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High Flyer is hopelessly in love with Ditzy Doo.

He plans on asking her out the next time she delivers a package to his door.

He's basically a huge coward. He buys more packages. He plans more. He becomes broke.

Inspired by the absolutely incredible song from the Wasteland Wailers! Go give 'em some love!

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To be honest, he thought that the whole idea of such a thing sounded super dumb


Also, maybe put a new paragraph after he's waited his week for the package, it was an awkward transition (or lack thereof)

God, I'm sure we've all been in the same position or some variation of it at some point or another.
I'll be keeping my eye on this one!

Inspired by the absolutely incredible song from the Wasteland Wailers! Go give 'em some love!

Does this mean that this story has something to do with Fallout: Equestria?

7788041 Nah, just really like the song and its story. I thought it was adorable and a good idea for a silly fic.

Holy shit.
Holy Shit.
Mother fucking YES!!!!

7789692 :twilightsmile:

Watch the language though, if you would. This is E rated so all kinds of people are gonna see that comment.


One of the Wailers showed me this, this morning. Very cute! I'm honored you'd do this and I'm glad you enjoyed the song. Thank you.



Thank you! :heart:

7788045 The Wasteland Wailers are Fallout: Equestria related, right? I've never heard of them until now.

7886880 Yes, they are! hay, the commenter below us, is actually the one who sang the song! :heart: You never know though.

This fic's gotta have an ending eventually. :raritywink:


The whole Overmare team is on a chat server. One of the other guys linked it. I stopped in to say thanks.

We're the music team for the game, we write the background music and the radio songs. So in that way, yes, we're FoE related. We try to keep the music palatable for anyone, however.

He forgot his tinfoil hat, his Ziploc hazmat suit, and whatever physiological consequences are for heart palpitations due to extreme fear, stress, and anxiety.

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