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Button Mash has some things he wants to say about Sweetie Belle.
Why would I write such a thing? :unsuresweetie:
Because I am clearly a bad person. :trollestia:

Contains: Some pretty hurtful words directed at Sweetie and decided SweetieMash anti-shipping.

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WOOOO! Anti-Sweetie Mash. SpikeBelle all the way... will read in the morning.

*laughs ass off, downvotes* S-sorry about that, I...I kinda have to...:rainbowlaugh:
(Just kidding. Upvoted.)

That explanation though :rainbowlaugh:

Question: Did they ask for any pointers from a certain......formerly antagonistic pair?

we know it's all in jest dude. after all, Twilight is worst pony.

Good to know Button's not bitter about it :rainbowlaugh:

A+ Button Mash!

In the SWSV, such a report might have made DT very happy ... :rainbowlaugh:

I understand writing a hate letter to your ex, but in front of the entire class? For an assignment? Button! You should of done it on finals!

7844503 Kinda how I felt writing it. :pinkiehappy: Got done and read over it, and I was like: "I am a bad person and I should feel bad about writing this." :pinkiecrazy: Thanks.

I knew Button Mash had to be upset at Sweetie Belle for something... I totally see him pulling off something like this. :rainbowlaugh:

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