• Published 25th Jan 2013
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My Little [VGW] WOOHOO: Friendship is [VGS] SHAZBOT - Jolting8

Pathfinder is stuck in Equestria! Join his Adventure!

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Done for now.

Well, I thought I would do this... now to say why...

Besides that Tribes has been a bit boring to me lately, the news that it wouldn't be having any major updates for some time, it really killed the game for me.

So, this story will be no more.

... untill I MIGHT come back for it. I don't like leaving this unfinished, so, again, I might come back to it. But for now, I making a new story. It will be a crossover fic, so if you like those, you might enjoy it. And it's for a game I will most likely never get bored of.

Sorry guys.

- Jolting8