• Published 3rd Apr 2017
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SunLight Sliders - Novel-Idea

Due to a minor calibration error, Sunset and Twilight find themselves lost in the vast possibilities of the multiverse. Now, they search for a way home… and find something neither expected in one another.

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Chapter 12 - Tchernobog

"Sunset, are you asleep?"

Sunset Shimmer stared at the wall, still curled up in the bed "Not really..."

"I can't sleep either..." Twilight murmured. Sunset heard and felt her shift on the bed. Much to their surprise, they'd discovered that it was a water bed, and every little motion sent ripples everywhere.

But that wasn't why Sunset couldn't sleep. As exhausted as she was, her mind couldn't stop going a million miles an hour, going over everything they'd seen. "Can't stop thinking?"

Twilight giggled quietly. "Yeah. You?"

Sunset shifted as well, turning to face Twilight. They'd set a pillow between them to give each other a little privacy, but Twilight was currently hugging it, staring at Sunset. "After all we saw? It'd be weird if I wasn't." Sunset rolled her eyes and groaned in frustration as her stomach growled.

"You really should eat something..." Twilight said, frowning.

"Not here. Everything's probably laced with those aphrodisiacs." She smirked as Twilight's cheeks reddened. "One of us needs to stay in control."

Twilight nodded into the pillow, her eyes peeking above it as she tried to hide her cheeks.

"We can always find a diner or something in the morning." Sunset shrugged.

"But we don't have any money! I think? I didn't actually check our pockets. Do you think the portal magic would give us money? Does it actually think that far?" Twilight gasped. "Does it think at all? It might have some sort of consciousness! Do you-"

"Twilight!" Sunset interrupted, halting her friend in her tracks. "I think we need to get back home first before we start on that." She grinned as Twilight nodded sheepishly. "If worst comes to worst, we can just wait until the Talisman is ready, go eat, then portal out. It would be the best eat and run ever!"

"Sunset!" Twilight frowned. "That's awful! And it’s the TPT!"

"Hey, I did say if worst comes to worst. I'd rather pay, but if we can't, I'd rather eat before we jump again."

Twilight was still frowning, but she slowly nodded. She hugged the pillow tighter, her eyes drifting to the side in thought.

Sunset knew Twilight well enough to tell she was holding back. "That's not what's really bugging you, is it?" Twilight's eyes snapped back towards Sunset. "Come on, Princess. Spill."

"You know you don't need to call me that..." Twilight murmured. Sunset's response was simply to raise an eyebrow. Twilight sighed. "It's what that Voyager Twilight said."

"Us being constants, you mean?"

"No-well, yes, but..."


"She said to not do it. She talked about choices. She talked about being gods." Twilight hugged the pillow even tighter, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. "Being a Princess is one thing, but a god...?"

"You don't like being a Princess?" Sunset asked, shifting closer to Twilight.

Twilight shook her head. "I do, I wouldn't change it for the world. I do miss how easy-going my life while I was still a student, but..." She shrugged. "No, I love being the Princess of Friendship. But a god? Of multiverses? I just..."

"Feel like you'd lose something of yourself?"

Twilight's eyes stared into Sunset's. "...yes. Exactly."

Sunset took Twilight's hands into her own, squeezing them tightly. “I told you before. I won’t let that happen.”

Twilight stared at their hands, then back at Sunset’s eyes. “I believe you.” She whispered, smiling.

Sunset smiled back, but quickly turned it into a smirk. “Now, I think we should try sleeping for real.” She raised an eyebrow as Twilight nodded slowly, her cheeks reddening. “Twilight?”

“Can you… um…”

“Can I what?”

“Can… can you hold me?”

Sunset blinked, staring at her friend who could apparently no longer look her in the eye. She looked at her hands, still holding Twilight’s. Sunset smiled. “Sure.”

Twilight’s face brightened. She quickly turned around, and scooted closer to Sunset until her back was against Sunset’s chest. With only a slight hesitation, Sunset wrapped her arms around Twilight’s waist, both getting as comfortable as they could.

Sunset murmured as they both relaxed, sleep overtaking them quicker than they’d expected. “I think I like being the big spoon…” She felt Twilight giggle quietly.

“I’ll return the favor later.”

“Okay…” Sunset yawned, her eyes fluttering closed. A last thought bobbed to the surface of her mind before she drifted off.

… Return the favor?

Sunset glanced down the corridor, looking for anyone else. Even if they were strangers in a strange land... Or universe, as the case might have been, there was always the risk of running into someone they knew. It was better if they were seen by the least people possible. Except for the diner patrons, but she was too hungry to care about anyone there.

“Coast is clear. You ready?”


“Talisman charged?”

“TPT is ready.”

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Okay, let’s go.” She stepped out of the bedroom, Twilight quickly following her out. As she pushed the door shut, she froze as the door opposite their room opened, followed by two quick intakes of breath.



Oh Celestia damnit…

As she and Twilight turned around, Applejack and Rainbow Dash stared back. Sunset grinned sheepishly. “Hey guys.” Her grin turned to a mortified smile as her stomach rumbled with the fury of a caged beast. “...you two hungry?”

Applejack snapped out of her stupor first. “I could eat, sure. I thought you guys were checkin’ out Everton though? What are you doin’ here? In a love hotel?”

“We, uh-”

“We came back!” Twilight blurted, her eyes wide in panic.

“But you called us from there this mornin’, and it’s a two day trip.”

“And what happened to your hair?” Rainbow asked, pointing at Sunset. “Last time I saw you you had a pixie cut. Even I know hair doesn’t grow that fast!”

Sunset stared at Twilight, who stared back at her. Or above her. Sunset fought a grin, figuring she could picture exactly what Twilight was thinking about now. But before she could say anything. Her stomach growled again, even louder than before. “It’s a long story. Buy us lunch and we’ll tell you all about it.”

Applejack and Rainbow glanced at each other, unspoken words passing between them before they turned back to Sunset. Applejack nodded. “Deal. C’mon, I know a place.” She said, grabbing Rainbow’s hand.

Twilight fell in with Sunset as they followed the pair, shaking her head. Sunset grinned, leaning closer to Twilight to whisper. “Look at them.”

Twilight giggled. “Just like at home.”

Sunset’s grin grew wider. “Equestria too?”

“They’re still trying to hide it. I think Dash just doesn’t want to look mushy.” Twilight laughed.

“We’re all just waiting for them to ask each other out at CHS.” Sunset shook her head. “I think we found another universal constant.” She said, earning a snort from Twilight.

“Hey, you two comin’?” Applejack said, turning to face them.

Rainbow grinned, waggling her eyebrows. “I bet they did last night~!”



“Rainbow!” Applejack glared. “Sorry ‘bout that one.” She said as Rainbow laughed, shrugging helplessly . “You know how she is. “C’mon. Breakfast is my treat. Tell us everythin’ there.”

“In every dirty detail-”


Author's Note:

"I still say Sci-Twi would've been a better choice! And Pixie Cut Sunset is best Sunset!"

[Editor's Note: Yes, folks. I managed to get Tchernobog to come out of hiding to write something! :pinkiehappy:]