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I enjoy MLP, and Spike is my favorite character

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KO awesome story, though you left one thing: what is Rainbow Dash's breasts hope it's H-cup or at least G-cup.

7958998 I just added it, she has F-Cup breasts.

the plotline is vary interesting.

7959008 Ah hah! I see what you did there. Well played.

So interesting idea. But I can guess what will happen.

Spike will in the next couple of chapters have sex with one of the ten girls accompanying him on this vacation. And though out this story he have sex with each one. Might be two or three at the same time.

He'll then considering this is a hearm fic confess his love to all of them then make love to all of them.

Am I wrong?

7959015 You're not that far off. But it won't just be the 10 girls he'll be having fun with.

7959030 Buddy, it's too soon to guess.

Why are so many writers obsessed with oversized breasts? Least the past 5-7 Spike's harem stories all the mares have had at least G-cup breasts at the minimum.

His unicorn fridge

Don't you mean Friend?

What? I tease." she chuckled, waking away.

That's walking away

keep it up. I want to see action

7959035 no offense but cliche plot lines tends to do that. Still an interesting permise tho

7959005 KO cool, also I need your opinion of the breasts sizes of my story Dojo's Bizarre Adventure. Hopefully I didn't overdo them.

7959106 I didn't read that story. Nevertheless, what are the sizes?

Better get more out...

7959107 KO well first: the story is awesome but not what others thought. Second: The Dazzlings are H-cup, Principal Celestia is K-cup, Sunset Shimmer is G-cup, Rainbow Dash is E to F-cup, Applejack is F-cup, Pinkie Pie is J-cup, Rarity is E-cup, and Fluttershy is G-cup, the other characters like the Shadowbolts still haven't decided yet.

Awesome opening. Though I also hope you have time to work on your other fics. Casonova Student and Dragon and Celebrities really have me interested. But I look forward to this too since you'll be adding Starlight and the CMC into the mix. Carry on my friend.

Nice job so far, but i actually think you need to lower the breast of the girls. I mean C cup or D but F Or H cup, that just seems way too big .

Okay that last bit caught me off guard. I don't believe I have seen AJ take the lead before anyone else in these kind of stories. Not unwelcomed, just new. Guess everyone else will have to catch up to her.:ajsmug:

I don't know about the others, but I think the breasts sizes are just fine in this one. And this is a sort of premise that I would always get behind.

Great chapter, I hope we get to see some really unique situations Spike ends up in with the girls lol.

7960286 Um. I think you mean Spike.

7960316 Right sorry like, just got done reading a bunch of Naruto fanfics so kinda had his name on the brain lol.

Okay. I have to ask. What are the heights for these ponies?

7960446 Well, Applejack and Rarity are a bit taller than Spike by a few inches. He, Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Starlight are roughly around the same height, while Twilight is kinda shorter.

7960463 I also added something to the description. This story is in the same universe as Dragon and Celebrities along with Spike's Time with the Pie Sisters.

Fact: Takes Place in the Same timeline as Dragon and Celebrities, and Spike's Time with The Pie Sisters.

So by chance we'll be catching the celebrities in this one as well?


That's quite interesting, makes for some encounters possibly where Spike runs into others from the other stories...

Well, this story takes place before Dragon and Celebrities, and before Spike's Time with the Pie Sisters.

Speaking of Dragon and Celebrities, and Spike's Time with The Pie Sisters, when was the last time you had an update of either of those two stories?

7965565 I'm trying to work around updating those stories. Along with a few others.

7965751 I can vouch for that aspeshaly spike's life with ladies.

I can tell I'm gonna enjoy this as much as Sex-Ventures.

7961566 WHAT?! Oh dang!!

Oh well. Make a note of chronological order.

1. Island of Pleasure and Paradise.

2. Spike's Time With the Pie Sisters

3. Dragon and Celebrities.

Or is that the other way around for the last two?

7989448 Okay, I'll just wait for this story to be completed. And then I'll read the others.


That means celestia and Luna are at the resort. If the the feeling I got off of how they went after him in Dragon and celebrities.

Wen r u goin t make more chpters

Is this dead? It has been almost a month.

8001293 a story can go more then a month and not be dead.

7961566 why haven't you linked them as sequels yet?

Not reading any more until the grammar's fixed. Plain and simple.

7989448 hey quick question, I'm writing and I submitted my story last night but it still says waiting for approval , how long does it usually take?

8086389 Well, it takes time. But here's one thing you should know, if you submit enough stories you can auto approve them to be published.

8086391 good to know thank you

loving this story! plz continue.

Did something happened?
Because I got a message where it said that there was a new chapter.

8088309 I accidentally hit publish.


No rush or anything. But when do you think the next chapter will be published?

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