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Dude living in Michigan. Been writing since middle school. I love games and playing piano. Married to a lovely artist.

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I find it truly hard to believe that in over one thousand years and all the stallions she's taken to her bed, not a single one ever asked to try anal.

I thought about that. I think Good Sombra would be too much of a goodie two-shoes to want to, and all the others didn't have the guts to ask, or Celestia said no because she didn't think she'd enjoy it.

But you can't exactly break up the action of a sex scene to explain that. :P

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Act 3 bonus chapter.

Twilight wakes up happy and refreshed. She opens the door to get the news paper. She finds Fluttershy trying to sneak off with it. She talks Fluttershy into handing her the paper ( by teleporting it from her iron grip.) She reads the head line before passing out. She wakes up hoping it was a dream. She finds out it was real and screams.

It would be funny to follow this idea line just to have Fluttershy try to talk Twilight out of reading the news paper.

I'll admit I'm tempted to write this as an epilogue, but there'd have to be more about our couple to fully justify it. Still a very funny idea that I really like.

Why did I find it so funny?

Discord is a comedy gold mine

I really liked the first half, and the kissing scene was cute, but the moment you got to the sex and cunnilingus, I just have to say: THAT IS REPULSIVE! HOW CAN A PERSON WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?

I would advise not reading the second half then. I tried to end this chapter on a relatively tame, and a bit of a blue-ball note. Act 2? Not so much.

Also there's a porn tag right there at the top. I don't know what you expected.

My friend suggested it, I didn't choose to read it myself.

Great first chapter I really enjoyed the idea of Discord and Celestia having a secret friendship that followed of course more feelings. It makes all that happened at the end that much more tragic.

It's not exactly steeped in canon, but it's a compelling and plausible enough idea. It's definitely consistent with Celestia's character. Before Twilight showed up she pretty much never got to keep anyone she cared about.

I hope you enjoy the second chapter as much as the first.

Oof! That was... WOW.
*dunks self into a full bathtub of ice*
Okay, yeah.
That was good.
*jumps back into the bathtub*

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