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Bruce Wayne has trained long and hard to rid his city of crime. However, upon his return home, it is his city that surprises him , when after his first outing, a foul-mouthed yellow unicorn crashes through the mirror into his house.

This is a jokefic, inspired by the Sunset Knight fic by Metalhead, of which I hold a strong opinion, which I shall not be expressing here. It will be updated sporadically (or not at all), never edited and may or may not contain questionable humor, strong language and a lap dance.

First Published
11th Jan 2017
Last Modified
11th Jan 2017

You couldn't remove the whites from the Sunset Shimmer picture?


It's intentionally roughshod.

Also, yes.

>>7859674 Well, it's weird to look at, but if it was intentional then fair enough, my friend.

This is gonna be a fun ride.

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