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Fear makes strangers of us all.


When Rainbow decides to hang out with Fluttershy, she finds herself in a right bunch when they begin to tease each other. Guess who wins?

That's right.

Fluttershy wins!

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Fluttershy.... The master of many skills:eeyup:

I don't even...:rainbowhuh:

Fluttershy always wins.ALWAYS:flutterrage:

A nice fic and all, but oh so many typos that it hurts my eyes!

7805012 Your profile picture perfectly matches your comment :rainbowlaugh:

If I may ask, where are these typos?

Surprised nobody has left this

7805019 That's why I don't use ponemoji when I'm being critical.

There was one your/you're mistake, a few repeat words, a few spelling errors, minor grammar stuff. Sorry that I don't have the time to actually proof it, but I think you'll probably spot them pretty easy if you do a read-through.

7805096 That's what got my attention on the story lol

“I ship it,” Rarity stated before beginning a trot away from them. “You can’t escape the facts, darling!”

basically what any shippers say in the face of canon

And Fluttershy wins the internet.

RAINBOW ROAD :rainbowlaugh:
This Rainbow Road nickname made me laugh a lot, I wonder how I've never seen this before

And the ending was amazing

There was a few minor typos and I didn't like the beginning very much (I would get more detailed here but I can't get the right words to describe it, english isn't my main language :fluttershyouch:)
But that's all, I loved your fic :twilightsmile:
:moustache: Good work

This story was... acceptable.

So funny. As a Flutterdash shipper, I totally enjoyed this.

Thanks for enjoying this attempt at comedic romance! And thank you for enjoying it enough to warrant a comment :twilightsmile:

That was adorable!

Rainbow Dash, that's me! Fastest mare alive!

Maybe that's why you can't get a date

My jaw dropped & 😂😂😂

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