• Published 12th Jan 2017
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Return of a reckless Wonderbolt - Rose the Changeling

To preserve her shot at joining the Wonderbolts, Lightning Dust must explain her actions to Spitfire. While recklessness has no place in Spitfire's squad, but maybe second chances do.

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Chapter 1

Lightning Dust was sitting under a tree, making her hooves wet with tears. Earlier, she almost hurt Rainbow Dash's friends and almost caused mass destruction with a tornado. What feared her most is that she was going to lose her job because of it, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she had received a letter or Spitfire telling her that she was kicked from the Wonderbolt Academy.

If Lighting Dust lost her job, what could she do next? She wouldn’t be able to pay her bills, food and water were going to be an issue, and finding jobs that needed a new employee were never easy to find. Another thing was that it will affect her image. Ponies could hear about the situation, they would start to see Lightning Dust as a liability. They would either be angry or afraid of her. Not to mention that nopony would want to be friends with a pegasus like that. Soon a voice calling out her name kicked her into reality. She got up and started searching around for the direction of the voice. Soon Lightning spotted Spitfire walking up to her angrily. Lightning stood her ground with her wings tucked in and her tears wiped away.

"Lightning Dust, there you are," Spitfire said as she lowered her glasses.

"H-how did you find me?" Lightning Dust asked curiously.

"I asked some Wonderbolt members where you were, and Rainbow Dash told me that she saw crying, while she was flying home." Spitfire replied "And we need to talk. Not here, however. We’re going to the Academy."


"I don't want anypony else getting involved in this. Enough has happened, now come on." Spitfire said as she readied her wings and flew up in the air to the Wonderbolt Academy. Believing that there might be a chance to settle all of this, Lightning Dust soon followed. Besides, Spitfire didn't say anything that she was getting fired... right?

When they arrived at the Academy, Lightning Dust followed Spitfire to her office. From there, Spitfire closed the doors, grabbed a chair, and placed it right in front of her desk for Lightning Dust to sit on.

After that, she walked up to her desk and sat on her chair. "Please, take a seat," Spitfire asked politely.

"Um, okay." Lightning Dust replied as she did as what she was told.

"So," Spitfire started as she taken her glasses off and placed her hooves onto the table "tell me, why did you do something so reckless and IR-responsible? This has never happened into the Wonderbolts Academy before, until now."

"Well," Lightning Dust said as she scratched her head "the thing is... I wanted to be the very best. You see, before I became a Wonderbolt, I wasn't good at things. Programming Crystals, performing at plays, you name it. And ever since I became a Wonderbolt, it was the only thing that made me feel like I am really good at something and made me realize that flying is what I'm good at. However, when Rainbow Dash stepped in, I was scared to loose my place as a leader, so I wanted to be better than Rainbow Dash and anypony else."

"Hmm, do you know why you weren't good at those things you've said?"


"I think it's because of your recklessness, Lightning Dust." Spitfire stated "You need to understand that you have to be patient with your actions, or else bad things will happen. Like earlier, for example. I'm quite surprised that you haven't done anything so crazy in your life before until now."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"And trying to be the very best is alright, but that doesn't mean beating down others just so that you could always be the best." Spitfire said "I was like you once. I wasn't good at other things, reckless and I never won a lot of events either. So I searched and searched until I found out what I was good at. Leading a Wonderbolt Academy, and training Wonderbolt members."

"Gee, it makes me feel better to know that somepony else was like me."

"That's true, and I know how you feel. Nopony's perfect, I know I'm not the most perfect and greatest leader, but that never stopped me from being one. You see where I'm going here?" Spitfire asked Lightning Dust questionably.

"Yeah, I do. Also," Lightning Dust answered. "am I fired? Because I know you are gonna fire me after what I did to everypony."

"First off, I didn't fire you." Spitfire corrected Lightning Dust "I demoted you to a wing Pony. Second, why would I fire you? You made some really good records in the Academy, and you still serve a purpose here, as long as you learn from you're mistaken. Unless, if you want me to fire you, I could--"

"No!" Lightning Dust yelled, cutting off Spitfire from finishing her sentence. She realized what she had done just now and said "I mean... no, thank you. I change my mind, I still want to be a part of the Wonderbolts Academy."

"Good," Spitfire said as she smiled to Lightning Dust "it's settled then. I'll talk with the rest of the members about this. In the meantime, just sit down and don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"Don't worry, I won't." Lightning Dust replied, as Spitfire wore her glasses and exited the room as well as closing the door, attempting to tell the rest of the Wonderbolt members about what happened and her discussion with Lightning Dust, leaving the reckless Pegasus behind.

Two hours had passed, and Lightning Dust had nothing to do for the whole time. She's sat on her Chair, reading a few books to try and pass the time. She was getting fed up with the waiting, but also a little anxious about what would the rest of the members would say.

Will they agree with Spitfire? Will they give Lightning Dust a second chance and forgive her? Or, will they still be upset and angry about what happened? Lightning Dust doesn't know, she's having negative thoughts about it. But Spitfire is the one running the entire Academy, they will listen to her. Moments later, Lightning Dust heard the door opening. It was Spitfire who came back from her discussion. Lightning Dust looked at her nervously "So... what did they say?"

"They disagreed at first, but after doing some talking, they decided to forgive you for your actions, as long as you don't do something crazy ever again. Got it?" Spitfire said hoping Lighting Dust listened to her.

"I got it. Just asking, when do I get my rank as a leader back?" Lightning Dust asked Spitfire curiously.

Spitfire shook her head and said "No. Rainbow Dash seems more delegating and loyal to the rest. That's why I promoted her leader. Being a leader means taking a lot of responsibility and trusting the group you are leading, not just using them as a well to make you become the best. I'm sorry, but I'm not taking any chances."

"Oh..." Lightning Dust said a little disappointed "Well... I guess I could live with being wing Pony. Besides, it's not like being second would hurt, right?"

"No, no it won't." Spitfire replied honestly "Now, get out there. We've got some could kicking to do, and you're Rainbow Dash's wing Pony. I asked her if she could try and take care of you, as well as making sure you don't do something stupid. Am I clear?"

"Yes, you are!" Lightning Dust cheered, before running past Spitfire outside, happy to know that she's been forgiven for what she has done. Spitfire looked back at Lightning Dust running, smiling happily to know that everything is going back to normal.

Meanwhile, outside, Lightning Dust had just exited the Academy. "Hey, Lightning Dust! Over here!" That voice. It sounded familiar, Lightning Dust turned her head to the direction of the voice and see's Rainbow Dash, calling out for here. Lightning Dust runs up to Rainbow Dash, to see her a little skeptical.

"Hey." Lightning Dust spoke to Rainbow Dash.

"Hey," Rainbow Dash replied, "Spitfire spoke with me and everyone, and although I was to not forgive you for almost hurting my friends, they never did, and that's all that matters."

"Yeah... and I'm really sorry." Lightning Dust replied, rubbing her head.

"I already forgave you. I guess everyone deserves a second chance. Anyway, we can talk and chat with the rest later, we got clouds to kick. Are you with me?"

"Yes, I am!" Lightning Dust yelled, before both she and Rainbow Dash flew up into the air, and started clearing clouds.

Lightning Dust had made a terrible mistake, but she has learned and forgiven. Although it cost her leadership, it was worth it if it means staying in the Wonderbolts Academy.

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Comments ( 3 )

Hmm, a decent story, and better than Lightning having her career and finances ruined, like a lot of stories about her do.

This looks looks good rose :twilightsmile:

Hm...this was...okay, but it feels rushed. I do like Lightning Dust fics that, preferably, DO NOT lead her into a state of poverty and ones that try to make Mane Six look bad. However, this story made it clear that it COULD have turned into that kind of story; and that fact made this just a tad bit cringeworthy for my personal taste.

As for the conflict; waaaay too rushed. Like, I'm not sure if I really buy that Lightning Dust has changed, kind of rushed. I'm usually for short stories, but a plot like this deserves more meat.

Not to mention that it makes the grammar kinda awkward sometimes, but that's more of a minor issue for me; if I can understand what's going on, it's fine in my book. And I understood everything fine. Though consider pacing yourself next time---I see a talented writer in you that would shine if you'd just take your time with it.

Other than that, it was okay. I liked reading it, and just by NOT turning everyone but LD who nearly got ponies killed and anyone in stories that sympathize with her total dooshbags, I consider this an achievement. Good job, and I hope to see more stuff from you. :twilightsmile:

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