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Just a random guy who stumbled into a fictional universe that actually inspired him to write.


This story is a sequel to Impossible Chance

Exhausted from a long train ride, Twilight Sparkle did something she thought she'd never have the courage to do. She told Rarity she liked mares and that she had a crush on one specific mare. The admission that Rarity was the target of her affection just slipped out and Twilight was absolutely certain she had destroyed her friendship.

Instead the impossible became reality when Rarity offered Twilight Sparkle a chance even though she has never been attracted to mares. Can a relationship that seems like an impossible dream survive the trials brought on by reality?

Twilight x Rarity sequel.

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Another great story battlecat. I like the change in pov from twilight in the last fic to give us a better idea of what rarity is thinking. I had a feeling something like this was the case, but it was still really well done.

7799411 - Thank you! Nice to hear you enjoyed the first chapter. It's going to be an interesting one to write.

7799061 - Glad you two are having fun in the comments section! :rainbowlaugh:

7800435 I definitely had fun, and loved the chapter. Can't wait for the next one

i enjoy the first chapter cant wait for more

I came from "Impossible Chance" and I really loved both fics, it was also really nice to see Rarity's POV

You're doing a great work, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

7807733 Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the other point of view. I think I'll keep switching as the story progresses but avoiding overlaps as much.

As others have said, it was really nice to get Rarity's point of view of that exchange! This was a great starting chapter. Nice work! :twilightsmile:

7809507 Thank you! I'm really glad it worked out!

“NO!” Twilight exclaimed with sudden passion. To say Rarity was taken aback by that emphatic response would be an understatement. She watched began walking towards her friend again while Twilight seemed to collapse in on herself.

Besides the "She watched began walking" I feel that Rarity second moment of abackness is redundant and unnecessary. It even broke the immersion for me!
Anyway, I LOVE your choice of making Rarity straight! Everything is just so romantic *happy sigh*

7812576 Thank you for the feedback! I made a couple tweaks to the wording that that will hopefully help. :twilightsheepish:

An enjoyable chapter! I enjoy this story for it's rather different, yet still accurate, take on Twilight's character. One really feels for her with her lack of confidence, but she still holds on tightly to whatever hope is thrown her way.
Thanks for the chapter!

7865911 - Twilight is the kind of pony who seems to be the most confident when she believes she understands what she has to do. When she doesn't understand something, she starts to worry and panic. I think the Crystal Empire episodes show that behavior the most clearly.

I'm pretty sure she's absolutely certain that she doesn't understand relationships. :twilightoops:

7878229 - Thank you again! :twilightsmile:

7977039 Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

The original was brilliant, but your perspective of Rarity's POV has given this story so much more depth.
Very insightful and beautifully written.
Next stop - chapter 2!

The Princess of Friendship off to a faltering start. You've really dug down into her insecurities; I can only hope the two grow into a strong ship ...
Once again - beautifully and sensitively written.

8391033 - Writing the events of the original story from Rarity's point of view was a risky move in a way but it came out better than I had hoped. Thank you!

As an intelligent pony, Twilight would be prone to second guessing herself, especially when she's dealing with uncertainty. Rarity hasn't exactly given her a strong endorsement. Just a chance. Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far.

So this is going to keep growing then?
Can't wait for the next installments ... they're sure to go straight into my favorites too!

8391282 - The next chapter of this story is still a work in progress. It's going more slowly than I would have liked for a number of reasons but this is far from over.

This is a very interesting story. I can't wait to read more.

Are we ever going to see more of this. Not trying to rush you or anything, just really like this concept and your writing. I am holding out hopes that a few too many dead stories will come back and hoping this does not join them:raritydespair:

8564514 - Yeah I know how you feel and it is a fair question. :twilightsmile: I hate that a couple of my stories are now sitting in the 'stagnating incomplete' category but unfortunately circumstances wiped me out. I ran into a wall with all my writing which I'm just starting pull out of. I do plan to continue this story but I can't make any promises on the timing quite yet.

Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoy what I've written so far.

Thanks, great to hear it. I know writing can be hard, so by all means don't burn yourself out. It's just nice to know a good story isn't dead:pinkiehappy:

9079876 - Yeah, the unfinished state of this story is frustrating. My last attempt at chapter 3 was just awful so I had to step away and focus on other things. I promise I haven't given up on this.

Has your writers block let up for this story yet? I would love to read some more.

9246003 - It's been slow going but I've actually made some progress. Still not sure how long it will take to finish up but I'm still working on it.

oh !!! please more, you have left me nailed I want to know if in the end there will be love and acceptance or more of a broken heart.

9440844 I know I say this every time somebody asks but I swear I haven't given up on finishing this story.

I'm surprised that there isn't any more. Rarity believing that others would only love her for superficial reasons is a theme that really begs to be explored. I would love to see this continue.

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