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The World is an MMORPG, and such a game has never existed before in Equestria. When a new player shows up and befriends other players, however, things suddenly take a turn for the worse in-game and in real life.

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I say, this is a nice story. Let's see if I could guess the characters...

Crimson Axe: Vinyl Scratch (DJ PON-3)
Refinity: Octavia
Berrylicious: Berry Punch

Did I get it right? Oh well, I'm seriously gonna keep track of this. Keep on writing Brony!

Interesting concept. Looking forward to reading more.

And don't worry about that motivation thing. It happens to every single writer out there. :derpytongue2:

was kinda confused of the main characters gender when i first read the story. but its all good nows! :pinkiehappy:

So the plot thickens, eh? Hmm, a cute filly... Where are we going with that? Maybe it's for another chapter, I guess. Still, it was quite an amazing chapter.

Honestly Crimson, get your act together! She'll probably be the death of her firends.:ajbemused:

This story is excellent. Also, ever since I came across the .hack series I've been trying to figure out how the game would work in real life. NEVER did it occur to me that you could control it with your mind. Bravo, good sir

Don't forget to rate and comment on what you liked/hated!

If you spotted anything that needs fixing, you're welcome to point it out and I will fix it.

Nice idea, I was thinking about trying a .hack//SIGN type cross over myself as well, this should prove to be interesting.:twilightsmile:

I never watched the ,hack:// series, but I'm pretty sure Grey's dillema has something to do with The Game... Sweet Celestia, I'm scared shitless :fluttershyouch:

... I'm scared shitless on what's coming soon. I just hope the team could handle whatever/whoever that's causing all this mayhem :unsuresweetie:

@Festus I never expected to have garnered such a reaction, and you're comments are helping me to continue with this story, thanks mate! :yay:

I was gonna make this a bit longer, but thought that I would leave the rest off for the next chapter. Nice place to end the chapter, I thought.

As usual, rate and comment on what you liked/hated, spot any mistakes point them out so I can fix them. I take all kinds of criticism, so bring it on!

Also, I plan on having all the Elements of Harmony have a part in the story, don't you worry!

Well, at least the EoH don't have their real names accidentally, like a certain Heavy Axe from the games... I actually really liked that.

I think your decision to leave it off where you did was also a good one.

@Awe Striker I was planning on having the characters have original names and different avatars from their normal looking selves, but then I quickly realized that seven new characters like that suddenly put into the story could be rather confusing. Thanks for the input!

Whoa, the EoH are here! Lemme guess, Tiamut is Spike? Thought so. Urgh, cotton candy. Why does it ALWAYS have to be cotton candy?! :raritydespair:

Good story so far. It is really reminding me off this book I read called Epic.

185046 Epic and Saga are best books ever. EVER! Except for maybe Maximum Ride, Elf Quest, and all things by both Scott Westerfeld and Tamora Pierce. And I agree at how similar this feels.

222676 I love Maximum Ride and stuff by Scott Westerfield, haven`t had the chance to read Elf Quest or anything my Tamora Pierce yet though.


dude. this is epic. i need more.

...i just realized that that "A" design looks almost exactly like a design i have on a charecter of mine.

did pinkie break the world again?

forshadowing in a not-so-subtle way. nice change from th' norm.


the first thing you think about when u cant log out is that ur hungry.

And we have a victim! Whoot! Why do I have a feeling this Alpha dude's a douche? Or at least a villain... Crap.

Oh yeah

If it weren't for the risk of falling into a coma, I'd gladly play The World.

1023921 me too, but one day it WILL heppen no mater what we do i mean, google glass are coming ot in 2014 or 2016 after that than this The World will be in real life

hmmm....not bad.... but reading this just gave me an idea to merge StarOcean -till the end of time, Dot Hack Sign, and MLP FIM into a story...

And it begins. The first coma.

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