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Inside Wonders - Flighter

Ever wondered what it was like to be making a show or a movie? Rarity just so happens to stumble across a slot into the real deal.

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Chapter II: Newsletter

Rarity turned out to be being pretty nice considering she had just stepped on a lightbulb. She had given Sweetie Belle one of her favorite breakfasts, oats with maple syrup. Rarity thought it was strange, but it didn't taste bad and Sweetie liked it. That was that and Rarity wouldn't mind obliging.

The stylish mare sighed as she watched Sweetie Belle hard at work, Sweetie thinking up her own idea. Rarity admired and wished she had the ability Sweetie had. The ability that Sweetie Belle always had something to think about; always a problem to solve. Rarity wondered what she was thinking up right now.

Other than her own room, there was only one place in the house that Sweetie Belle owned. It was a special room to her because Rarity wasn't allowed inside of it. Sweetie called it the "Board Room". It had a very large board in it and she could use whatever she needed to get through with it. Just being near it helped her think. Right now she needed to find something for Rarity to do and it wouldn't be a cakewalk, Rarity was an extremely picky mare.

She liked sewing. If Sweetie could find anything with that in it, she might like it. Lessons for high amounts of money? More exciting for the students. Designing dresses for princesses and queens? How would Sweetie even accomplish that? She'd have to go on a walk and get some fresh air. But before she did that, she had to see a bit more about Rarity. Deep down in her, today. She hadn't done this for a few years as it was extremely tiring and hard. It would take some energy out of Sweetie Belle before she took a long walk, but she was determined. More determined than you could imagine.

Sweetie began the questions with this simple question that Rarity answered differently every day, "What is your favorite color today, Rarity?"

Rarity sighed and thought about it. Not a grey, black or brown. Maybe a pearly white or a pale yellow. Pearly white for sure, "A sparkly pearl white, I think," Rarity had no idea why Sweetie was asking this, but it was fun, so she answered truthfully. This alone was making her grudge soften a bit, "Still, why are you asking this, Sweetie?"

"It's all up here," Sweetie put a hoof on her forehead, indicating that she meant her brain, "Next question, what is a hobby you like to do without me that's not sewing or dressmaking?"

"I like photography, but I'm not extremely popular in that department..," Rarity remembered last time she went on Facehoof. A nightmare. The picture she posted got so much negative feedback she quit the site, never to return, "I guess there's more, but that's pretty much... all I can think of."

"OK... favorite fruit, please? This will help me extremely this time around," normally, Sweetie asked one question that was actually understandable towards the motive. This one was not that, "Yes, I know it seems strange, but please?"

"Pink pears, thank you for this... lovely interview, now I must be going. Sweetie, seriously, stop. I don't get where you get these ideas from, but they're nuts!" Rarity glared at Sweetie Belle for a second, not those harsh glares, but a glare none the less, and turned away towards her room.

Sweetie was very insulted by the fact that Rarity shouted that her interviews were horrible, but she held it in. She ran to her room as quickly as she could and started to cry softly in bed. She was still going to find something for Rarity to make her trust Sweetie again. What that was? Sweetie didn't know, but it was going to be an unforgettable experience, Sweetie was sure of that.


Rarity sighed. She would give Sweetie Belle some time to relax and calm down. She needed some time off of being an older sister, too. She was being unfair. She would get a nice breakfast at a Ponyville Cafe down the road. She would have had maple syrup oats if she hadn't knew she was going to give herself a treat soon after Sweetie's breakfast.

The white mare left a note on the kitchen table if she was still gone when Sweetie Belle came out:

Dear Sweetie Belle, I am out at the cafe but I will be back shortly. This is perfect time for you to be alone and think about what you want and just let all of your feelings out. I will be at the nearest Ponyville Cafe. Love, Rarity

Rarity put on her winter coat and walked outside. Some lazy ponies still had their Christmas decorations up. She smiled as she reached Twilight's castle. She made sure she was looking her best and her basic makeup wasn't hurting her appearance. She took a very deep breath and knocked on the large castle doors.

"Hello, Twilight! I was going to a Ponyville Cafe to relax and clear my mind for a bit, if you could come I'd really appreciate the company!" Rarity smiled as she said this, knowing she looked her best.

"Sure.. Ow!" there came a large and chaotic crashing noise from the room to her left, "Eek! Let me get this sorted out first, you can help to speed things up a bit if you'd like."

Rarity looked around in the wonderful room she was currently in, it was a wonderful room. Purple, pink and navy blue. It was also extremely shiny and glittery. She took one last glance and head through the large doors, which, of course she opened by magic. Everywhere there were unorganized piles of stories and random books lying on the ground. It certainly needed a lot of work.

As they hummed they sorted the books alphabetically by author. It was hard work, but Rarity liked it. Rarity was one of the few ponies who actually enjoyed cleaning. Twilight was another, but she was OCD, so she didn't really count. For some reason each different letter had it's own color, so all the author's whose names start with "A" were a lime green. It was strange as she thought normally they were all different colors.

"OK, we can go now, Rarity. Don't get the french toast, please. It's really messy and could get on my fur," Twilight smiled at Rarity and Rarity smiled back. They both knew neither of them ever got the french toast and knowing this, they chuckled for a few moments.

They walked out of the grand structure of the "Castle Tree" as Rarity called it. They walked down the path towards the most famous of the Ponyville Cafes, the Coffee Mouth. It was a wonderful place. There was a grand entrance with a small pathway leading up to the entrance. You could see a few ponies enjoying themselves outside. They both walked inside. Inside it was packed but the line wasn't long. They settled for outdoor seating even though it was cold. They wouldn't want to be in that mess inside. They were handed a menu by their waiter and began to skim through it.

"Hm.. I think I'll get the creme and spice latte with a side of salad of the day, what about you?" Twilight nodded toward Rarity as she asked her.

"A classic cappucinino and a chocolate cake donut would be wonderful, I think," Rarity responded. Now was their time to wait for the waiters, which would normally take 15 seconds. It took about 20, but that didn't bother either of them.

"What may I get you ladies today? I must say our decaf is on the point!" this man might annoy Rainbow Dash. Actually, it was almost definite. A bit of her personality was what he had, but not a lot. That normally meant Rainbow wouldn't like them.

"For me, the creme and spice latte and a salad of the day. For Rarity a classic cappuccino and chocolate cake donut, thanks!" Twilight responded in her best tone with her best face on.

They waited for a while but didn't talk. They just thought. They thought more and more. Rarity was thinking about Sweetie Belle and her dressmaking. What if Sweetie Belle was planning her downfall? Probably wouldn't work. Most of the time Sweetie's plans didn't work. Hm. Not as many people were buying these days. Some were going to her other shop in Canterlot, but the majority was headed to larger businesses like Snappy Styles and whatnot. Sweetie wasn't planning anything bad, actually. She couldn't tell if it wouldn't affect herself or if it would help her, but Rarity wanted one of the two and thought they were true, because Sweetie wasn't normally like this when she was thinking of something bad.


Meanwhile in the house of Rarity, Sweetie Belle was just finished moping and back on her mission. She wiped the tears out of her eyes and opened her bedroom door just a creek. When she saw that Rarity wasn't in the hallway, she walked outside and down to the kitchen to clean up her dishes from this morning. She picked them up, glad she was doing it now, because in a few more hours the syrup would stick to the bowl and Rarity would yell at her again. She strolled over to the sink and washed the dishes quickly with a soapy sponge and water, then she left them out to dry on the table.

This was when Sweetie Belle found the note. She read it and smiled. Rarity was right, this would be the perfect time. The perfect time for her plan to reveal itself. Sweetie Belle took it and ran out of the door. All she had to do was prance around Ponyville happily and something would hit her.

Sweetie Belle barely ever had to do the hard work. This was what she thought as she pranced out the door. She skipped towards Fluttershy's cottage and they gave each other smiles. She ran past Applejack's farm and got a hello. All around she went, until it hit her. Yes, literally. It hit her with a smack. A flier that had come off of it's tree. This is what it read:

Want to be a Star?
An Acting Star?

It's simple! Show up at the entrance to Ponyville tomorrow and get a chance to be in our movie, Last Light! It's a comedy and adventure movie, if you're interested.

Three people who audition the best will be chosen to help and act in this movie. You will be payed a total of 120,000 bits if you are in this movie and help us along with it. Join now!

That was it! Rarity loved acting and helping backstage as well. Rarity was good, Sweetie Belle had to admit. Rarity had said she was at the Ponyville Cafe nearest to home, that one was the Coffee Mouth. Sweetie Belle ran as fast as she could towards that cafe. This would regain Rarity's trust if she got in to the movie!

"Rarity! Look what I found! It hit me in the face and I knew it was right for you," Sweetie Belle grinned as she saw Rarity. Rarity glanced at it for a few moments. 120,000 bits was a lot of money and for each actor, that would be a ton. Rarity needed that money for dress materials and she loved acting. It was perfect.

"Yes! I must get my sleep tonight or I will not be ready to try out. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to take it," you could tell Rarity was extremely excited about this, she payed the check and the two sisters left.

As they were walking home, Rarity told Sweetie Belle something, "Thank you for this, Sweetie, If I get in I will find a way to repay you."

"Thank you, sister," Sweetie Belle smiled as they walked back home in the late afternoon. They had taken a walk in the woods and it had thoroughly tired the sisters out.

Author's Note:

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