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Day in and day out, he always faced the two of them; but one was nothing more than a distraction from the other. In order to avoid facing the nightmare he anticipated every single time he saw her, he would always direct his attention back towards the other; the distraction.

And when he reveled in that distraction one time too many, he lost something that he could never recover.

Special thanks to Petrichord, Pascoite, The Elusive Badgerpony, and Comet Burst for input, pre-reading, and proofreading.

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Comments ( 12 )

Terrible kill yourself, you beautiful faggot.
love you babe.

>Infinite Jest
you mean A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again, right?

7801055 [sweats literarily]

This story is a incoherent, mess. Don't like it.


I have no idea what the fuck just happened.

That there is a traumatic event so terrible it called for a bit of the electroshock therapy mambo. Mmm-hmm.

Nasty imagery there, you lovely gloomy fuck.

Listened to this while reading.

This was... really touching. wow. gotta get back into reading your fics, they always get me. whew.
<3 <3 <3

I have to admit - the poetry of this was a bit outside my grasp. From another comment, I've gathered that he's getting ECT and he may have killed one of his children that may not have been his? and he found out that Cup was cheating? And he may or may not have been responsible for said child being murdered by way of scalding? And he's just trying to think happy thoughts???

I'm not exactly sure what you were going for here, but what I seemed to understand was this:
Carrot Cake had been in a previous relationship with Pinkie, and can't bring himself to tell her he still likes her. He constantly gets distracted by Pinkie, and grows to dislike Cup Cake. He eventually grows unable to concentrate on his job at all because of this, as he doesn't know what to do. He decides to stay in torturous silence.

He ends up killing Pumpkin, and retrieves her body from the scalding water. Pinkie sees this and screams in fear. Fear that Carrot notices;

>it was only fear/there was only fear, her pupils pinpoints the size of marbles and her irises thin rings

This realization that he's made a horrible mistake, killed his daughter, and lost any sort of chance with Pinkie. He doubts having had any chance with Pinkie in the first place, and having his world crashing down on him causes him to lose his sanity. In this feud within his mind he decides to kill Cup Cake by means I'm unsure of, and Pinkie by strangulation.

I believe him to be in a mental hospital. Here he gets more confused on his life, but is relieved by the ability to let go and surrender to the silence that he gave into so long before. He thinks his problems are solved because he has not to worry about his relationship status as much, but is still disconnected with reality.

This is just what I got from the story. Art is all about the viewer's perspective, so see it as you may.

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