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Ok then....:rainbowderp:
That's one way at least.....:unsuresweetie:

Source to full image?

We need more Changeling smut on this site.... I haven't read it yet... watching Gremlins, but you win so much kudos for writing a sadly lacking niche in the fandom.


Can't link it since it's NSFW but search for Vulapa on derpibooru. Should find it pretty fast.

7820803 *reads your user description* are you my long lost twin?

7820851 i can be if you want:scootangel:


Gotta read this later but.... SWEET CELESTIA'S HOLY TAINT YOU'RE BACK!


7821122 really?.....:trollestia:
Oh my:raritywink: how awfully forward of you:eeyup:

Mmmhhhh...... so kinky:trollestia:
I like it:trollestia:

JK:rainbowlaugh: but still... Yay for friendship!:scootangel:

7821324 you sure you aren't my non-biological twin? cause you have my humor as well:rainbowlaugh:

7821327 who knows?:ajsmug:

Maybe i'm a Finnish version of you:pinkiehappy:

Or am i a changeling robot android from outerspace somewhere near Pluto?:pinkiecrazy:


7821034 I missed him too haha! He always wrote the best stories that got me attached to the character and hard at the same time :twilightblush: P.S. Great story! Glad you're back!

I really enjoyed this. I never thought of changeling sex before. It's interesting how they share the "love" they collect with the rest of the hive.

I had a few days to accomplish my mission, but time not being fucked was time being wasted.

I like how he thinks.

Noting their personal taste, I turned my magic to making a few changes to myself.

Would he even change gender if the prey love donator would prefer it?

Maybe they should have used a big-scale version of this for the wedding...

That was utterly delightful and delicious.

Well, that happened.

Damn fine love collector :rainbowwild: :pinkiegasp::heart::pinkiesad2:

Hive get energy , pony have a good time. Symbiotic relationship everyone can enjoy! :yay:

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