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Outlaw the Changeling


Equestria has been torn apart by war; torn apart by greed. By selfishness. By Jealousy. The wastelands are corrupted with Raiders, Mercenaries, and Outlaws that continue to do damage. But when a changeling, suffering from amnesia, wakes up in Stable 7 with no memories of his past, or of who he is. Hope has been found. Not only for the wastelands, or the filly he's helping, but for Equestria as a whole.

Loved Kkat's Fallout: Equestria as well as ALL the fallout games so I've decided to make one myself.

This will also be a choice driven story. At the end of every chapter, there would be three choices ranging from Good (+good karma -bad karma), Neutral (-good karma and -bad karma), and Evil (-good karma, +bad karma). The choices made will influence the Lone Changeling's behavior as well as the ones around him and the decisions made will affect the story.

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I say No. I like the minuteman kind of deal, trying to help out the world at large doing good, protecting the innocents as best as you can.

But that's not all I'm going to pick, sometimes to do some good you got to bad, especially in this world.

I choose > NO

For dog meat id like it to be a wolf-dog hybrid

Interesting story! I've never participated in a choice driven story before... this might me fun! :raritywink:

Voting due date is Feb 1st so be sure to tell your friends to make their decisions before time's up.

7902029 oh yeah, Dogmeat vote is wolf-dog hybrid!

7902029 put you out in the shout out group, not to many ponies there, but hopefully a few will come out to check this out.

Thank you.
I put my story in the same group as well.

no, plus if he tries anything you got a pistol

Before I read it, what is the Gore and Dark for ?
and how bad does it get ?

Bad enough for the tags. Not bad enough for a mature rating.

So far.

Not my business. (Neutral Karma)

this is gunna be fun.

This seems like an interesting story.
My answer is no, simply because this would give them a possible safe haven. And for dogmeat I say Australian cattle dog, haven't seen that breed in a story like this yet and it's not too far fetched.

It's still early, they need as many allies that they can get, I say Help the mare.

What about the teaching of survival tactics to Apple Bloom, which one does he teach first?

7979011 uh name the ones your talking about please

Teach her to shoot.

Teach her first aid.

Teach her how to sneak.

7979069 shoot, then sneak, first aid after. Defense, hiding so no defense is needed, first aid when it all goes wrong.

7979069 question: she also has a pipbuck right?

7979083 No, since she never got her cutie mark she was could not get one and be put to work. She also didn't take the C.A.T.

This story will have alternate endings, right?

Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how people react to the end.

Could you let people know that chapter 2 is up please? I don't think the watchers got the memo.

7980333 I'll post in Shout outs (which you shouldn't do, because you cannot self promote). and you should post a blog everytime you post a chapter, that works well.

It's too dangerous to outright try and save them, not while he has Applebloom, I say he find a way to draw the alicorn's attention(neutral).
As for what he should reach her first I say teach her to sneak. That way she will be able to hide while he handles the baddies til she is more emotionally stable and willing to fight someone.

Thank you, be sure to tell others about the story, and to vote and prepare for the future.

Deadline for the voting for this chapter is march 5th. Vote before the deadline is up.

7987124 That's not what I ask

Before I read it, what is the Gore and Dark for ?
and how bad does it get ?

I answered that question before. Bad enough for the tags, but not so bad a mature rating is needed.

If you meant the story:
The story is fun and interesting, and you are allowing the readers to help our heroes on their quest. I have only seen this in comics so this is refreshing. I hope you continue writing this story.

If you meant my vote:
Neutral and he should teach Applebloom to sneak first.

Sorry if this was a bit long winded, but I was unsure which you were asking so I thought, "Why not answer both?" And thank you for writing this story.

I was actually asking what you thought of the chapter, with the twist in it and all that. But I'm glad that you enjoy my story. don't worry, I will continue the story. Also, I think I might have to vote myself because the vote is a tie. You chose Neutral, and Devildogg20 chose Good. And that deadline is coming quick.

Hopefully you won't have to and the other readers will see that you updated and come vote. I'll try to spread the word.

I choose neutral, think it's safer that way '-'

Saved by the bell for me. B.T.W what about the survival teachings vote for Apple Bloom.
The options are in the author's note at the end of the chapter.

oh sorry i forgot about that, i vote: How to Sneak so she can peace out if shit get real :derpyderp2:


so far it's cool! I'm just missing the protagonists' stinger.... he haven't used that yet

Don't worry, he'll use it. Also, what did you thing of the little twist I added in there, with the H.C encounter?

I never did ask you two. What did you think of that little H.C situation, with the bombing of Borderville?

8016564 kinda quick in my opinion, now HC just an enemy themat he wants revenge on, instead of a repeat antognistic grouo, that he's trying to stop.

I really liked it. Not the fact that they all died that made me mad at the HC guys. It was an interesting twist that adds some emotional baggage to their journey. It was very sudden and unexpected but I think that if this were an actual situation it could possibly have ended like this instead of the HC guys just giving up on their plans.

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