• Published 13th Dec 2016
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Forever and Always - mlpsc26

Rarity and Rainbow Dash are perfect together. Who knew? They are more similar than anypony realizes, but their differences work together too. One particular similarity works in their favor, and it relates to a certain shy pony they both know and love

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Why is this on hiatus?

Because I won't be posting another update for a few months. I'm working on another story that's totally taken over my brain, but I still have a lot I want to do with this before it's done.

Right? Honestly, when I started writing this story I had no idea she'd be like that, but I'm kind of in love with assertive Fluttershy- or at least in love with writing that character.

Please give us updates on when you think you'll return to the story it is like....the best , no the greatest story . All three of my fave ponies, ships put togeather ... it's like dreams do come true. Don't stop for good . Please... I know you said there would be more I can't wait but I worry

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