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It's been a while since Earth and Equestria first made contact. Now both worlds have trans-dimensional residents. This includes a pair of brothers trying to stay warm during the holidays. They've taken up caroling, though they aren't exactly clear on the finer points of it...

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My feels goddamnit.


▮▮▮▮▮▮ately. I have to thank Cross Lament for helping do a quick proof-read of thi▮▮▮▮▮▮



I love how the unicorn is like, "ugh, get them to leave," and the dude-bro's like, "hey man, here's some money. Merry Christmas".

this is friggen adorable.

Also I'm kind of a sucker for anything where humans and ponies are just casually intermingled, and even the tiny glimpses of that here warm my heart.

Poor Cutelings.

D'awwww... I hope they find a warm place for the winter. Cutelings should never be cold.

I really like the idea of free flowing emotions as a raw energy both positive and negative that they can absorb from anyone like an aura, store and emit to each other.

I wonder, if they came across two people (or ponies) fighting, if they would be able to absorb all the negativity from it and stop it. I imagine they themselves would need to be strong enough to take it without being outwordly affected or becoming too angry before they could fully metabolize the energy and dissipate it.

So a packed house at a theater must seem like an overflowing pool of whatever the scene is conveying that they can just continuously skim off of without affecting anyone as long as they didn't get too greedy, right?

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