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It's hard when you want two mutually exclusive things. That's the dilemma Big Mac faces, because becoming Orchard Blossom would mean giving up being Big Macintosh. Still, he can't help but wish he could somehow have both.

A very small story, just because.

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Should you decide to go onward, I would be quite interested to see where you take this.

I mean, at the very least, he could probably do what Eddie Izzard does, and dresses up, while remaining still him. It allows the comfort of exterior appearance, while still letting him retain his identity.

Nice and sweet. I liked it! <3

Who Orchard Blossom, and where is he (She?) from?

7846085 Did you see the Brotherhooves Social episode where Big Mac dressed up as a girl to pretend to be Applebloom's sister? That's where. :twilightsmile:

7846079 Thanks!

7846070 Yeah, I lean towards something like that, but with Big Mac not being an entertainer, but a country pony, it puts different obstacles in the way. And also trying to figure out how to end up at that point of comfort in a way that makes sense as a story is difficult. I don't want to just have like... Luna lay that option out to him in a dream or something that's a Deus Ex Machina cop-out, but for satisfying storytelling there does have to be some kind of precipitating incident, and I'm not sure what it would be.

Oh, my! What a delightfully accepting trans-spectrum story! :pinkiehappy: I love it!

This would make a really nice chapter (especially if extended a bit) in a longer story that explored more fully Mac's history and feelings about it. Has he felt that way a long time? When and how did he do the research that told him the change was permanent? And - pardon my delve into metamagic - if there's a spell to make a change one way, why wouldn't there be one to go the other, and/or why wouldn't it work on somepony who had already changed?

And of course, has Mac told anypony about this before? What happened? How does he get along with them now?

I could go on, but suffice it to say I enjoyed this delve and am glad to see more stories from you!

Light and laughter,

7846120 You ask good questions! And actually if I do end up expanding this, a flash-back about how this started and what his early experiences were like is not a bad idea.

I have a hand-waving idea about why the spell to change might be permanent, but even if it isn't, Big Mac isn't a unicorn, so he'd have to pay or get a favor for each back and forth, which still would complicate things immensely.

I actually have at least one more story on a similar theme coming out soon, for a given value of soon.

Oh, that was quite well done. Good story, good inner conflict, even if it was rather short- And you're right. Often situations like these have no good, clean conclusions. Nice work!

I still like this a lot.

7846179 Thank you both. I'm glad people are enjoying this odd little thing.

Where are the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo when you need them? :pinkiehappy:



I could imagine he encounters someone super deadpan, and they just flat out say "why don't you do both?"

7846816 Ha ha ha. Yeah, that'd solve things pretty quick. Though of course it presents all new problems of its own!


Well, it is a curse... :pinkiehappy:

7846100 I think there are more or less straightforward paths to things working out. At the very least, they're currently going out on a really weird date with this old dude that probably has arbitrary knowledge about trans-stuff. What that date looks like would probably work fine as a chapter even if it doesn't act as a larger precipitating factor to Mac working things out. And should you so desire, it provides a decent angle towards whatever pony and/or pony group you'd want to point them towards.

On top of that, Mac is going out, to a restaurant, in a dress, and without any clear dress-motivating factors like they had last time. Someone's gonna see them like that, and from there word is going to go in some direction. They weren't clearly out as trans until this exact point, and from there you have a whole group of ponies to work with. The ponies who directly see Mac get some potential narrative input, and word's inevitably getting back to AJ, Bloom, and the rest of the mane 6 and CMC, along with Granny. Also, Mac probably gets some direct mental input into what goes down, as opposed to simply acting as the repository for the trans-plans of others.

So, there's a pretty broad and well defined possibility space here that probably doesn't include Celestia or Luna, because they'd only really make sense here as an information source that never makes a true appearance. You also presumably have a place you want Mac to go with this, as an end-condition. The way from the start point to the end state likely makes some use of a subset of that possibility space. AJ in particular I'd think would have a lot more difficulty with an unsure Mac than a clear transition Mac.

As a general outline, I personally would probably start on Aglet, because jeez, then that allows for some AJ interaction, which has a decent array of possible interactions to work with (by tradition you'd start at the more confrontational end, and have a second interaction later, with the main conflict sources being her learning of this from gossip, meaning some degree of dishonesty, and the indeterminacy of Mac's gender identity, but you could always keep the interaction count at one), along with some lower key interactions with Granny and Bloom. Then, the really obvious next place to go is Rarity, because first, she's always known about this, and second she might actually be pretty knowledgeable, plausibly all the way up to pony-Izzard awareness if you want to go the really direct route. That interaction could be the big revelatory one, if you want, or you could have a bunch of others. The mane 6 has a bunch of fanonical coming out reactions, ones that'd presumably be adapted to the fact that they don't actually care overmuch about Mac, meaning they'd take a relatively objective stance.

So, yeah, lots of possible precipitating stuff.

This is good. Glad I took a bit of time to read this! :twilightsmile:

7849353 Those are some great suggestions! Though as the length of your comments makes pretty evident (though I already knew), resolving this in a way that isn't very trite or cheap would require me to embark on yet another lengthy epic, and I have too many of those on my plate already! Thus odds are that it won't happen. One more chapter, if I could think of a good way to wrap it up quickly, I might consider, but a novel-length treatment is pretty unlikely unless something unusual inspires me. :twilightsmile:

7849425 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

7850049 Yeah, there's definitely a super long version of this story. The shortest extension would probably just cover this weird date you've set up, which would incidentally allow for a lot of plausible conclusions to the arc. It seems unlikely that a longer version wouldn't feature AJ, or that Mac could plausibly conclude this problem solving expedition with her, so anything past that one chapter extension would likely mean about three chapters. And then, past that, it probably would inevitably structure itself as a ridiculous non-binary epic.

I liked the ending and all the possibilities it offered, which felt conclusive in itself.

8118036 I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:


I think this story is best left open-ended... I think that makes the impact much more powerful.

i love this story and should you add more which i hope you do ill gladly read it

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