!!

EDIT: this made it into the featured stories and it might gain lots of fame. The chapters were well written and maybe a little research might do if your willing to continue.

I have to say that this story is the first of its type that I've seen. And if these two chapters were expanded upon while maintaining the appropriate story structure and elements I know that they would do well. As is, it was a pleasure reading these two chapters.

Rainbow Dash-Hermes
Pinkie Pie-Dionysius
Applejack- Demeter
Fluttershy- Demeter
It works out surprisingly well.

Sunset names Percy "Logan". That's totally a coincidence... :raritywink:

7924874 Despite the movie being a giant steaming shit, I still enjoy the casting choices they did (besides Annabeth).

Yes, I like this! Please, if you get more ideas, continue.

That was surprisingly interesting. Of course Sunset and company is going to be throwing off everyone's scents (in some cases in a very literal fashion) because of their magic and the semi-parallels Equestria has to this particular world.

Now I'm wondering how their worlds are connected beyond the EQG portal and such. Although, knowing the Greek deities...

I'll just put it this way. Apollo is incredibly likely to have gotten laid if he got to Equestria in the distant past, and that might have led to Celestia.

This was a great intro as well! If you continue either prompt, I look forward to seeing where it goes! Thanks for sharing with us!

7923903 you seem to have two demeters. perhaps flutters should be artemis instead?

I believe this story will get an overwhelming request for more. I don't know if the author will cave to the pressure or not, but i'll be tracking it for a while, just in case. I really like what was done here.
(though, if it were me, I'd re-write it so the EQG characters had their Legend of Everfree powers. just because)

I think Rainbow would be a daughter of Iris not Hermes

Mmmm, such a tasty crossover, ripe with potential.

7925188 Demeter can have more than two kids. While Artemis is associated with animals, she is foremost a huntress. Plus, she doesn't ever want children. You make a good point though.

Gah!!!! Noooooooo!!!! Don't just leave it at that!!!!! This is really good!!!!

I could read any number of short scraps like this but i would absolutely love to read a full story like this!

7923903 I think Rainbow Dash would be Nike


I have to say you did really good but if you keep AJ and Fluttershy the way they are you just made them sisters which is fine but because of her closeness to animals I would think Fluttershy would be better as the daughter of Diana/Artemis. And she did use a bow in Friendship Games and hit the target so she does have natural skill in it, just needs to be tweaked a bit. But if I remember the Percy books they already have someone with that and Percy was the one that dragged Sunset shimmer to the camp.

On another note I just read through the comments and I think I will give this a read because it is new and none have done this yet so I really think you should continue the story. If you are worried about the giving the Mythology justice you can always learn it if you want. Basically look up each of the gods you are interested in portraying a lot and they give you synopsis of what happened with them. Those could really help you move forward no one would chatise you if you changed it around from how they interpret the myths.

Well, you caught my interest, and I don't even like the Percy Jackson series. I do hope you decide to write a full story out of your ideas...:yay:

Not bad, only one slip-up I spotted; you named Annabeth in the descriptive text before she ever gave her name. Other than that, pretty competent, I'd read more if you came up with it :twilightsmile:

7922398 at the very least follow up with the dialogue, please. The funniest part would undoubtedly be the "I'm actually a magical unicorn from another dimension". And we want to read that. You stopped just right before the funny part, in both versions :fluttercry:

But yeah, you can do it justice. You already have the plot, actually. Someone wants sunset for some reason. Not all stories are about saving the world, sometimes they are about helping the demigo - "what in Tartarus do you mean by being a unicorn?!" and stuff. Just write more abut this, please! :raritystarry:

This is an amazing story so far!

i could help you out with this i got both book series if you wanna go more then 2 chapters

PM her. I've pmed asking the same thing :)

I can't believe you think you won't do it justice. Just these little openers have:
-been on the featured page since it came out
-your other stories are very decent
-these openers are extremely good
-make almost everybody who reads it want more

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