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Rarity answers a fashion emergency for Princess Luna herself. In gratitude, Luna offers her a chance to meet her adopted nephew.

No, not that one.

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Cover art: Manehattan, what you do to me by lazyperson202

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Do you need a hand down there?

Or perhaps a hoof, instead?

Either/or I suppose. They've said hand before.

This was good.
The transition from perceived reality to dream was well done. Lovely little twist.
Wanna see that dress on Luna now.
Was wondering if sombered was the word you where going for or not. I can see it working. Sobered is usually the word used.

The idea came for it came from here if you'd like to see it.

Glad you liked it.

Quite interesting. Rarity's perspective is very strongly presented throughout. An excellent presentation of her at her best. Thank you for it.


Finally! Someone else who knows that!

~Skeeter The Lurker

This was easily the most time I've spent writing her. Good to know I got her right. Thanks.

I know, right? Someone should make a montage of them all on Youtube or something. Couldn't find one to respond with.

I want a story about Celestia's son:rainbowkiss:


Someone did, actually.

It was for the "cinema sins" version of the first EqG.

~Skeeter The Lurker

The follow up with Sweetie Belle was nice. I'd have thought luna commissioned the dress through spike.

This really was a well written character piece. I see the tendency in a lot of fanfic writers to assume the reader is already familiar with the character, and end up forgoing important characterization. In this, I wouldn't need to know much about the show to understand Rarity's personality, and that really lends itself to how well I can visualize the story in my head. Not to mention despite being a short and sweet story, it's ending brought me a satisfaction I rarely get from reading anymore. All in all, props to the author.

I don't think I understand what happened?

Honestly, they live in a world with griffons and minotaurs and arimaspi and dragons and monkeys. If anything, the fandom substitution for hand should be 'claw'. But then of course, someone would bring up minotaurs, and the politically correct word would eventually become hand.

On all other points, a rather fantastic little character piece.

That's Rarity for you, though--sending Sweetie Belle off to a camp-out with beauty items and a book to pique her interest in a proper sort of stallion...

Sheesh, I try to avoid using the word hoof for the thousandth time, and it's all anyone wants to talk about. :derpytongue2:

Good to know I got her right.

Rarity had read a novel about the character Seraph Sharp, and dreamed up a scenario is which she could meet him, much like kids might dream about being Jedis or superheroes.

Indeed. Best big sister ever.

Very nicely done! Good concept, excellent delivery, almost flawless execution. All around, a fantastic story! Just goes to show, stories don't need to be dozens of chapters long or have a long-term theme to be good. Sometimes, a oneshot is better than a 100k story.

A very good read! Keep it up!

This is good, but right now I appreciate it extra just because it's on the featured page and is not LOLRANDUMB.

Very good. I didn't pick up on the common theme of being naked in one's dream, feeling vulnerable and ashamed. Cool that you put that into the story.

I'm like 2% offended by that. My shade of randumb has far more careful thought in it than you think.

Story's great~

I don't read slice of life stories often but when I do it's just as good as I think it will be. This was nice.

A short, cute and clever tale. Well done.

Glad to meet your expectations!


7859581 father, forgive me, for I do not know what I am doing

You are the most interesting person in the world.

“Not a mare in Canterlot—not I, not Fleur de Lis, not even Celestia herself—could match you in that same dress, Your Highness.”

Because every normal pony is smaller than Luna, and Celestia is bigger than Luna.

7856016 just to be clear: he isn't a real pony?

Quite the nice story Minds Eye.
Very good characterisation.

I've always assumed most ponies were subconsciously speciesist.
Credit to Minds Eye for bucking the trend.

Rarity slipped in the book and zipped up the bag. “I’d say you’re ready to go then! Do you need a manipulatory appendage down there?”

"Rarityyy." Sweetie whined.

"We simply must be more careful about the words we use, Sweetie Belle. There aren't just ponies in the Filly Guides any more."

I wasn't sure what to expect, and the "hand" discussion threw me off. But for a standard vanilla character piece it was pleasant.

7861798 dang. Would've been awesome if he was.

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