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feelings come out when AJ & RD are trapped in a shed alone. They make-out and talk about their love for one another.
This is the first thing I've ever wrote so criticism is welcome.

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wtf is this shit. JK great story. I loved it :pinkiehappy:

bush did 9/11

You wot mate?

Rainbow Dash broke down and explained the prank to Apple Dash.

I guess you meant Applejack. That's one hell of a Freudian slip, though :pinkiehappy:

Apple Jack raised an eyebrow {do ponies have eyebrows???IDK maybe}


1) i'm not sorry about the Bush did 9/11
2) sorry, the AppleDash was a happy accident
3) I'M STILL CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!! where do the eyebrows go most of the time?!?


3) I'M STILL CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!! where do the eyebrows go most of the time?!?

I guess under the mane. Some ponies have pretty pronounced eyebrows though, like Tree Hugger or Plaid Stripes.

Do ponies have boobs? (this information will be important in the next chapter)

If they need them for a flop fic, then yes. Where is usually the point of contest since they cover up like a human but some people would prefer real life horse anatomy

i wanted it to be just like the episode ( with horse anatomy), but i'm more of a tiys person than an ass person and it wouldn't be as fun for me to write about them doing stuff with out boobs

Dash grabbed AJ's hoof and she flew behind Rainbow as the pegasus blasted out the window, knocking over Bon Bon & Lyra (who would not abandon their love, even as zombies).

this line is adorable.

Thanks, I think that they are one of the cutest cupples

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