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Murky and Unity are friends, but they used to be something more. Unity reflects on what brought them together, and how they made the hardest choice either of them had ever faced.

Note: Unofficial and not affiliated in any way with FuzzyVeeVee. Not 100% canon compliant; conflicts slightly with From Whence Till Now. Under no circumstances should you read this before Chapter 24 of Murky Number Seven.

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Comments ( 13 )

Time to read this after completing the murky story just earlier

Sweet! I was waiting for someone to try their hand... er... 'hoof' at another Murky story. I'm so addicted to FoE stories I started writing my own. Keep them coming, I say. :twilightsmile:

Finally, we need more OTP Murkity sap. Please do more.


Always nice to hear from my Murkity-shipping co-conspirator. (Who, I seem to remember, was on the Murkege Train much longer than I was!)


The relative lack of MN7 side stories really amazes me. I'm hoping more will crop up now that it's done.


If you read this and like it, let me know!


Why would you say such rude and hurtful things?!


Hey, we were both there. Thankfully, we both saw the Light of Murkity.

And it was good.

Hey there, a little later than I promised, but I got around to checking this out. It really caught me by surprise that someone would go to the effort with this to create something based on a story I wrote, and for that I'm immediately very grateful. It's always really interesting to see how others view them and write them, but I never expected this sort of thing to happen. You certainly put a smile on my face by this even existing.

Even moreso when I realised this would be from the perspective of Unity, and not Murky himself. That was a surprise! A totally new viewpoint on it, very cool. It's pretty cool how many little details you remember and spotted about their time before they lost their memory, remembering that Mister Peace knew them, that Grindstone owned them, lots of fun "Eee people spotted that!" from me. Also very delighted that Unity seems to see Murky as a character in the way I hoped he presented. Murky doesn't realise all he does, but while he's weak and scared he's just a little dynamo of determination and heart to keep moving. Having this from Unity let that be straight up called out and it's very satisfying to see.

And what can I say, it's kinda d'aww at points. I do enjoy the ships people have attached to this story.

Thanks very much for putting this together, it made for a fun view on how others interpret them!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually wrote this a few months ago, well before the finale came out, but I was holding off on uploading it until MN7 completed.

I was writing this entirely from memory of how MN7 went with its description of that time period, which is why it conflicts so badly with From Whence Till Now (which I only realized when I reread MN7 a couple months before the finale.) Such is life, I suppose. :facehoof:

Thank you so much for reading this and letting me know what you thought! MN7 is my very favorite story, so I'm grinning from ear to ear right now.

For some reason, it was hard to pin down most o' my thoughts on this short chapter, except I definitely felt the warm delight during their shared moments of tenderness, sweet and bittersweet, and the pangs of anguish as things inevitably went (further) downhill. It all felt very genuine. You seemed to capture the essence of Unity and Murky's relationship nigh-perfectly. I especially enjoyed all the little touches, like the scenes with their love lock and Unity being the one who gifted Murky his beloved journal. Also, it sure was good to read lines from Mr. Peace again. I ain't sure what else to say, but thank ya' for writin' this addition.


Thanks Fireheart! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

7927891 Sure did! :ajsmug: I encourage ya' to keep up the good work :yay:

Great piece of writing. Loved how this was from the perspective of Unity. My heart just melted away at all the scenes with Murky and Unity together, from giving each other Hearthswarming presents, to sharing their first kiss together, and not least of all the profession of their love for each other as they clicked the love lock in place.

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