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The Hat Man

Specialties include comedy, robots, and precision strikes to your feelings. Hobbies include hat and watch collecting. May contain alcohol.


A young filly is working far from home for the first time in the city of Manehattan. She's eager to go home for Hearth's Warming to see her family... but when her career is on the line, she may have to make a tough choice.

Gadget is a child prodigy, an inventor, an earth pony, and the youngest employee to ever work at Vanderbull Industries. With boundless energy and a quartet of mechanical arms to assist her in the delicate work normally reserved for unicorns, she intends to prove herself to her mentor: minotaur industrialist Cornelius Vanderbull. However, doing so might mean spending Hearth's Warming alone, away from her family for the first time in her young life.

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Aww. :)

(And thanks for the gift, The Hat Man, and the same Happy Insert Relevant Holiday Here to you.)

BUT WAIT! if it was Turing last year and Gadget this one, who will be the star of the holiday next year?
Cobbler as the Grinch?

It's a touching side story to a great story. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.:twilightsmile:

I'm not diabetic, but I think I'm gonna need some insulin for the adorableness...

Wonderful and heartwarming! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the gift and Happy Holidays for you too! :yay:

Happy holidays man.

For more information about Gadget's invention

7818090 Well, about a month ago I was toying with the idea of explaining how Maud Pie found the little heart-shaped piece of rose quartz that she gave to Turing Test for Hearth's Warming, so that's an idea. But I guess we'll see. :applejackunsure:

Oh she is definitely precious.
Keep going! ;)

7819665 You are a master of the Christmas special, you know that?

climbed into the tall chair next to him, snuggling next to him.

'Next to him' is used twice.
Maybe rephrase as

climbed into the tall chair, snuggling next to him.

Also, is the unicorn figurine a reference to Deapool's closing sequence?
Though that unicorn farts money and doesn't rear up.

7875942 Ah, thanks! I fixed it.

And no, it isn't a Deadpool reference. I'm just immature and find the thought of farting unicorns funny. :twilightblush:

If the pipes that carry air to the brakes are ruptured, the whole system will fail.

Huhh... I guess Westinghorse didn't understand the concept of "fail-safe" like Westinghouse did. Their air pressure system should have been designed so that the brakes are normally engaged, and only disengage when there is pressure in the air line.

D'awww...so precious!! <3

Dawwww, I'm much too late for the party, and out of season to boot!

But darn it all if this didn't touch my heart :twilightsmile:


D'awwww. I just want to give her a hug.

I thought it was a reference to the one from squatty potty.

I'm Monkey D Wrench and I'm going to be king of R&D!
Gurrren Lagann reference?

It was filled with sketches and notes and books she’d borrowed from the library as well as her tools. They were right where she’d left them. Above the desk was a wall calendar. She looked at the date: Twelfth Moon, 23rd day, 999 CYP.


(Nyawwwww, cute story)

Oh, this story. The tears. The feels! THE FEELS!! Thank you for this story. It warmed my heart.

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