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Recently turned 18 year old that came back to the site after a loooooooong break. Mind you, still not that talented in terms of writing XD but I try.


This story is a sequel to Not Just A Bug

So, here I am. Settling down in equestria, A place I can finally call home. Remember my last journal? Yes? Then you know Thorax, right? Well he turned out to be one of my best friends in that time period. At first, I trusted him as far as I could throw him, which probably would be kinda far, but I never tried. Now it's nice to have a friend who you can talk to without having to worry about him bitting your head off..

Well shit just got real again. After news comes to the Empire that there might be changelings like Thorax in the Everfree, Shingning, Me, and Thorax (after some presution) and some guards go out to see if it's true.

As you can guess, shit gets real. Real fast.

And now I'm lost in the damned Everfree. Again. With nothing but my rifle and pick.

This seems familiar...

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Not yet, but I'm having a friend edit very soon.

CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT CHAPTER PLZ HURRY :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I notice the Wolf's head pops up every so often, giving my a clear view of the top of its head.

Giving me a clear view

I also noticed you kept spelling Shining with double N.


Sorry about that, autocorrect didn't say anything. :twilightsheepish:

Well shit just got real again.

I don't think that phrase means what you think it means.

Look at these. There clean cuts.

If your trying to help him, maybe it's not a good idea to hold him down, because that's exactly what it sounds like their doing.


Lets see... tree... tree... tree.... OH MY GOD, IT'S A ROCK.... tree.


if things are not shitty enough now we have Timber wolves in the mix of all this.

"Eighteen. Turning nineteen is a few mouths.... What about you?"

In not is
Months not mouths

Throw me in this. I'm a changeling.
*arrow hits the leg*

Am just so happy that it is a season 2.
Love Not just a bug,
keep up the good jobb
And stay just as cool

I had a knife, two guns at the time, my pick, and my knife. Plus a shit ton of ammo.

Mentioning the knife twice.

Reaching over to the branch, I firmly grasp it.... and Spongebob flash backs, for anyone who saw that episode.

weather the changelings are friendly or not

You mean ‘wether’?

Thank you for pointing them out. They have been fixed.

I love telltale stuff, and this story keep going

(Make yourself known)

(Make yourself Known)
He gonna be seen

Known. He is not a pony so they will be less hostile. Plus in the wood with ponies hunting changelings you need every help you could get. And if shit happened, he still has gun.

There's the tent and fire pit, the thing that make a camp site a camp site... if that makes... since.... what the hell?

You mean ‘‘sense’’?

My face turns to a grimace as the pain my knee becomes worse from the pressure

‘‘the pain in my knee’’

I didn't find food while searching the camp, doesnt mean that they don't have any.

You forgot an apostrophe.

All it would take is an last from one of them and I'm screwed.

‘‘a blast’’?

(Make Yourself Know) (Stick To The Shadows)

The ‘‘Know’’ is missing an ‘n’.

Also, I go for option one. It seems likely to me that they become aware of him, eventually, so he might as well go for the inevitable.

I'll have to remove the arrow first... this isn't going to suck at all. Nope, not all all.

dont u mean at all? not all all

And then meet Nightshade the runaway changeling.

Yes, I can get it in time, I have quick reflex's


while the other one, halfway in the tent, acts like they just shit their self.


You expect use to believe that?


and will regret, no matter what a say, but I don't want to piss him off. 

‘‘what I say’’
The ‘‘but’’ is not necessary

How do we know your really part of the guard?


I guess I have to watch what a say in front of Flurry

‘‘what I say’’

and of their arrows it my in my leg

‘‘and one of their arrows hit me in my leg’’?

Okay, so maybe your not a hunter, but your still not a guard,


that didn't try to kill me when I meet him.

met, past tense

agree with Luo.
don't go to the town, why you ask? because it's obviously Sunny Town!

Let march back to the castle, better stick around familiar ground.

My gut says castle but my head says town...i say castle

we gathered around the camp fire and sang our campfire song and was hoping to discuss


Anything to end the cringe ;-;.

Emoticons may be used in an author's note, but not in the actual chapter

Do you know the changelings name that was alive?

1: changeling's
2: The phrasing makes it seem like he asked if the name was alive.

That good to hear!

Either ‘‘That's’’ or ‘‘That is’’

I convinced myself hat it was better not to have it.


and leap for the lowest branch, which I cacth.


much like I did last time, expect I don't plan to fall again


I reach as far as I can go up he tree.


Holy crap, I'm relieved that this tree is higher than the others, that was something I was afraid of.

Wait, what?

is what appears to be a old castle.


When I first came to Equestria, and I meant Twilight for the first time


Satisfied with my plan, I desend the tree.


Only to have a branch snap when I was eight from the ground.

Eight what? Meters? Centimeters? Feet? Goombas?

but one of the ponies there saw my anyway.


Is it possible that their changelings?


No, I sensed there emotions.


Changelings can sense other changelings emotions, but there not as strong as pony emotions.

Second ‘‘changelings’’ needs an apostrophe before the S.

I spent my first two weeks in a abandoned castle out here. That castle is that way

Also, the ‘‘That’’ I put in italics would make more sense to be a ‘‘The’’.

Is Sunny Town something from the show? I do not remember.


Sunny town is a mlp creepypasta. It has its own game, which I don't remember the name of.

it's not from the show is a fan fiction. Applebloom find a village in the everfree forest, she met ponys with no cutie marks how call theme self "the blanks."
it's a horror story.

Something about "Village of the blanks" or summat.

Go to the castle. Anyone who don't afraid changelings one site after invasion should not be trusted.

the town is sketchy as fuck, the castle probably only has ghosts and boobytraps.
i'd take the castle.

I agree with Sean, let's go to the town.

("I agree with Sean, let's go to the town.")


Now what is left for them to do is to get out of the castle without those hunters noticing.
...Which will probably end up being very difficult.

Now for the (potential) errors.

Why not just go to he town?


We should moving then

‘‘get moving, then’’?
‘‘be moving, then’’?

"Well damn, my vine is still here."

"Your vine?"

"That vine that see right there?

‘‘That vine that you see right there?’’

"I dunno. Seemed like it had some fight it.

Not sure what that is supposed to be.

doesn't mean there're aren't anymore up there.


 I also can hear commotion from up above

‘‘I can also hear’’

I want to say, 'go to town,' because it might be starlight's town. I then realized her town was nowhere near the everfree. Then people started going on about sunnytown.

I now think that going to the castle is the most logical choice.

"But, what fun is there in making sense?"

let's go to the town!:pinkiecrazy:


That was my first time killing a living intelligent creature

What about the changeling that attacked him that he shot in the first story?


David didn't think much about killing that one because he didn't know much about changelings then. He didn't think changelings were intelligent then.

(In reality, I shamefully admit that I forget about that scene in the first story, so... yeah. I feel pretty stupid now. Probably going to go back and it, or at least explain it like this comment says. ;-;)


maybe you could play it off as him acting more defensibly against the changeling while here it was closer to him initiating the attack

Ooh the f*ckin dramatic flashbacks :rainbowlaugh:
Also I have an idea... you could double the rifle and give them to Sean and Luo, although then there’s another one there, and let’s try to guess who gets that one..
(Maybe another changeling or a pony on ur side?(

yep it is starting to hit the fan now.

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