• Published 19th Dec 2016
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Luna's Nightmare - Shining Smile

Luna has a depressing nightmare.

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Luna's Nightmare

Luna sat on a cold floor in a room so dark that she couldn't see her hoof in front of her face. She sat there staring into the empty black void of the space that surrounded her. Then she heard a voice seemingly from nowhere speak from the darkness, no form or body to see just a voice.

“Hello my dear Luna” it was feminine and sweet but there was a hint of malice behind it.

“Wh… who’s there”

“Aww. That hurts. How do you not know who I am? I am you. The part of you that you tell yourself every day does not exist. Those darker thoughts that lurk in the back of your mind.” The voice seemed to be coming from all around Luna like it was circling her like a hungry predator.

“No! You're not real!” Luna yelled into the black abyss.

“Hahahaha. You can say that all you want but it's not going to make it true. I am you and you ARE me. And you can’t deny that for ever after all I am the only friend you have.”

“That’s not true! I have friends.”

“Who? Who is your friend.”

“There’s my sister she will always be my friend.”

“Your sister now has an empire to run she will never have time for you again, and she only loves you because you are related. And your guards, they only hang around you because they are paid to. Face it everypony around you is only there because of some obligation and nothing else. And if you need proof I can show you proof.”

A projection appeared before Luna it showed an image of a much younger Celestia sitting at her desk filling out some paperwork. Then there was a knock at the door and voice, “Tia!” Then a much younger Luna entered the room with a huge grin plastered on her muzil. “Tia! Tia! I did it! I did it! I moved the moon all by myself to night!”

“Wow Luna that’s great.” Celestia said without ever looking up from her papers.

“Come see. come see.”

“Sorry Luna I have a lot of papers that need signing by tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Luna looked a little sad by that then “Maybe tomorrow night you could come watch me raise the moon?” Luna asked looking hopeful again.

“Sorry Luna I have a lot of work and tomorrow I have a meeting with some foreign unicorns. I just don’t think I will have the time.”

“Okay, goodnight Tia.” Luna looked more broken hearted than before as she turned and lift the room.

The image faded away as the voice said “See, raising the moon all by yourself one of your biggest accomplishments and your so called sister didn’t even care about it. She couldn’t put down her quill for a minute just to take a look outside. See nopony loves you. You are completely alone, well except for me that is I will always be here for you.”

Luna couldn't help herself as a tear escaped running down the side of her face. Then a thought occurred to Luna “What of the ponies of equestria they love me I am one of the princess's after all?”

“Oh, I am so glad you brought that up. Your subjects don’t even notice you, and you try so hard to.” a new image appears before Luna. She is alone on her balcony looking up at the stars as she uses her magic to move them around to make beautiful constellations. “I always wondered why you tried so hard to make the night sky so pretty when nopony will ever appreciate it.” The image shifts to a slide show of ponies all asleep in there beds. “See, why waste your time making the night so beautiful when all everypony wants is to sleep the night away so morning will come.”

“Wh… why are yo..you showing me these th…th... things?” Luna asked as her tears never stopped flowing.

“Why? Because my dear Princess Luna you are weak but you could be so much more. We could be so much more..

“Wh… what do you mean?” Luna sniffled trying her best to stop the water works.

A new image appeared before Luna it showed a group of fillies playing ball by moonlight. “If there was no day then everypony would have no choice but to appreciate your beautiful night.” The image then shifts to a image of princess Luna sitting on the only throne looking down on her subjects as they bow before her. “See you could be the one true ruler of Equestria. All it would take would be to get rid of Celestia.”

“No! I could never do that she is my sister no matter what!”

“Aww. But she is the only thing holding you back from reaching your true potential.”

“No! Again no! I could never do such a thing!” Luna yelled at the top of her lungs at the darkness tears streaming down her face out of anger now.

“But Luna you would be so much happier then you are now. Instead of drowning in your own depression.

At these words Luna felt cooled and wet. She looked down and saw that she was sitting in a pool of her own tears that came up to her neck. The water rose and rose Luna took a lungful of air as the water rose over her head. She tried her best to stay above the water but some force held her to the ground. She flailed her arms trying to swim but she just couldn’t then she felt herself losing conscious do to lack of oxygen.

Luna awoke from her nightmare with a start panting and covered in sweat. She turned and grabbed her pillow cuddling it in her hooves as she quietly wept into it. It was not the first time Luna had that dream and it probably won't be the last. The dream scared her more than anything not because of the ominous darkness or the drowning at the end but because the words that were spoken seemed more and more true each time and she feared that one day she would become what the darkness wanted her to be.

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It was good

Nicely done. Just a few technical errors. :ajsmug:

Damn! Great job! I am writing something similar you might like. It’s called the end of suffering. Check it out and comment.

Try and use comma's in your story. For instance, instead of this:

Luna sat on a cold floor in a room so dark that she couldn't see her hoof in front of her face.

try this:

Luna sat on a cold floor in a room so dark, that she couldn't see her hoof in front of her face.

Also, in this line:

At these words Luna felt cooled and wet.

I think you meant "cold" instead of "cooled"

I thought this was pretty good, a prelude to what will happen to poor Luna.

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