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Louka the great

my name is louka the great i am a gamer,artist and sometimes a writer,i write crossover between mlp and video games from fossil fighters to kirby


This is the tale of Vivosaurs that have been sent to canterlot city.

But it's a good thing they can only be in Vivosaur form when they absorb there with their corresponding element.

A Vivosaur is a dinosaur revived in a fossil lab, and with elements bound to them and there are six different elements, Water, fire, air, earth, neutral and legendary.

Warning: this story is created by my imagination.
If you wanted a normal fossil fighters story, then look someplace else

Another Warning: I can get descriptive about the gore sometimes

And one more thing all purely negative comments you post, I ignore.

A crossover of fossil fighters(all three) and My Little Pony FiM EQG
I don't own ether of them

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