• Published 24th Dec 2016
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Finding Artemis - Crensler

David, or rather Prince Artemis, faces an uncertain future. Is it possible for him to find happiness after a millenia of hatred and pain? Or will the past be a lingering shadow from which he cannot escape? Only time will tell.

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Nice to see an update!!!!!

Nice to see this story continue.

Your back! Thanks for the update!

This is... weird. I just reread this story this week. Suddenly an update. Are you stalking me creepy author man?

Oof, that bit at the end. Methinks the Queen he sees is not the one he thinks it is.

Happy to see you back, Thanks for Writing!

I love it. Another!

I wonder how the Yack situation will turn out?

And that last bit, ohh, I wonder what that is all about? Is Artemis going crazy(ier?), was it Chrysalis in disguise, or is something else afoot?

Yay! Update!

I think it is Chrysalis messing with him

All right ready for the next chapter in 2021.

Sweet, an update, it's been a while since last time XD, now the story contenue :D.

it may come around the end of this year, chapters are slightly less then a year apart. Have Hope

I feel like you didnt get the joke.

Diplomatic Immunity? Uh, that doesn't really cover attempted assassination of a head of state.

Though I'm surprised Cadance hasn't figured Artemis out by now, probably because she doesn't care. Earlier I thought she and Shining Armor were the only ones who DID care (not now though). Holding hooves and singing songs about friendship aren't going to help him at all. Eternal Night would have brought the death of the entire planet, that's why he hates himself and Luna. To get him to let go if this would mean abandoning his morality.

Also, Cadance pushing him into getting mindfucked kinda killed my liking her dead. Artemis said he didn't feel anything for the random mare that rubbed up against him and wanted to screw, but the ponies who I thought were his friends didn't care and forced him to entertain a thirsty trollop who is secretly trying to kill him.

I'm honestly wondering if any of the cast is going to actually BE his friend, instead of just pretending.

Ohhh thank you!! Was just thinking of rereading this series and bam update.

Oh nice to see you back again and a very interesting chapter. I wonder if Blueblood has plans of his own for Artemis and that request he was asking to Cadence had something to do with one of his project; maybe the blueblood are distant dissidents of the original Artemis and that is why they still keep the tittle of royalty? I do like that fact that he sound inconsistent compared to what Luna seems to think of him and what Artemis' encounter was so different. I wonder if the public will think that Artemis is in a romantic relationship with Cadence after saving her, and everyone refuses to accept that she is spoken for Shining, I am sure that would increase tension between Arti and Shining constently hearing rumors about this. I wonder what they will do in ponyville for the visit. I wonder if Arty will develop an aversion to affection that will pear later. Looking forward to the next chapter if you are really investing in the story again,

so incredibly happy to see an update.:yay: Hope for more soon.

Hmmm......... Chrysalis playing mindgames with Artemis, perhaps? Or something else? I personally don't view Nightmare Moon and Luna as two separate entities. Nightmare Moon was not some parasite that took advantage of Luna. If anything they are to halves of a whole. The Full Moon, and the New Moon. Light side and dark side, you get the idea.

As for the training. I get the feeling it was happening like that because Fluttershy, Twilight, and Rarity are the least physically fit of the three. Had it been reversed, Pinkie, Rainbow, and Applejack would have had no problems carrying them.

Edit: And thank you very much for updating this! I've been waiting on an update for, well, about 10 months now! So happy to have it!

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

Glad to see this back.

Artemis is slowly but surely getting better. A good sign, because the eternal downerness really grates after a while. The Yaks causing a scene was... expected. but I was surprised how much it affected Cadence.

Also, Love how the Manehatten Tattler is 100% correct. reminds me about that bit from MiB about the National Enquirer.

Hurray!!!! Welcome back! An’ it’s an awesome chapter too. Woo hoo.

Thank you. Hope you update soon, amazing person.

Always happy to read your new chapter.

... it's been a while. I can totally justify reading this again instead of something else. Yup. Good times!

The legendary " 'nam flashbacks", huh?

A good chapter indeed. I approve!

Yay, new chapter! Great job, I always enjoy Artemis's personal blend of rational realism and completely shameless insanity!

And now comes the worst part of a great update. Waiting again.:fluttercry:

Yup, definitely worth the reread. Keep up the good work!

Cadance and Cadence are used interchangibly throughout the story. Pick one, I suggest Cadance since it is used elsewhere in the story more often.

“You are one scary mare, Candy,”

You say "Scary", I say "Hot".

Crap, was I starting to actually like her… like a f-f-friend? Oh, God, I really am a pony!

Yes, unfortunately. I think my problem is I ship Cadance with everything. Even Tom.

“”If I may speak candidly,” he begins hesitantly

Double quotation there at the beginning.

Suck it up, “nephew”. “Good day, Uncle.

I too am annoyed with the uncle and nephew titles too Arty.

Rainbow couldn’t help but put on a rye grin,

I think you mean "wry".

‘Can’t say I hate it… she smells so good.’ OKAY! Creepy Uncle, must segway, now.

But he is not her uncle... Only because basically every pony says that doesn't make it true. They are more contemporaries if anything, and she more his aunt if you want to look at a guiding role. Buuuut she is engaged to that pony Pinkie is currently stalking.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Uncle,”

Would be so much nicer if she does the Uncle and went with Arty.

“I was,” I point out, wincing as the last of the cracks in my skull seel up,

I am finding this as still "seal" when looking it up on the net. Seel just seems to be archaic and only used when referencing eyes.

“Doesn’t feel good to be forgotten does it, sir?”

Oh come the fuck on! Is one supposed to be polite in a potential crisis?! This seems rather petty on Silent's part. If she was in danger I don't think she would appreciate a would be rescuer politely excusing themselves from some prior engagement.

The elder princess wonders, briefly, how he is doing and if he is handling his stewardship well. She then sets those worries aside and focuses instead of her sister. “We shall endeavor to make this as expedient as possible.”

I think that should be "younger" since as it is worded it does Celestia is having those thoughts. We know Cadance is not there so Luna would be the younger of the two.

Hmm, that last bit. He hasn't seen NMM randomly before if I can remember back far enough. I wonder if whatever Chrysalis is doing will make him less and less stable. That of course is good news for everyone connected to him and within a mile of his location. I can see Chrysalis basically being tortured to death, while Celestia and Luna look on in horror, by Artemis. Unless she changes her path, she is going to be a baked bug.

Wow that was an explosive chapter. Xd
Bring on the next! :pinkiehappy:

Nightmare Moon is still alive in Artemis. Well, either he is doomed or The Krabby Patty is about to hit the fan.

I remember this story. If someone don't mind, what is Celestia and Luna looking for? I remember most of the story But just not that? I'm so glad you're back to writing it. If you update again, I may just reread it.:trollestia:

My ego demand me to telling you that..
"I WANT MORE CHAPTER :flutterrage:"
but i can hold him for now, take your time.. :raritywink:

Basically they're off doing an investigation into whether or not the changelings, who Celestia had sealed away beneath an active volcano, have escaped. They have, of course, but the characters don't know for sure yet.

Oh yea Thank you for reminding me.

Interesting development and a great chapter. I have a sneaking suspicion of where they are going, but I shall happily wait for the next chapter. Great character moments from the niece/uncle combination.

Love? That's laughable. Trust and respect on the other hand is far more reasonable. Though the fact that she and her sister don't think any sort of atonement is needed make that impossible. Given Luna has the crimes of torturing him for centuries and taking away everything he's known in addition to eternal night he has good reason to revile her. Without her atoning at all it just isn't possible.

If I didn’t have this story marked a tracking I would probably still be non the wiser to this story. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it and all that I forgot it was a thing or even what the hell the story is about kinda remember some bits and pieces but that’s just it bits and pieces. I’ll have to reread this story but I have a feeling it was very good for it was in my tracking.

Besides forgetting this story was a thing I’m glad to see it again and after rereading it from its precursor I am glad to see this updated and can’t wait to see more hopefully in a quicker time frame so I don’t forget about it again.

“That would partially be my fault,” the slightly older of the two siblings admits reluctantly, the obsidian granules of time weathered volcanic glass and heat baked sand crunching beneath her hooves as she stepped forward. “I was… angry doesn’t quite do it justice.”

Did... Did Celestia break out the nukes when fighting Nightmare Moon [the first time]?

All at once, any semblance of warmth is taken from me, down to my very blood to the point where it feels like I am utterly frozen as cold as the moon, and just as dead. She’s there, standing on the platform, her slitted, heartless eyes cutting through my very soul. I try and tell myself she isn’t real, until she smiles, revealing her fangs.

And hellooooooooo~ surpressed PTSD!

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