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“No can do, Twiglet,”

Aaaaand now I'm picturing a purple Piglet with Twilight's mane.

“I see you’ve remembered how to be an asshole.”
“You are what you eat,” Cloud noted. Twilight looked to him, bewildered.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh come on! I just got here And i want more already. Honestly, I think this story opened up my eyes to the types of stories I should like.


Maybe. Idk. I favorite this. I like this story.

I sense Cloud is rubbing off to twilight... or in this case "Twiglet"

Yes... plenty of rubbing involved

7875671 In some ways, yes, but but her personality (as well as most characters' personalities) has been altered in various ways for the story (hence the alternate universe tag).

...And so, Cloud’s HorseBalls™ remained dry and his stomach remained empty.

:rainbowhuh: ...Da faq

7880128 I know that feeling... after you pour your cereal and there's no milk.... make you want to give up on life. Knowing that once you throw that cereal away. Some hobo in the dump gets free food.... unlike you with your milk...

I am amused and interested. Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Sad to hear the old one was cancelled, but looking forward to the new stuff here. Also I like sarky Sparkle, hope to see more banter between her and other ponies.
Only complain is the lack of other ponies. I'm not sure Rarity has even been mentioned yet. Has she been in the spa since Summer Sun Celebration and lost track of time?

7881861 I hope you find the new stuff enjoyable! :twilightsmile:

Only complain is the lack of other ponies. I'm not sure Rarity has even been mentioned yet.

Rarity and Fluttershy haven't been mentioned yet, no. This is because I'm focusing much more on specifically important characters to the overarching plot this time to avoid the messiness of TQFTP. They will be used in the story later on, but for now I want to establish characters more slowly and build up their personalities gradually. That way, when they are used, I can use the pre-established characters to play off of them in (hopefully) a more comedic and interesting way. I'm going for a slope-in this time.
Also, there's more of a focus on Twilight. She's much, much more powerful and important this time around while Cloud is much weaker. While they will both get stronger and smarter, Twilight will always be (magically) superior.

7881922 Actually Fluttershy was mentioned without actually being mentioned in one of the first chapters. It was said about the manticore having been pacified in the Everfree. So you're just snubbing Rarity as much as possible I guess. :raritycry:
I'm sure she doesn't mind.
As a comment on the last one, I actually enjoyed it all the way through. I'm the weird sort of person that loves confusing, weird and hunourous stuff. If time travel and multiverse theory are thrown in, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a favourite. Hope this one has some of that, but maybe plan it out a bit more solidly so you don't burn out this time. :twilightblush:

7881943 Yeah, I went a little overboard last time! :rainbowlaugh:
I have a couple of things planned concerning time travel and multiverse theory but there won't be quite as much of it as before, and the main characters won't be doing it practically every five minutes!
Also, Rarity will probably be introduced before Fluttershy. :raritywink:

7881962 I don't mind who gets introduced first, especially concerning Rarity. I believe in equality so pointed out her lack of coverage, but honestly, Fluttershy is on my favourites list and she's somewhere in my neutral list. It's Pinkie Pie I wanna see more of. Write her well and I'll sell my soul and become to you, what Watcher is to Vesper in TQFTP. :rainbowwild:

Hehe, I like this. I gladly look forward for the next chapter. :)

Ummmm.... Not the kind of "Reward" (I'd say) I was looking for.... if you know what I mean...

I'll go now....

Why is the SUPPORT CIRCLE highlighted so much?

7939547 Just a stylistic choice I'm fond of, really. Later in the story there will be more of a point to it, but overall I do it because I enjoy it.

No. Just one mistake.

What are (you) talking about?! I suppose ‘thinking about’ would be the better phrasing here. There was no reply. Twilight! Dammit, she’s stopped the spell!

Finally read the last two chapters as I have been avoiding my tracking list for a while to read new stuff instead.

8019730 Thanks, don't know how I missed that! :twilightsheepish:

8020641 It happens to the best of us. Not every mistake can be caught. They are slippery little things and masters at hiding in plain sight.


I've seen this scenario written before, and I can only say that it's never really ended well. I'd love to give this a chance, but I'm afraid I'll end up underwhelmed. What can you tell me about this story that I haven't seen before that will really enthrall me to come back? :unsuresweetie:

8029616 Well, a big thing to note is that it isn't a HiE. There won't be any kind of twist where the lead character was a Brony turned Pony, because he just isn't. You see that type of thing a lot with these kinds of stories, I have nothing against it, but it isn't at all the case here.

Another difference from common trends with these is that the lead character doesn't have any big secret he's hiding for a nonsensical reason that only has the purpose of causing drama. The only thing that causes conflict is other people trying to screw him over, him being hired to do something so he can either get some cash or some peace and quiet, and his own idiocy.

While there is a theme of escalating power and all that jazz, the point of this story is to take a few interesting and fun characters and send them on adventures that are fun for me to write and fun for others to read. There is an overarching plot and a very final ending, but the point of this story is to have fun with the journey there.

All this being said, I understand that this kind of story isn't everyone's cup of tea and I take no offense to people who don't like the story. I just hope that if you do give it a chance, you'll enjoy it and have fun. :twilightsmile:



I supposed I'll give it a read then, don't judge a book by its cover, right? :twilightsmile:

8029676 If you like sarcastic humour, violence, sarcastic violence, mind-melting weird stuff and violent sarcasm; you'll like this. The original version was very good but the author lost control of himself and burned out. So far this one is proving to be just as good as the previous, but it's better written and easier to follow. This one promises good things. I strongly suggest reading it.
So Hybrid, when am I getting paid for the positive reviews?

8035887 *Slides money across table.*
Seriously though, thanks!

8036001 No problem. But if you're going to pay me, pay me in more awesome chapters. I won't settle for anything less. Literature is the only currency I accept.

8036034 Next chapter should be finished and up tomorrow!

This site needs to sort out the spoiler bars. Can't click them on mobile. Having to copy past and stick it in something else to read gets very annoying. Anyway, Luna/Twilight vs Celestia? Hmmmm. Celestia knows more about cloud than she lets on.

8042826 Glitches are super annoying. :applejackunsure:

But the true question here is motive... :trixieshiftright:

8042989 Knowing how you write characters I have deduced the motive to being 'for the lulz'. She's had nothing interesting for 1000 years. She's making up for it.

Edit: god damn the typos I am doing right now.


Twilight tried to clear her mind of the sticky situation.



Meanwhile, in an alternate universe…

I thought you'd forever abandoned your first child to the abyss. Guess it's harder to keep down than you thought.

8051694 Bah! I could never completely abandon that wonderful mess!

8051729 Ohana means family. Family means no story gets left behind. Or forgotten.

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