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Darkness Moon

Hey Guys! I'm Darkness Moon, but my friends call me Illiow (I know, weird name XD) What I love is the SunDagio! It is my favorite couple of all! I love horror, and the adventures, and romance



This story is a sequel to Outlast Dazzling

With Christmas on the way, Sunset plans the holiday with the Dazzlings but her friends are still suspicious. While Sonata plans dinner, Aria and Adagio search for gifts for Sonata and Sunset, but it will not be that easy.

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ok i get the dazzling dont want to hang out with sunsets friends and such thats fine but why does it need to be kept secret

Because the dazzlings do not feel ready to go back to canterlot high.

Lovely to see the bonds that can form from near death experiences.

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